Best Acoustic Guitar Brands of 2020

Best acoustic guitar brands

The guitar is a partner for the people who play it. A guitar is not only an instrument but also a life partner for a person who owns it and knows how to play it. Choosing a perfect partner is extremely necessary because, in the end, it is you who is going to play it. Therefore, it is necessary to know about the best acoustic guitar brands.

Best Acoustic Guitar Brands

Well, when you are here on my blog, you don’t have to worry about choosing the correct and best guitar brands. The following article constitutes the top acoustic guitar brands of 2020. It will never let you regret your decision to buy them or any confusion regarding, what is the best guitar brand?  So, if you are looking forward to buying one, then you must read the whole article.


For those who love to play guitar with soft hands and love the nature of soft strings, this is the best guitar brand for them. Excellent body and smooth while playing, yes, that’s the quality of Blueridge guitars. Saga Music owns the company. Its ‘pre-war’ style guitars are extremely popular in the world of acoustic guitars. 

Its specialty is not only in its sound but also in its design. Ideas of Blueridge guitars are derived from the design of USA guitars of the 1930s and earlier. The price range of Blueridge acoustic guitars varies from mid-range to expensive ones. Blueridge BG-40 is quite popular in the market for its pre-war design and tones. 


Ovation guitars are quite popular and are known for their strength and the material from which they are made. You might have seen some of the most popular guitars with their body of the wood. However, this is the specialty of ovation acoustic guitars, that these are made up of fiberglass. Moreover, they have a patent for this body style. 

This innovation of fiberglass guitars has made Ovation quite popular and established in the market. Their creativity not only looks good but also plays an important role in praising our ears. The sound they produce is a treat to the listeners. Fiberglass bodies help in producing more clear and visible sound. 

If you love innovation with the guitar, then the ovation’s new style is made for you. Try different patterns of strumming everyday and create your love for music. It is always in the list of best acoustic guitar brands.


Its name is enough to define the beauty of its acoustic guitars. They were firstly owned by Takamine brand, and later Jasmine was sold to KMC music in the year 2005. Whether you want a steel-string guitar, a classy nylon string guitar, or an orchestra feel, Jasmine produces each of them with their unique production style.

You can even find some of the budget-friendly guitars in the bucket list of jasmine guitars. From the lowest budget to the highest ones, they have each one of them. The S-34c model of Jasmine is quite popular and highly rated. You can even buy it online for a price of 100$. 


Music produced by Ibanez guitar is as beautiful as its name. One who plays it can’t get their hands off from the strings. Yeah, you may say that it is the magic of the strings. Instead, it is the magic of the music it produces from the body. Whether you want to snap on it for a beat or you want to go for the hardest strumming, Ibanez enables you to perform everything quite smoothly. This is aptly the best guitar brand out there.

Japanese company Hoshino Gakki imported the guitars in 1929 in Japan produced by Salvador Ibanez. The success of the guitar touched the new heights, and it became popular in Japan. Moving further, Ibanez never stopped expanding its business of classy and excellent guitars. It is among the best acoustic guitar brands.

 It started making modern guitars in 1957; However, the US Army and Air Force demolished the Ibanez factory of guitars in 1945. But when it is business, then you have to look over the grudges and thus the company begins exporting its guitars to the US in 1971.


At present, Ibanez is extremely popular and well known for its guitars and production. It’s not just the name of the company but also “The Class” and “Quality” it carries. You can get an idea of its quality from the Ibanez AC240 OPN; the highest rated guitar in the market.

If you are already a guitarist, then you might be familiar with its name. Yes, it is one of the most popular guitar brands of 2020. Its unique selling style enables it to be in the list of best acoustic guitar brands. 

Many of the guitar companies started from acoustic ones and then started producing electrical ones. But Fender did it differently; firstly, it gained its popularity in electric guitars and then moved on to the acoustic ones. This unique style of production not only raised its customers but also created a hunger for ideas in the minds of the designers.

