Advantages of Computer In Our Daily Life & Education

advantages of computer

A computer is a programmed device that comes with a set of instructions to perform a given task and generate results at high speed (here).There are many advantages of computers like faster calculations, storing and retrieving information, sending mails, etc.

Earlier computers could only do calculations, but modern computers can do tons of other work.

Let’s look at the features of modern computers and the advantages of a computer in different areas.

Features of Computer


Computers are 100 times faster than humans. It can do various calculations on its own within a few seconds and perform many tasks simultaneously. With the help of computers, humans can work faster and easier. 


Just like speed, computers are great with accuracy too. You will always get 100% accurate results if the user inputs the right command. 


Computers provide huge storage capacity. Primary and secondary storage area. You can store many types of files, data, documents, music, videos, and movies, etc.


Versatility means that computers can be used in different fields. For instance, you can pay electric bills, prepare payroll slips, etc. computers are pretty useful in doing both simple and complex tasks. 


Computers are automatic machines. When you give them any instruction, they perform the task automatically without any manual assistance.


Computers have diligence and can do various tasks speedily and accurately without ever getting tired.


Computers are very reliable. They can maintain data for quite a long, and whenever you need that data again, you can find it on your computer.


Computers are cost-effective because they reduce the need for paperwork. Nowadays most people like to work on computers rather than paper which saves both time and money.

What are the Benefits of using the Computer?

There are plenty of benefits of using a computer, which we will take a look into in this post. Using it for studies to run a business and do online transactions, a computer can be used for so many things. By connecting your PC to the Internet, you can get access to the entire world. 

Multitasking of Computer

You can perform many different things on your computer at once. Listening to songs, completing your business tasks, surfing on the net, or working on different software together. 

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keep your Entertained

You get close to limitless storage on a computer where you can store various songs and movies and keep yourself entertained by watching videos, songs, and movies. Also, you can live stream movies on popular platforms like Amazon, Netflix, Hotstar Prime.

Save Time

You can save plenty of time with the use of computers. Below are some of the examples:

  • You can check your bank statement by sitting at the comfort of your home. Also, you can easily pay various bills, send money or receive money if you are connected to the Internet. You can do all of these with the help of a PC and without having to step out of your house. 
  • Using various websites like Flipkart, Amazon you can order anything at your home. There is no need to go out to do grocery shopping anymore. 

Get information

Computers are a hub of information. You can access any data, information, facts, current affairs by sitting at home and connecting your PC to the Internet. Not only this you can also learn and teach using the Computer and find answers to your questions. 

Can Make Money

Connecting your PC to the Internet, you can also earn a lot of money. For instance, you can open a store online from where people can shop. You can start your Youtube channel, or do blogging, take online classes, etc. 

Datastore capability

A computer can store all your data in one place. The storage capacity of a PC depends on the hard disk. Even if you wish to see an old record of 5 years ago, you can see it on your computer if it was stored there. You can store all kinds of data like audio-video, a text document, or a photo. 

Connects on the Internet to get all things 

In today’s Internet has become very important because everything is connected on the Internet. You can order food from your favorite restaurant, buy vegetables, groceries, shoes, clothes on the Internet. You can even reach millions of people and grow your business manifolds using the Internet. 

Product Employment

People like to work on computers because of their speed and accuracy. Doing work without a computer is very tedious and can take a lot of time to make corrections when something goes wrong. 

Computers can create many jobs every year, and the need for professionals who can use computers efficiently has been increasing every single day.

Every business, every organization needs a computer expert or professional. 

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Advantages of computers in Education

In today’s time, you can find almost everything and anything on your Computer online. Computers have changed the studying techniques of students and learners. Most universities, colleges, and schools use computers for admissions, online training, and online exams, which is why there has been a boost in students’ learning skills day by day.

Most teachers use a computer to teach the students for practical learning, improve their skills, and give them teaching materials. 

The advantages of computers in Education: students use computers for online training, learning, doing projects, etc. 

Computer communication between teachers, students, and parents has become an easy method now. 

Advantages of Computer in Business

As we know, most businesses use computers in their everyday work extensively. Using computers, customers can order online, raise inquiries with the business, etc.; you share information, files, and documents via email contact. 

With the help of computers, businesses can now operate 24 hours a day and do their work easily and correctly. Most businesses use computers to do marketing, sales, accounting, manufacturing, product design, inventory control, development, quality control, etc. 

