Best Food For Siberian Huskies

Best Food For Huskies

The Siberian husky is a breed of dog that has beautiful blue and multicolored eyes and looks like a wolf. Huskies originated in Siberia. They are best known for their incredible sled-pulling skills. However, these dogs are not for every type of business. Huskies are sweet, friendly, and loyal in nature and can survive in any type of situation, but it is important to feed them the right food because some types of food can harm their health. So, in this post, we have mentioned some best food for huskies that will help you to maintain the good health of your beloved dog.

Height- 21-23.5 inches (male)

             20-22 inches (female)

Weight- 45-60 pounds (male)

              35-50 pounds (female)

Life expectancy- 12-14 years

Breed characteristics- working dogs, thick white-grey-brown fur, confident, can cover huge distances.

Temperament- mischievous sometimes, smart and intelligent, able to escape and dig, friendly with humans and other animals, but huskies are not a watchdog.

Health needs- self fur cleaning, bath two times in a month, shed twice a year, cut the nails from time to time, clean paws daily.

Training- already social dogs, having someone around the husky is a must.

Energy level- urge to run, need dog exercises daily.

Huskies look like wolves; that is why they have blue eyes and an appearance like wolves. However, it is very important to serve them the right food; otherwise, they might suffer from health issues that can even lead to death.

Nutritional Needs of Huskies

As we have already mentioned that serving good food to a husky is a must, the following are the basic nutritional needs of huskies that can help them to live a healthy life:

The nutritional needs of huskies are quite similar to humans; they need a meat-based diet with carbohydrate content and canned food or commercial kibble.

The Association of American feed control officials (AAFCO) has determined the minimal requirements for key nutrition in dogs. 


AAFCO has recommended upto 22% protein for canine growth and reproduction and a minimum of 18% for adult dogs. For fat dogs, the minimum percentage of protein is 8% and 5%, respectively.

Huskies need a high amount of protein for their survival. To provide protein, you can serve vegetables, fruits, and meat, but before serving them, first check if they can eat them or not, or consult with the veterinarian. 

Healthy fats

Protein helps in maintaining good health, but healthy fats help to maintain energy levels in huskies. You can check the ingredients like chicken fat, canola oil, or flaxseed. These are the ingredients that contain healthy fats.

These ingredients help huskies to maintain good health.

Omega 3s

It is a fatty acid that is essential for Siberian huskies; it maintains the skin and coat of the dogs. Huskies have huge and beautiful fur, so make sure that you provide them omega 3s in their diet.

However, keep in mind that omega 3s are not good for every type of breed so, if you have another breed, then first ask the veterinarian.


It is also a fatty acid that is good for huskies, just like omega 3s. DHA helps in maintaining the brain development and eye vision of dogs, and this fatty acid is a must for dogs when they are one month old.

When the huskies turn one month older, their brain starts developing, and eyes start getting good vision so, during that time, DHA is a must for huskies.


Yes, it is right that huskies can survive on a protein-based diet, but carbohydrates also help them to maintain blood sugar and body size. So, carbohydrates are not a must for dogs, but they are good for dogs.

Due to this reason, most of the dog food contains carbohydrates in the dog’s meal.

Carbohydrates help to keep the belly full for a longer time.

High-calorie food

The main thing about huskies is that they have the habit of skipping their diet. Even when the food is served, they do not eat. Due to this reason, it is necessary to serve high-calorie food to huskies.

So, make sure that you serve them a meal that contains every type of nutrition and is rich in calories.

Lactose or gluten intolerant

Many huskies have allergies to lactose and gluten so, avoid adding milk powder, wheat to their diet. 

Also, before adding any type of food and nutrition to your cute huskies diet, make sure you concern a veterinarian first.

Best dog food for huskies

There are many types of dog food available in the market, but the following are some of the best food for huskies:

  1. Hill’s science diet dry dog food for large breeds
  2. Nutro max natural adult dry dog food
  3. Purina pro plan dry dog food
  4. Wellness core natural grain-free dry dog food 
  5. Taste of the wild high protein dry dog food

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Fun facts about Siberian huskies

  • Huskies are born to run
  • Their unique skills impressed Alaskans
  • They are not watchdogs
  • Huskies do not get fatigued
  • Looks like wolves
  • They need cold weather to survive
  • Huskies have good metabolisms
  • They can have colorful coats
  • Huskies are talkative
  • They are independent thinkers
  • Huskies do not like to eat food
  • They love to have babysitting
  • Other names of huskies are Chukcha, chuksha, husky, and icee
  • They have a great sense of smell
  • Huskies need teeth brushed two times in a week

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Final words

Huskies are friendly and intelligent dogs; they love pampering and care, but they skip meals, so it is very important to serve them the right food on time. Husky looks big and dangerous, but they are friendly and innocent by nature.

For the better health of your dog, it’s important to keep track of what you feed him. In this post, we have mentioned the nutritional requirement and the list of the best food for Siberian huskies.

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