All About Watercolor Tattoos

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In this article, we will learn about a watercolor tattoo and how it originated. You will also know about the techniques and designs used to make the tattoos. 

As fine art includes lots of stylistic creation, Watercolor tattoos are also similar to fine arts, consisting of graceful, organic, and beautiful ways to play with colors. 

What Is A Watercolor Tattoo

These tattoos are bright and vivid colors of tattoos made with a combination of subtle hues. These tattoos are made by using techniques that give fade-out effects on colors. Watercolor tattoos are delicate and more fluid than the traditional type of tattoos. They are made by using modern and unique equipment.

These tattoos depict the characteristics and unique features of classic paintings used in watercolor paintings. 

Making watercolor tattoos is similar to traditional methods and does not need any different setup for making the tattoos. The difference you can find is that the artists have to use different techniques like a blur, fades, runs, and bleeds so that watercolor characteristics can appear on the tattoo. This is why you need to find an expert and experienced watercolor tattoo artist. 

Like tattoos are mostly personalized as per the person’s wants, no such specific designs are there. As these watercolor tattoos are based on the traditional watercolor painting, there is no specific outline. In case there is an outline, the colors of the tattoos are extended outside of the outline with drip and dry water effects. 

These watercolor tattoos are always exciting and look beautiful on your body, and they are always able to attract the attention of people around you. Here below are popular and adorable watercolor tattoo ideas. 

15 Colorful Tattoo Ideas

watercolor tattoo ideas

Poppy Red Flower

This tattoo is made with a black sketch-like outline that looks delicate and designed with a personalized feel. The tattoo is filled with red color using the faded technique on edges with some disconnected dots on edges that give it a feel like a drip-off feature. 

These drops of ink give this poppy watercolor rose flower look like a watercolor painting made on your skin. 

Wildflower Watercolor Tattoo

The color used in this tattoo is less drippy than the standard watercolor tattoo, but it still appears like a beautifully detailed and classy watercolor tattoo. The tattoo artist tries to bring the color extended the boundary line by following the fade technique, appearing tattoo look like bleeding from the skin. Color dots at the edges of the tattoo, making it look like ink is continuously dripping as the time of tattoo making gives an imprint on your skin. 

Owl Watercolor Tattoo

This is a watercolor tattoo design that is created without using any outlines. This is a pure watercolor design that only uses the direct color application. Artists have used the small detailing of color to give an owl this tattoo design. The artist uses small details to give the tattoo detail of the wing pattern and make the owl’s eyes. In this way, owl watercolor tattoos appear more whimsical and look like a real watercolor painting than a design created using ink. Tattoo artists have also used different colors to overlap the design, giving this tattoo a more canvas-like painting design. 

Belle Watercolor Tattoo

For those who love dolls and beautiful faces like tattoos, this is a watercolor tattoo design that the artist created by incorporating different colors for the dress, hair, lips, and filling in her body. Those women who love to have colorful tattoo designs feature watercolor painting that bleeds and merges colors. This design is also incorporated with colored dots on the edges of the design. These extra dots are high; right, the watercolor painting features the tattoo. You can also ask your artists to give this tattoo design more touch of watercolor painting. 

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Bouquet Watercolor Tattoo

This is a design made by using the different flowers in the single tattoo design. In this design, the tattoo artist tries to highlight the hand-drawn and daintiness features of the watercolor tattoo design. As this design includes various flower combinations, the artist uses different pigments and gives it a malleable touch of the real watercolor painting. They also give it more touch of a watercolor by creating the pigment dots outline. 

Solar-System Watercolor Tattoo

In this design, the artist uses different and bold pigments to give a nice background to the watercolor tattoo. This is also a great way to make your tattoo unique as it doesn’t include filling the tattoo using a different technique. In this watercolor tattoo artist does not blend the colors. However, artists use different pigments to give your tattoo the fade and water blotch watercolor effects. 

Evergreen Tree Watercolor Tattoo

In this tattoo design, artists do not use any outlines to create this design. Instead, artists use darker patches of pigments and fine color gradients to give the tattoo an appearance that it is bleeding out of the skin. This watercolor tattoo looks like a watercolor painting on canvas with a blurry and faded look. This tattoo also highlights different styles of watercolor design by compressing and tightening the design using a texture similar to that of water. 

Storybook Watercolor Tattoo

If you want a unique and attractive watercolor tattoo design on your skin, this watercolor storybook tattoo will look wonderful on your skin and grab the thousands of heads on your skin. This is a simple storybook design created by outlining the black color. However, what makes it unique is the different colors sparkling out if the opened book gives an approach the treasure hides in a book. This sparkly color gives the watercolor tattoo an electric feel that comes out with the fusion of colors. This design is made by overlapping and combining the various pigments and giving it a realistic approach like watercolor by adding pigment dots on the edges. 