In business, people make more efforts to build their business, work online and reap maximum benefits of using a computer. 

Advantages of computers in Office

Computers are used widely in both private and government businesses. Offices require much different software to work on. With the help of computers, employees can work on this software and complete their everyday tasks easily, quickly, efficiently, and effectively. 

Office communication is improving day by day with the help of computers. Data storage, productivity, networking, and many more things have seen a drastic change because of the Computer.

Now employers can keep a record of employees working in an office. They can also check product design, production, sales, marketing, development, quality controls, inventory control, etc. 

Advantages of Computer in our Daily Life

 Nowadays there is no work in our daily life without a computer. Computers are becoming necessary for performing everyday tasks. Our lives are becoming way easier, and the learning capacity is also increasing because of computers. 

Today we are surrounded by computers everywhere, be it on a PC, laptop, mobile phones, etc. We order groceries online, shop, communicate online and even run our computers. It is also a major source of entertainment these days for watching videos, movies, tv shows, and series, etc. 

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Advantages of Computer for Students

Just like a business and offices, there are many benefits of a computer for students as well. Computers have changed a student’s life completely and can maximize their learning and reading with items available on the Internet.

Students can read any material online and get information about almost anything online with the help of a computer. Students can also do their homework, manage projects and submit assignments via Computer.

Advantages of a Computer in the Banking Sector

Using computers in the banking sector has increased the working capacity of banks. Every bank in the world now uses a computer to complete a lot of work in a short time. The entry of computers has changed the entire banking sector for good. The result is that now people can take advantage of e-banking. 

Disadvantages of Computer 

Virus and hacking attacks 

The virus is an electronic bug, and hacking is a method of unauthorized access over other people’s PC for illicit purposes. Viruses can be transferred via email, pop up on websites, USB devices, etc.

Online Cyber Crimes 

Cybercrimes mean online crimes using networks and computers. Fraud and cybers 

Online cyber-crime means computers and networks may have been utilized in order to commit crimes. Cyberstalking or any kind of frauds both under online cyber-crimes.

Reduction employed opportunity 

Past generations were not used to using PCs, and they did not even have enough knowledge about it. This reduced the chances of getting better employment opportunities. 

High cost 

Computers are very expensive and not every person can afford them. Even the most affordable computers are very expensive for a typical lower-earning group society.


Computers can be pretty distracting, especially for kids and teens. Have you ever noticed how you watch one video, and then before you know it, you end up spending more than 1 hour on your phone?

Increases waste and impacts the environment 

The way electronics and computers are being replaced these days, old ones are always thrown away. This causes a big impact on the environment.


What are the uses of computers?

Computers have plenty of uses, and the fact that they can be seen in every school, office, college, organization, the bank is proof of that. You can use the computer to access, store, calculate, analyze, manipulate information and data using software applications and hardware devices.

 How do computers benefit students?

Computers can be used for online research and education by students. By connecting the PC to the Internet, students can find useful information about assignments and projects and help the research projects and assignments. 

Students can adapt to modern learning approaches using a computer. They can learn new skills to take part in challenges like quiz competitions and cyber olympiads.

What are the ten advantages of the Internet?

  • Internet is a way to connect people from across the world
  • We can access the Internet from any part of the world using a computer or smartphone and a basic internet connection.
  • The Internet has plenty of user-generated content and information that anyone can access at any time.
  • The Internet Has helped in improving our lives and made it easier in every way.
  • The Internet can be used in the fields of business, education, sports, defense, entertainment, agriculture, defense, medical, and everything you can imagine.
  • People can run their businesses online with the help of the Internet and sell their products across the world. 
  • You can ask any question on the Internet and get the answers.
  • The Internet has improved defense capabilities and even law order situations in countries.
  • The Internet has a search engine Google which has answers to almost everything.
  • We can now shop online, consult with a doctor, take classes and attend school with the help of the Internet. 

What is data in computers?

Data is any information translated in the form which can be understood by the computer and can be processed. Data is converted into binary digital form relative to today’s computers. 

Final Words:

Like you just read, the advantages and benefits of using a computer are many, and similarly, it also has few disadvantages. It depends on how you use it. You should never use a computer to do any false practices. 

We hope this article is useful to you, and if it is, do not forget to leave a comment below! We always welcome suggestions and feedback from our readers.


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