Best Beard Serum To Try For A Patchless Beard Growth

beard serum

Do you want to grow a beard? But can’t? Or are you a man who is fed up with his patchy beard? Well, if the answer to any of the two questions is then getting a beard serum can be your thing. 

A beard serum is an answer to all the questions like how to grow a beard? What beard products work? Which beard product is best for the patchy beard? And more. But the problem with most of the products available online is that most of them are a kind of supplement with no proof of them actually working. So getting an effective beard growth serum is what you want instead of the olive oil packed in an expensive kind of dropper bottle. 

The good thing is we have got you covered – we have listed some of the best beard serum options which you can try. What’s amazing about the products which we have listed in the article below is that they are tested, reviewed, and have gone through various other quality checks before making it to the list. 

Beard Serum 

Before we move on to the products, let us briefly introduce what you are actually getting into. 

What Is A Beard Serum? 

A beard serum is a kind of beard product that is specifically designed for enhancing facial hair. It helps in making the facial hair thick, strengthened while increasing its density. 

What Does It Do?

A proper beard growth serum is expected to do the following things:

  • Boosting the girth rate of the facial hair. 
  • Causing an increase in the size of the hair follicles on the face. 
  • Helping to increase the number of hairs on a man’s face along with increasing the coverage area. 
  • Increasing the beard hair diameter. 
  • Helps in improving the hormone delivery and nutrient supply by enhancing the circulation. 

These are some of the things that a beard serum is expected to do for you. But the problem is that only a handful of available market products are able to achieve the above feats. This is why to find a quality product that actually works what it claims to be; we will need to dig deeper into beard growth products. At the same time, while doing this, we will also need to look out for any side effects that a beard growth product could have. 

So, here is the good thing – we have gone through all of the aspects and after it selected the best products for you. The products which we have listed in the article are proven to be effective, and they have been tested on various criteria before making it to the list. 

What Are The Criteria For Which We Have Used?

We have used the following criteria for the products before putting them on the list:

  • A product should be an alcohol-based liquid or lotion that contains ingredients proven scientifically to help hair growth. 
  • The product should have a foam-based type of formula which should also contain active ingredients. 
  • For the sprays, they should contain peptides, proteins, and other kinds of beard boosters. 

What Products Didn’t Make It To The List?

  • One of the first products which you will not find on the list is beard oil. The beard oil is not on the list because they mostly don’t deliver the beard which they promise. 
  • Beard supplements are a product from another category. 
  • Any kind of other products which are not spray liquid, alcohol solution, or foam. 

Now, let’s move on to our beard serum products that you can get to grow that manly mane of yours. 

Best Beard Products To Get

These are some of the best beard serum products which we have selected for you after thorough research:

Kirkland 5% Minoxidil Liquid 

When the minoxidil was released in the market in the form of a drug to prevent hair loss, it revolutionized the market. It was a drug that changed everything about the stimulation for hair growth. 

The company that sold the drug proved that it was safe to use it without a professional prescription. It was able to grow the hair on 4 out of the 5 men who used it for hair growth. The rigorous scientific research on the drug has shown that it has a mechanism of opening potassium channels. It was able to increase circulation in the follicles of the hairs. Other than this, it also has vasodilating properties that help it shuttle more hormones and nutrients into hairs’ roots. 

This shuttling helps in increasing the diameter and size of the hair shafts and follicles that intern help in their growth. The drug, which was initially used as a drug for preventing hair loss, was later started to be used directly on the face. And as expected, the results of using it for beard growth were stunning and impressive. 

These results of using this serum later inspired scientists to produce a beard serum-containing minoxidil. The result of the serum was also impressive, and it was proven that this product could actually grow hairs on the face. In short, the minoxidil is a perfect beard growth spray which you can get for growing that shiny and full beard on your face. 

However, this product also has some side effects which you can expect from a drug. This beard product can, in some cases, lead to dry skin and dizziness. But if you use them according to the package’s dosage guidance, these side effects are very rare. 

Usage Guide

  • Apply one or two times a day. 
  • Wait for at least four hours so that your skin can absorb the serum completely. 
  • After the period of four hours, you can wash it off if you want. 