The founder of the company was Leo fender. He started its business by repairing tube circuitry equipment. Whether it was a radio, phonograph players, or the home music amplifiers he used to fix them all. He soon took an idea from the amplifiers as the demand for amplifiers was high at the time..

Therefore, he took advantage of the opportunity and produced electric guitars with amplifiers. The audience extremely loved this idea, and soon Fender came out to be one of the best acoustic guitar brands. Later the company’s name was changed from Fender’s Repair Service to Fender Musical Instruments company in 1946.

Production of acoustic guitar by Fender was started in 1964. One year back, Fender sold the company to CBS as he was falling ill. Fender guitars are well known for their mid-range and entry-level guitars. CD-60 All Mahogany and Fender CF-60 are one of the most popular examples of such best acoustic guitars. 


How can we not mention taylor as one of the best guitar brand on the market? Yes, Taylor falls in the category of best acoustic guitar brands. The reason is the quality of guitars it produces. The company was founded in 1974 by Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug. Taylor’s primary focus has always been the acoustic guitars, and therefore, its name is quite popular in the field. 

Innovations were counted as the key things of the 20th century, and Taylor was a part of it. Lakhs loved his innovation of using computer mills for the manufacturing of guitars. You might be aware of Taylor Big Baby ar; yes, it is mBBT guitanufactured in Mexico. The star thing regarding this guitar is its 15/16th sized dreadnought feature. This kind of guitar makes it capable of being a part of the best acoustic guitar brands list. 


It is one of the best guitar brands all over the globe. Whereas when we talk about acoustic guitar brands, then it is no doubt that it is the best student guitar producing company. Any beginner who wants to start his career in an acoustic guitar or electric guitar can never get a better company than Yamaha. 

Whether you want to buy a nylon string guitar or a steel string guitar Yamaha has got it all.  Yamaha has accomplished a lot of appreciation in the past few decades. Not only for its quality but also for its service. Whereas, they also make high rated guitars and they are also sold at a good level. 

Many musicians prefer Yamaha guitars for their stage performances and also for studio recordings. Yamaha AC3R is quite famous for its soft music and fret distribution. 


The company was founded in 1833 in New York City by Christian Federick Martin. He was the one to invent the first-ever acoustic guitar of all time. You might have got an idea of their longevity in the market. It became possible only because of their quality and the faith of the audience in them. They are well known for their capability of manufacturing the finest quality acoustic guitars. Their quality make them the best acoustic guitar brands of all time

Its guitar models are never-ending in the market. The type of guitar you want, this company has it for sure. Martin will never let you down whether you want some rocking kind of or some simple type of acoustic guitar. Some of the famous guitar models are Martin D-200 Deluxe and Martin D-15 M, and Martin DCPA4 Rosewood. And, there is no doubt in the fact that they are the highest-rated and most expensive guitars. 


If you are a true guitarist, then you can never ignore the name Gibson.Orville Gibson founded the company in 1902. Later, Les Paul made it one of the best acoustic guitar brands of all time. Not only normal guitars, but Orville also invented Archtop Guitars with the help of lutherie techniques used in the violin. 

Gibson established itself in the market in the 1930s and soon became the leading producer of acoustic guitars. When we talk about the best acoustic guitars from any brands then the Gibson J-35 is a sure shot winner. Thus the guitar was reintroduced in the market by the company in 2016. let me tell you that it was reintroduced in 2016. If you are looking for the best quality guitars then, you can never get a better choice than Gibson. 

Final Words

Guitars are like a partner for a true guitarist. Before learning the guitar, a person must buy the correct one. Therefore in the above article, I have mentioned some of the most well-known Best and top acoustic Guitar brands of 2020. Buying them will never let you regret your decisions. Buy one from the above brands and enjoy the music of the acoustic guitar. 

I hope you liked this article, for more such musical articles stay connected to us. And, don’t forget to drop your review in the comment section.