Best Comedy Movies on Hulu to Binge Watch

best comedy movies on Hulu

Laughter is indeed the best medicine, and in times like these, we all need a break. Whether you are in the mood for a good chuckle or craving a movie to laugh-out-loud, the best comedy movies on Hulu are the perfect pick for you. From modern masterpieces to the classic comedy, Hulu has got everything to make you laugh. We have rounded up a list of the best comedies on Hulu to help you have a good time.  

Best Comedy Movies on Hulu

Hulu has an amazing library of comedy movies. From classic movies to goofy studio moves to quirky indies, the selection is diverse as well as impressive. These movies are the best way to release tension with a good laugh. Here are some of the best comedy movies on Hulu. 

Booksmart (2019)

IMDb – 7.2

Director – Sarah Haskins, Emily Halpern

Star Cast – Kaitlyn Dever, Jessica Williams, Beanie Feldstein

When it comes to the top comedy movies on Hulu, nothing can beat the charm of Booksmart. It is a comedy movie with a heaping side of honesty as well. The story of this movie revolves around two high school overachievers, Molly and Amy, who realize that they should have played more and worked less during their high school. So they decide to do something really crazy on their high-school graduation night. 

To fulfill their vow to make up for the time they wasted without having fun, they decide to finally lose. This movie is nothing like teen rom-com movies, which makes it different from others, The female- focused plot makes it more interesting. At turn outrageous and tender, this moving is an amazing choice to take a break. 

The Beach Bum (2019)

IMDb – 5.5

Director – Harmony Korine

Star Cast – Snoop Dogg, Mathew McConaughey, Isha Fisher

This comedy movie on Hulu follows the story of a rebellious stoner, Moondog, who lives life by his own rules. The movie shows the adventures of this stoner poet in and around Florida keys when he tries to complete his new novel for his daughter and his share in his wife’s estate. The funny scenes in this movie will make you laugh out loud and forget everything for some time. If you are in the mood to watch some action and anime, then try best-dubbed anime on Hulu

Morning Glory (2010)

IMDb – 6.5

Director – Roger Michell

Star Cast – Rachel McAdams, Diane Keaton, Harrison Ford

If you are looking for the best comedies on Hulu, then this one is a must-watch for you. Starring Rachell McAdams as a young producer, Morning Glory is all about laughter. The story revolves around the young producer who is hired to revive a morning television show that is failing. Soon this enthusiastic producer realizes that she is in over her head. With an amazing cast, this funny workplace sitcom will tickle your funny bones. 

Overboard (2018)

IMDb – 6.0

Director – Rob Greenberg

Star Cast – Eugenio Derbez, Eva Longoria, Anna Faris

Overboard is among the best comedy movies onHulu due to its amazing plot and star cast. In this movie, Anna Faris plays the role of a single, working-class mom who works to clean the yacht of a rich boy. When that spoiled rich boy topples overboard and loses memory, she tries to convince him that they both are married. Sounds crazy and funny, right? Trust me; you will find this movie more fun when you watch it. 

Dog Days (2018)

IMDb – 6.2

Director – Ken Marino

Star Cast – Nina Dobrev, Adam Pally, Vanessa Hudgens

There are various movies out there with ensemble-cast-whose-lives-intersect plots, but this one is different and will make you laugh harder. This movie revolves around three interconnected people living in Los Angeles. They are brought together with the help of their cute canine counterparts. It is a romantic-comedy movie that will touch the strings of your heart while managing a constant smile on your face. Want something more romantic? Check out the best romantic comedies on Amazon Prime

The Interview (2014)

IMDb – 6.5

Director – Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg

Star Cast – James Franco, Randall Park, Seth Rogen

It is one of the top comedies on Hulu that revolves around James Franco and Seth Rogen, who star as journalists. They set up an interview with the leader of North Korea, Kim Joung-un, played by Randall Park. Later, they are recruited by the CIA in order to assassinate him. 

The premise of this movie is simple, but it stirred so much controversy that it was never actually released in theatres. The government of North Korea threatened strict action against the United States, terrorist threats were made against big theaters, and Sony was hacked. But you can watch this movie on Hulu for some entertainment and laughter. 

50/50 (2011)

IMDb – 7.6

Director – Jonathan Levine

Star Cast – Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Anna Kendrick, Seth Rogen

When it comes to the best comedy movies on Hulu, 50/50 has to be on the list. This movie is inspired by a funny 27-year old boy who gets diagnosed with cancer. It shows the struggle of a comedy-centered boy to beat the disease. The boy is told that he has around a 50% chance of survival. This one is a type of movie which brings out the humor in intense tragedy. It will take you on an emotional roller-coaster. 

50/50 gives the inspiration to live life in the best possible manner. It encourages us to stay positive in tough times and live a happy life. Want more inspiration? Watch the best inspirational movies on Netflix

50 First Dates (2004)

IMDb – 6.8

Director – Peter Segal

Star Cast – Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider, Drew Barrymore

This romantic comedy on Hulu revolves around a man named Henry Roth who is afraid of commitment. But, finally, he meets a beautiful girl named Lacy and falls in love with her. They meet each other, and Henry thinks that he has finally found the true love of his life. But he discovers that Lacy has short-term memory loss, and she forgets him the next day. No matter how many times we watch this amazing movie, it still brings a smile to our faces. 