Ballet Dancer Watercolor Tattoo

This tattoo is a mesmerizing design that includes colors and outlines with hands. In this design, a girl is dancing with a hand fan. Tattoo artists use a different combination of vibrant colors to make this design look more attractive and lively. Artists also use different watercolor tattoos, such as a big size tattoos. Artists can easily use different colors and employ techniques like a blur, bleed, and run to make this design more artistic. 

Animated Characters Watercolor Tattoo

This tattoo also uses the same method and elements as a typical and classic watercolor tattoo. Artist uses lots of fade pigment gradients and dots around the tattoo edges to give it more like a watercolor design. In this design, the colors are a little darker in the middle section of the design, and all the colors are filled in patches instead of section colors. The color is not filled all over the tattoo design in this design. Some section ink fades in some areas and not all over the design. 

Multicolored Flowers Watercolor Tattoo

You can find this tattoo very unique and different from other tattoos as the artists have uniquely used pigment combinations. As most watercolor tattoos are drawn outside the outline to give the tattoo a realistic paint drawing appearance, this watercolor tattoo is designed tightly with the outlines. The reason behind this tattoo design is the overlap of the different colors, blotches of dark and light pink, and splotches of pigments. 

Splatter Heart Watercolor Tattoo

This is a different style of blocthing color in a watercolor tattoo. Instead of filling color inside the design, this is a design in which the color is spread only outside the heart design, and inside remains completely cleaned. This watercolor tattoo design is created in a splattering effect that gives this tattoo a more watercolor-like appearance. This design uses overlapping and fading techniques to give it a more water-like appearance. 

Tidal Wave Watercolor Tattoo

This tattoo is a bold juxtapose with a dark outline of tidal waves. This tattoo is matter, with the blue pigment smattering on some tattoo areas extended from outlines. As the artist blotches the color in some areas, this tattoo appears as a color dropped on your skin, similar to watercolor canvas painting. The artist elaborates on the bold and rigid outlines of tidal waves, detailing watercolor pigments on the tattoo. 

Artful Hands Watercolor Tattoo

If yodon’t’t like bright and vibrant pigments mostly used in watercolor tattoos, you can always have an option for warmer colors that give your watercolor tattoo a natural tone. The colors used in this tattoo make it feel more like life as it includes skin tone and a layer of color. The ink used in this tattoo appeared like a watercolor appearance by fading the edges of the tattoo, and the color is extended from outlines and blotching of color. 

World Map Watercolor Tattoo

Watercolor tattoos designs are created with imperfection, blurred, and shakiness. Different hues are filled in large areas in this world map design without creating any outlines, but the artist tries to confine tattoo pigments to make it in a world map. In this world map, gentle gradients of colors are used by artists to make it like a watercolor look. The edges of this tattoo are blurred so that it looks like a canvas painting on your limbs. 

About Famous Watercolor Tattoo Artist And Techniques They Used

Traditional tattoo artists and watercolor tattoo artists use different tools and techniques to reach the effect they want in their tattoo art. There is also a huge difference between the pattern of designs used by traditional tattoo artists and watercolor tattoos. Most of the designs are based on making them look like watercolor paintings. However, we can find many common motifs in both forms of art, but there is a huge difference in the way artists fill colors and enhance the appearance of the tattoo. 

Watercolor tattoo artists such as Pis Saro and Rit Kit have brought the revolution and new approach to watercolor tattoo designs by stunningly giving tattoos a realistic approach. 

Some watercolor tattoo artists like Jess Chen and Amanda Wachob introduce another approach to watercolor tattoos that look like pastel or paint on skin. 

These designs created a demand for a new approach to colors and techniques in watercolor tattoo art. There are different sets of techniques to achieve realistic designs in tattoo art. 

Tattoo artists from Seoul, namely Saegeem and Zihee, have brought watercolor paintings in the tattoo art of famous portrays like Elizabeth Keith, Degas, Monet, and Matisse with the finest oeuvre. 

You can easily find the watercolor tattoo artist near you and ask for their experience and time in this industry, only then buy their tattoo services. 

Issues With Watercolor Tattoos As You Age

Whether you have abstract, botanical, freehand portrayals or the best emulation of popular paintings on your skin, a watercolor tattoo artist only uses the colors and fluids technique to make your tattoo look real like a watercolor painting. Some traditional tattoo artists feel worrisome not to use thick black outlines to spread the color out of the skin. But all the tattoos will age by the time; all those who have any tattoo after two decades will find that the lines of their tattoo are fading, getting softened, and becoming slightly fuzzy. 

This means that whether you have a traditional tattoo design or a watercolor tattoo on your limbs, by the time every type of tattoo is going to spread. However, as watercolor tattoos are a light color, there are higher chances that they will spread soon than traditional tattoo designs.