Rogaine 5% Minoxidil Liquid Solution

This is another product that is known for its results when it comes to getting beard growth to have those fancy beard styles. 

The Rogaine brand offers the same results and configurations as the Kirkland. There are only two differences between the brands – price tag and accessibility. The Kirkland is only sold in the US, while on the other hand, Rogaine is available globally, making it more accessible. Rogaine is also more affordable in comparison to Kirkland if you live outside the US. 

Alcohol + Castor Oil Beard Thickening Serum

The combination of alcohol and castor oil is a powerful recipe when it comes to beard growth serums. To understand why it is an effective way to get rid of the patchy beard, we need to understand some basics like prostaglandins (PG). 

The PGs are naturally occurring eicosanoid types of fatty acids which are present in all kinds of animal and human tissues. There are many kinds of PGs present in the human body, depending on the place where they are located. The two main PGs which affect the growth of hairs on the face are:

  • Prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) – This is responsible for activating the hair follicle growth anagen phase along with increasing the circulation inside the tissues. 
  • Prostaglandin D2 (PGD2) – It is responsible for obstructing the growth of hair follicles as it stimulates the telogen phase of hair along with reducing circulation. 

This is where castor oil comes into play, as it has been proven to increase the levels of PGE2. It is also seen that the castor oil blocks the PGD2 and thus helps in providing the optimal conditions for the growth of hair follicles. The reason for mixing it with alcohol is that the castor oil alone is not permeable enough to be able to reach the follicles of hair. So mixing it with alcohol helps in making it reach the follicles of hairs. 

Recipe For This Beard Serum

For making this beard growth serum, you will need to do the following:

  • First, you will need to take a 1oz water bottle of 1oz. Prefer a glass bottle.
  • Now get some castor oil of pure quality. Avoid black castor oil of Jamaican origin as it has impurities.
  • Now get a liquid that can act as a carrier. For this, anything above 40% alcohol content will work. 
  • In the next step, fill your 1oz bottle with 30% alcohol and 70% castor oil. But the differences can arise as the lower the content of alcohol in your carrier liquid, the more percentage you will need to mix. 
  • In the final stage, shake the bottle vigorously so that the solution mixes perfectly. 

And voila, your DIY beard growth serum is ready to use. The amazing thing about this product is that it is an easy-to-make and affordable option. 

Stemoxydine Hair Follicle Activating Serum

This is a patented product for the prevention of hair loss by the famous brand L’oreal. The good thing about this product is that you can also use it for beard growth. 

This product is sold by many names like:

  • Kerastase Densifique Hair Treatment.
  • Redken Cerafill Retaliate Stemoxydine Treatment.
  • Vichy Dergos Neogenic Hair Serum. 

The good thing about this product is that in a study, it was proven to be able to trigger the hypoxia signaling into the follicles of hairs. It does this by activation of the stem cell. 

This shows that it is a great product when it comes to beard growth serum. It can lead to a significant increase in facial hair growth if you use it for a period of at least a month. However, it is not as effective as the minoxidil, but the good thing is that it doesn’t have the side effects which the minoxidil has. 

Train 10% Minoxidil

This is another product which we can say is one of the best products for beard growth and patchy beard. The good thing is that it contains the same minoxidil as the ingredient as the first product on the list. Like we already told, it is one of the most effective types of ingredients which you can get in a beard serum for optimum growth. 

So, if you feel a little greedy after seeing the amazing effects of just 5% minoxidil, then getting this product with 10% can be our thing. The Only thing you need to remember is that an increase in minoxidil percentage means an increase in side effects. This increase in the risk is also the reason why this product is last on our list of best beard serum products. 

These are some of the best beard serum products you can get to grow that perfect masculine beard on your face. The good thing about the products which we have listed in the article is that all of them are selected based on scientific evidence and are affordable. 


Do you want to grow that masculine beard? Or do you want something for your patchy beard? Well, getting the beard serum can fulfill all your needs for facial hair growth. 

However, before you go for a product, remember that not every product is what they promise, so go for deep research before purchasing. One thing to remember is always going for the products which are scientifically-backed for their claims. Once you get the perfect beard serum and have that masculine mane on your face, you have everything to try beard styles to impress

Jatin Choudhary