A Part-Timer Season 1 Review and Plot Analysis

The Devil is a Part-Timer! Aired its first season in 2013. The season had 13 episodes that ran for about 25 minutes each and was adapted from the light novel written by Satoshi Wagahara. Later on, the manga illustrated into 27 volumes by Akio Hiiragi ended in August 2020. A second anime series has been announced, with new characters being added to it as well.

Funimation acquired the license for the animation of a light novel. We wanted but never thought this would happen after years of waiting, so it’s good to know this has finally happened! The anime itself will be animated under White Fox Studio with producers such as Sotsu, Lantis, Pony Canyon; Magic Capsules & Infinite Studios are also involved in production.

When Japan-based publisher Kadokawa announced their acquisition from Yen Press last year (2018), many fans were ecstatic about seeing more of these iconic novels come alive onscreen – including me at first glance. However, there have been some unfortunate complications surrounding licensing rights between studios which caused a delay in launching an English release date announcement until now:

I didn’t know what to expect when I started watching Devilman Crybaby, but it turned out not only a gripping story that kept me on the edge of my seat throughout its run-time but also an anime with dark humor sprinkled in for good measure.

I didn’t know what to expect when I started watching Devilman Crybaby, but it turned out not only a gripping story that kept me on the edge of my seat throughout its run-time but also an anime with dark humor sprinkled in for good measure.

The Devil Is a Part-Timer is a perfect anime for people looking to get into or find something lighthearted. It has most of what you would look for in an anime. The first episode was relaxed with moments that had me laughing out loud and others where I could empathize with our hero, Satan, who’s trapped on Earth after being banished by his arch-nemesis God from heaven because he lost a war between Heaven and Hell over control of Earth (and as it turns out, losing wasn’t so bad).

The series takes place in modern-day Japan, making sense since this world isn’t based on any mythology but instead follows contemporary Japanese culture, such as making references to well-known places like Akihabara while also including things not often.

Part-Timer Season 1 – Recap

The story begins with Satan’s attempt to dominate Ente Isla, the world of magic. He spreads chaos throughout the nation until a Hero interferes. The hero is later identified as Emilia, and she destroys his army by defeating all demons using her superior magical abilities. Still, he escapes in true Devil fashion when he was about to be captured on Earth after being lured there because it has less restrictive policies against summoning beings from other worlds into its own realm that will not allow them to return home or even go anywhere else for safety. In contrast, Tokyo becomes entranced by him due to their naivety and youthful appearance, which also makes him unable to figure out who this strange, handsome stranger really is; however, Alsiel does what any loyal servant does.

Satan has lived a long time without his powers, and he had no idea where to start, so Alsiel renamed himself Shirō Ashiya. They both started working part-time at Mg Ronald, Satan’s first job in the human world that came with bills and relationships.

One day, Lucifer finds out that not only did he get sent to Earth, but the Hero Emilia had also followed him. The Devil is a Part-Timer introduces us to this duo who must survive on earth as commoners while constantly watching each other’s moves for fear of betrayal or even death.

The Devil is a Part-Timer has had lots of adventures during the first season. First, we see The Devil enter Earth with Alsiel and then follow him here to Emilia. Soon after, Lucifer takes on Hanzo Urushihara’s guise to cause anarchy throughout Ente Isla. We also get introduced to new characters from Ente Isla, like Suzuno, who came here intending only one thing: To kill Sadao because her superiors ordered her at the Vatican within their holy organization called “The Church.” Long story short – there are tons of people coming into our world as it becomes more than just popular; It turns out that this anime might be less about reincarnation and much more about an alternate reality!

The switch from feeding on the negative energies of people to not doing so was partly due to some kind-hearted humans, and Sadao has grown a likeness towards humankind. One such human is Chiho, who has feelings for him that are reciprocated. Sarge was also introduced as someone with power comparable to his own, but it seems he may be growing stronger than before!

