Best Headphones For Sleep and Relaxation

best headphones for sleep

Do you know there are some headphones that can help you sleep better? And like any other product, there are also some of the best headphones for sleep, which you can have among the volley of available options?

Now, if the question comes to your mind, why does someone need headphones for sleeplessness? Well, the answer is that like a comfy bed and pillow, soothing music is also proven to help doze off easily.

A survey by Better Sleep Council in 2019 showed that people struggle to get enough sleep in modern times. The pandemic has only made matters worse and more people are reporting problems in sleep along with other problems such as mood swings.

In the article below, we have put together some of the best headphones for sleep. These products which we have listed have been selected based on various aspects like construction, price, and reviews.

How To Choose The Best Headphones For Sleep?

Some aspects which you must consider when deciding which headphones to buy for better sleep are:


Construction and the material used in construction plays a vital role in any product. Thus when you want headphones, then getting one made from comfortable and soft material must be your priority. Another thing when to know is that there are headphones specifically for sleep purposes, so choose those. You must also choose wireless headphones only to have a more comfortable experience. 

Customer Review

Considering the customers’ reviews when purchasing a product can have many benefits. The customer’s reviews can help you choose the best headphones for sleep. This is because they are from people who have already tested and tried the product. 


It’s not necessarily essential to spend a fortune when you want headphones for sleep. There are many good quality products that you can get for sleep and when you want noise-canceling headphones. Thus always consider your budget when choosing any product. 


How do sleep headphones connect to apps? Are they wired? Well, this is the question you must ask when purchasing headphones for sleep. Wired headphones are ok for everyday use, but when it comes to sleep g for wireless headphones. This is vital as wired ones can cause trouble, and this is where connectivity comes into play. Most wireless Bluetooth headphones have a particular range and thus choose accordingly.


Adjustability plays a vital role in making or breaking your experience with sleep headphones. When searching for the best headphones for sleep, you will see headband style in most headphones. This design helps in keeping the headphones in place, although some bands may feel too tight. Thus choosing the adjustable ones is essential as comfort is the most important aspect of sleep headphones.


Are you planning to use your sleep headphones for other purposes also? If yes, then choosing the right one becomes even more essential as some headphones are also perfect for fitness wear. The sleep band can do double duty by keeping your ears warm while staying in place during the activities like jogging. Another thing to remember is that choose a waterproof and sweatproof headphone. 


The design of sleep headphones is a very important aspect. You may think that regular headphones can work, but they can be uncomfortable when sleeping. Thus choose earbuds or earbuds instead of regular headphones with a hard shell. 

Noise Cancellation:

Noise cancellation features play a vital role in choosing the best headphones for sleep. This is because it helps in blocking the ambient sound from the environment, which might cause a disturbance. The feature also helps in preventing ear damage as noise cancellation lets you enjoy music at low volume. However, they won’t be helpful if your partner is enjoying a movie at high volume.

Company Policies:

The return and exchange policy which companies offer with a headphone is an essential thing. This is important as if after purchase; you find that the product is unforgettable, then you must be able to return. Other than this return policy also helps if the headphones break as broken headphones won’t help in sleep. 

Best Headphones For Sleep

Out of the all available products we have chosen the following headphones for you as they are the best:

LC-Dolida Sleep Headphones

Want a product that acts as noise-canceling headphones and a molded mask at the same time? Well, then the LC-Dolida sleep headphones are for you. 

These wireless headphones are one of the best you can get and are ergonomically designed like a sleep mask. The mask has Bluetooth headphones in but which lets you sleep comfortably while enjoying music. The good thing about these headphones is that their design is perfect for side sleepers. 

The customer reviews of this product tell us that it is a comfortable, well-padded mask. So if you need wireless headphones, which also act as a light block and noise-canceling headphones, then this is it. 

MUSS Sleep Ultra Thin Pillow Speakers

Are you someone who doesn’t like wearing headphones? If yes, then the MMUS pillow speakers are a perfect product for you. The thin design of these headphones makes them a great option as they simply slip below your pillow. They let you enjoy the music, white noise, or whatever you like without squishing the ears. 

This is also a budget-friendly option, and thus if you want something to suit your wallet, this is for you. These are some of the best headphones for sleeping on a budget you can get. According to customer reviews, the good thing about these headphones is that they are very instructive and lets you enjoy your music while sleeping. One downside of these headphones is that they are wired. 

HIGHEVER Sleep Headphones

Do you want best in class noise-canceling headphones for sleep? The higher is where your search ends. These wireless headphones are a perfect pair of sleep headphones that you can get. They are one of the highest-rated when it comes to noise cancellation. 

The benefit of having good quality noise-canceling headphones is that they let you enjoy your music at low volumes. This helps in protecting the hearing and also prevents tinnitus from worsening, which is common when we use regular headphones.

Another good thing about these headband headphones is that they are made using breathable material. This allows you to enjoy music without feeling like being blocked and sweating. They also come with remote speakers; thus, you can wash them directly in your machine. 

The battery backup of these wireless headphones is also good, and a single charge lasts up to 10 hours. These Bluetooth headphones also provide you with a range of 65 feet. 

Bose Sleepbuds II

Want noise-canceling earbuds for sleep? Then bose sleep buds are for you, although they are one of the most pricy products on our list. The reason for this is that they are explicitly designed for the purpose of sleep and most high tech. 

They are the best noise-canceling earbuds as they feature a noise masking teh which helps in blocking night time noise disturbances. These buds work with the sleep app from bose, which allows you to customize the uses. It allows you to choose among the numerous sounds for sleep. It also gives you the option of volume control, and you can also select a sound for a wake-up alarm.

The battery backup of these noise-canceling earbuds is also good, and a single charge lasts for 10 hours. In addition to all these features, these earbuds are also made using soft silicone, thus very comfortable.

One downside of these earbuds is that you can only play the music from the app, which means not jazz or podcasts. 

Everplus Sleep Headphones

The everplus is one of the best headphones for sleep, which is made using washable material. These are Bluetooth headphones and come with removable speakers, which makes the washing easy. This product is a stretchable headband, and the speakers are super thin; thus, you will barely feel them. 

In these headphones, you also get an inbuilt microphone and playback controls, which makes using it easy. The Bluetooth range of these headphones is 45 feet, and the battery lasts 10 hours on a single charge. 

According to the customer review, this product is a comfortable headphone with good quality of sound. 

Bottom Line

Listening to music soothes your mind, and helps you sleep more easily; thus getting some of the best headphones for sleep can be the best bet for you. 

This has also been proven in studies that low volume soothing white noise music helps in dozing off easily. So, replace your bulky headphones with a pair of comfortable and soft sleep headphones. 

Jatin Choudhary