5 Best Kitchen Remodel Ideas

kitchen remodeling ideas

The kitchen is great for sustenance and sociability. Family, food, and pals mingle to make a great combination. So it seems pretty important that remodels are often planned toward kitchens. Do you think about your kitchen on a long-term basis, based on investment and returns? Will the kitchen remodel project be a profitable investment in your home’s price, or will it degrade its present value?

To maximize the return value on your kitchen remodel and upgrades, you need to keep in mind some basic concepts and avoid following the trends every time. Trends are cool, but customers now are more knowledgeable and give more importance to solid components like cabinets, counters, and lighting.

You should understand that high-cost kitchen remodels don’t exactly translate to high revenue when sold. Even though some buyers may praise your remodeling in high regard, your initial cost might prove to be too much that it would be difficult to pay.

Beautiful Open Kitchen with Walnut Hardwood Floors

Give Your Kitchen an amazing color.

The color of your kitchen is the main highlight. Choosing the perfect color makes your kitchen lively, provides pleasant space, and is also an important parameter that can return great value with no extra investment. You can surely bring the wow factor to your kitchen with a little more cost of a particular paint and some tools. Keep it unaffected by time and trends with an all-white kitchen scheme. Or you can also take the opposite track and go with black color. One last important thing, the color of your kitchen should be directed only by your choice and imagination.

Modernize your kitchen cabinet (cabinet refacing)

One thing you never want to hear about your kitchen is “kitchen cabinets look outdated.” So, to maximize the value of your kitchen, remodeling the cabinets is the top priority.

Upgrading the kitchen cabinets does not mean that you need to tear out and replace your old cabinets, but in some cases, a full replacement is required. Updating your kitchen is simple and inexpensive, as you need to paint your cabinets. You can use your creativity and try out your cabinet refacing styles.

Add a stylish Backsplash.

A Backsplash in the kitchen is an awesome thing to invest in as the initial cost is not that high, but it adds a nice look to the kitchen. The low cost of adding a stylish backsplash in your kitchen is because almost all backsplashes are do-it-yourself. Shimmering glass and metal tiles will surely attract attention, and almost all of these by yourself. Or you can keep the kitchen price even lower with some easy do-it-yourself backsplash hacks; these hacks can be learned in a day or two, including tile decals and wallpaper, laminate flooring planks, etc.

Install charming quartz countertops

For kitchen countertop, laminate, stainless steel, concrete, solid surface, and others give “best countertop” status. But there is one countertop laminator that always leads the others: quartz countertops. A resin hybrid, quartz is a perfect choice for your kitchen countertops. It looks similar to natural stone, but it’s tougher than natural stone. It is non-permeable as stone surface countertops, but it won’t scratch like a stone surface. This hybrid of surfaces can offer different abilities, and it can adapt everything starting from a traditional rock-like appearance to the now trending concrete look. Quartz countertops are costly, so check and analyze that your home’s projected sale price occupies this upgrade.

Now comes the lighting

Kitchen lighting is commonly ignored, but it deserves the spotlight. A well-designed lighting package not only illuminates your kitchen, but the lights themselves can be an object of a good impression. Recessed lighting and pendant lighting proclaim themselves in front and center.