So far, we know that Sadao’s powers come from feeding off negativities originating within other people; however, recently, he’s stopped this behavior because there have been more kind-hearted beings around, which made him change his mind about them completely. A prime example of these would be Chiho (a cute coworker).

The climax begins from episode 11 when Suzuno reveals that she works for Sarge. She is actually an assassin, though she does not exactly like her job. Suzuno has got orders from Sarue to kill Satan. Still, then immediately after meeting him, he enlists her as a spy because of how much information on the Church and their magic technology they’ve shared over time together in battle against humans who were trying to destroy them both, which resulted in them being best friends now since they have such high-level access into what goes around inside the church’s affairs thanks to this relationship between those two forces fighting one another it was only natural for him (Satan)to want more than just killing Emilia. He wants something far greater.

Sariel Vs. Satan

Sadao feels the pull from Chiho’s abduction and goes to save her. When Orba, who has a hand in this, seeks Ushihara for help, he brings closer the moon, which Sariel derives power from and fear of it emitting negativity. This helps feed on Sadao while giving him strength if people are fearful or not empathetic towards each other when they see such an event occur.

Ishihara’s attack had wiped out the effects of Orba’s magic and returned the moon to its original size. The battle wasn’t over yet, but before long, Sadao would fight back to save Chiho and Emilia from their demise!.

Plot analysis

For the people who were not able to get enough of this anime, rejoice! The wait for season 2 is finally over. Some major plots from last season left a lot more space in our minds, and we are excited about what will happen next with these characters.

The waiting has been long, but it seems like another episode of Ghost Hunt has arrived at last- even if late into its second release year!

In Season 1, a lot of things were left kind of in the middle. Sariel might be defeated, but it’s not like he won’t cause further problems. Moreover, Emilia’s allies from Ente Isla barely got any screentime, and her return to Earth is also unknown at this point; will she stay or go back? The anime could be a comedy genre, but leaving the story midway to focus on humor can feel frustrating for some viewers who are keener on seeing how everything turns out–will there even BE an ending?!

Sadao seems quite popular among women too. The first season shows many potential romantic sparks between the Hero and Satan, but it’s interesting to wonder who Sadao would end up with since romance is this anime genre. Those who have read the light novel might already know what happens in Season 2, but those without knowledge are interested in how they’ll reduce the damage done by the Light Novel.

Sadao fights his way through waves after wave of opponents on an endless battlefield as he struggles desperately against time itself; if he doesn’t make enough money for tuition before graduation from high school, then life will be over forever! Anime has always had its share of fighting series such as Dragonball Z or Pokemon to understand why.


The anime is a short 13 episode series that follows an unfortunate demon who gets trapped on Earth. The show balances its light and dark themes with humor well, making it easy to relate to for viewers looking for something more than just violence or romance. It’s not too long nor too short- which makes sense given how we’re only following this one character experiencing life on another planet (though admittedly, I would have been totally here for season two). At the same time, there are some pretty intense moments like when Lucifer has his arm chopped off by Gabriel–with blood spilling from the wound itself!
In other words: you’ll be hooked after watching all thirteen episodes, so make sure your laptop battery isn’t dying before starting because once you start…you.

The anime is a flowing stream without any huge surprises. However, this actually helps people better understand the characters and everything going on in their lives easier than they would if there were too many twists and turns along the way.

One great thing about this anime is its humor. The clever jokes will make you laugh, especially when Emilia’s constant spying and as she tries to figure out his big master plan while all Sadao does is trying to gain some domestic experience. This provides quality content in terms of comedy anime that everyone can watch!

Sadao changed from being a ruthless Devil to a harem protagonist who loves humans. He gives up feeding on their emotions, even if it means he will be powerless. The same thing happens with Emilia as she sees Sadao change and starts siding with him instead of killing him like in the beginning.

Lucifer, the protagonist of this anime series, starts as a badass evil character but quickly changes his ways and becomes more innocent. He goes from being an arrogant guy who doesn’t care about anything to someone willing to protect the people he loves most in life. His progression is gradual, making it easy for viewers to watch without getting bored or confused during the show!