17 Best Basement Bathroom Ideas

basement bathroom ideas

Are you looking for basement bathroom ideas? Well, you know that the bathroom is one of the most important areas in the house. A basement can offer much more than that. It can be a comfortable, nice, and amazing bathroom. To make a comfortable, interesting, and nice bathroom, you will need some small space bathroom ideas.

Making a basement bathroom can be tough. However, if done properly, then the basement bathroom can be great as the regular bathroom. If you still do not know what to do about the future basement bathroom, then in this article, we will tell you about some of the best basement ideas.

Some Of The Best Basement Bathroom ideas

Well, if you are planning to make the basement bathroom more presentable and beautiful, here are the best designs and ideas that you can see forward to.

Powder Room

There are several ways to use the basement. The basement is meant to be a place for fun purposes. You can select to make a powder room instead of creating a complete bathroom. Though not being the complete bathroom, you can still create the powder room attractive by using proper accessories and color schemes.

Kid-Friendly Design

If the bathroom is only meant to be used by kids, then use a kid-friendly design. Such as using bright white colors. Also, it includes a step stool so kids can reach the sink and store the bath toys.


Well, lightning is always a crucial aspect for every room but particularly for the basement bathroom. Make sure that the basement bathroom is properly lighted and check it perfectly matches the bathroom style. Also, use light fixtures that have waterproof lenses.


A bathroom needs to be practical and aesthetical. Such as using stone tiles for the walls and floor will be the best choice because stone tiles are durable, water-resistant, and simple to clean.


The mirror is a great addition to any type of bathroom. Large, small, regular, or basement bathroom, all will look best with the mirror. The mirror in the basement bathroom will look more bright and spacious.

Compact Bathroom

In many cases, the basement bathroom is not always meant to be the main bathroom in the home. Well, it does not need to be huge. Aim to make the compact bathroom which not only functional but also looks good for the size.

Make It Feel Larger

There are several ways to make the basement bathroom feel huge, and one of them is used as a monochromatic palette. Combine the colors such as white and black, and the bathroom will feel as if it is huge.

Glass Block For Privacy

In this case, the basement bathroom is noticeable from the above-ground, and for privacy, you can install the glass blocks in the basement bathroom. You can install the glass blocks to prevent outsiders from seeing what is inside the bathroom and, at the same time, allow light from the outside to enter.

Make it Softer with Fabric

Create the basement bathroom to look softer by adding fabrics. The soft-touch can come from functional items and accessories. You can also incorporate towels or drapery made of fabric in the bathroom.

Laundry and Bathroom Combo

If the basement bathroom is for functional purposes, then how about combining space for bathroom and laundry. Make sure that there is enough space for movement.  Moreover, do not allow anything that makes a mess in the bathroom.

Light Palette

You can also make the bathroom look more spacious by using the light palette. Proper lighting and a light palette will prevent the room from feeling like a cave. You can also use everything white. White is a dominating color, and it will make the room look modern and clean.

Tub and Showers

Tub and showers can be a good addition to the basement bathroom, particularly if you are planning to turn into the full basement bathroom. The main key is proper placement, and in between tub and showers should have the divider.

Neutral Color Scheme

The neutral color scheme feels more like an amazing choice for all people. The neutral color also creates a comfy bathroom atmosphere. The color you can choose is beige and white. The small touch up of green hue appears as well. You can also set up the bathroom tub with a half glass concept.

Brown hue comes from the wooden boards which cover the wall and the floors. Hanging closet and sink basin meet bathroom basics.


The tight space does not limit the bathroom from doing a great job. As a showering site, the bathroom works as the laundry room. Also, you can utilize the room as the dresser.

The basement bathroom completes itself with the heating. It really helps by placing wet fabrics or towels once you have taken a bath. Moreover, with the machine, you can hang them to dry while you are doing other activities.

You can also put half-wet fabrics from a washing machine for heating. It is a useful innovation when the sun does not show during the monsoon season.

Recessed Rack With Mirror

A recessed shelf is a helpful and truly efficient storage for any compact bathroom. You can choose the wooden rack with a sleek appearance and simple design.

The wooden rack attached with the mirror contains body lotions, perfumes, and treatment oils. You can also put facial cream on the shelf.

Teal Effect

Everyone loves blue, but what about teal? Teal meets many people’s tastes. It is a combination of green and blue, which makes the color natural and fresh.

For the basement bathroom, gray and teal makes a cool contrast. Teal enhances the bathroom. While grey makes the bathroom feel comfy and casual. The color seems calming and bright because it looks similar to the color of the water.

Retro Style Returns

If you love old fashion, then how about a retro-styled bathroom? The bathroom looks 90’s style with simple but creative. Create a curvy statement with the ceramics rather than going subway ceramic design. Paint black on the tile borders to bring out the boldness.

Retro designs show the basement bathroom plumbing of the sink basin. You can install some items like a blue-painted portable shelf. Also, you can use the storage model like wall-mounted or rack storage.

Final Words

Now you got the basic basement bathroom ideas, so you are now ready to spice up the basement bathroom remodeling and renovation with these ideas. It does not have to be complicated, particularly if you know which style you want. It also increases the value of the home.

Also, if you are planning to remodel and do not know how to choose a contractor, then see the how-to choose remodeling home contractors. If you find this information, useful drop a comment below this section.