Deadpool (2016)

IMDb – 8.0

Director – Tim Miller

Star Cast – Ryan Reynolds, T.J. Miller, Morena Baccarin

If you love action comedy movies, then this movie is definitely for you. Some action and superhero movies are serious, but Deadpool is completely different, which makes it one of the best comedies on Hulu. The movie is full of sharp sarcasm and ribald humor. This movie is a universal crowd-pleaser and is loved by almost everyone. It shows the story of a wisecracking mercenary who gets experimented on. He becomes immortal and ugly, so he sets out on his journey to find the person who ruined his looks. 

What Men Want (2019)

IMDb – 5.3

Director – Adam Shankman

Star Cast – Taraji P. Henson, Josh Brener, Kristen Ledlow

This movie is among the top comedy movies on Hulu due to its super funny storyline and star cast. It shows the story of a woman who is boxed out of her profession by a male sports agent. However, she develops an unexpected ability to hear men’s thoughts. This power helps her to gain an edge over men. It could give you a premise of a horror movie, but trust me, this one is funny. 

Year One (2009)

IMDb – 4.9

Director – Harold Ramis

Star Cast – Jack Black, Olivia Wilde, Michael Cera

Sometimes all you need is a straight-up and stupid comedy for some entertainment. If you are craving such a movie, then Year One is the right pick for you. It shows the story of two hunter-gatherers who are banished from their tribe. Layer they encounter some Biblical characters and find the city of Sodom. It shows the journey of these two characters in a way that will make you laugh out loud. Trust me; you are going to enjoy this stupid comedy movie. For more entertainment, you can also watch classic anime movies

Ingrid Goes West (2017)

IMDb – 6.6

Director – Matt Spicer

Star Cast – Aubrey Plaza, O’Shea Jackson Jr., Elizabeth Olsen

This comedy movie on Hulu revolves around a social media stalker who moves to LA. She insinuates the life of a famous Instagram influencer. If you love dark humor, then this movie is the right choice. In this movie, Aubrey Plaza plays the role of a mentally unstable woman who moves to LA to befriend the popular Instagram model. The movie shows the dangers of social media culture in a funny manner. 

Superbad (2007)

IMDb – 7.6

Director – Greg Mottola

Star Cast – Michael Cera, Mintz-Plasse, Jonah Hill

Superbad is an OG sophomoric comedy and is a perfect pick. The movie shows the story of two codependent high school students who are forced to face separation anxiety after their plan to enjoy a booze-soaked party goes wrong. This movie is a must-watch if you really want to watch some good comedy movies on Hulu. 

The Skeleton Twins (2014)

IMDb – 6.8

Director – Craig Johnson

Star Cast – Kristen Wiig, Luke Wilson, Bill Hader

If you are in the mood of watching a comedy with a touch of drama, then you should watch this movie. In this comedy movie, twin siblings Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader are reunited after their attempts to self-harm. They both reunite in their childhood hometown, where Hader tells about his issues from the past, and Wiig shows potential concerns about her marriage. This one is a dark comedy, but it also has a lot of bright sports, making it one of the best comedies on Hulu. 

Palm Springs (2020)

IMDb – 7.4

Director – Max Barbakow

Star Cast – Andy Samberg, J.K Simmon, Cristin Milioti

This movie is a perfect pick if you are in the mood of watching a rom-com. The plot of this movie is simple – Christin Millioti and Andy Samberg meet at a wedding, but the execution of the movie is wonderful and complicated. 

What makes it interesting? The character of Smaber is stuck in a time loop, and he has been living the same day over and over again. The complications begin when Millioti’s character also gets stuck into the same loop. It leads to a wonderfully hilarious and sweet story. In recent times, it is the best romantic comedy movie. For more fun, watch the best romantic comedies on Amazon Prime

Crazy Stupid Love (2011)

IMDb – 7.4

Director – John Requa, Glenn Ficarra

Star Cast – Steve Carell. Julianne Moore, Ryan Gosling

Even after ten years, this dramedy movie still feels fresh. Trust me; if you watch this movie once, it will become your all-time favorite. The movie focuses on the fumbling of love at different ages and at different times of life. The movie shows the story of a middle-aged husband whose life changes drastically when his wife asks for a divorce. Instead of feeling low, he decides to rediscover his manhood taking help from his newfound friend, Jacob. This movie will make you laugh harder all the time. 

Support the Girls (2018)

IMDb – 6.4

Director – Andrew Bujalski

Star Cast – Regina Hall, Dylan Gelula, Haley Lu Richardson

The movie shows the story of a hardworking and enthusiastic manager of a Hooters-like sports bar. She tries to get her staff the right support they deserve despite all the issues they have to face in the modern world. The movie is profoundly empathetic towards the characters and people who work in the service industry. However, it handles the theme with a touch of comedy to make it light-hearted.

Final Words

If you want a break from a busy everyday schedule, then the best comedy movies on Hulu are a must-try for you. These movies will not only make you laugh but will also help you to wave off all your negativity. So, what are you waiting for? Watch the comedies on Hulu and tell us about your favorite one by dropping a comment.