6 Best Home Exercise Equipment For Beginners

Best Home Exercise Equipment For Beginners

No one likes being confused by the advanced, most exceptional infomercial fitness products ensuring to shape your middle and give you a star body with the best home exercise equipment for beginners. Let us be honest: No one wants an Ab Belt or a Shake Weight. If you are serious about exercising and getting in shape from the comfort of the home, pick some multifunctional home workout equipment to help you with this. 

Well, it does not take much to be fit, as long as you dedicate yourself to accomplish your weight goals. Several home workout equipment from the article can help you to achieve your goals through easy workouts. The equipment which we have listed in the article is wallet-friendly and simple to use. 

Some Home Exercise Equipment For Beginners

Jump Rope

If you have not chosen up a jump rope since high school, then you are in for a shock. Jump ropes usually cost less than $15, and they give the best cardio exercise you can do practically anywhere. Well, do not anticipate to beat out a 30-minute routine right off the bat. Because the jumping rope is difficult to work, so use the intervals for training by changing forth and back between a minute of jumping and rest for a minute.

Flat Bench or The Step

This is the best workout flat bench that you can use for regular workouts, like; the dumbbell chest press, or if you do not have a dumbbell, you can use a plyometric box. If you have a high, strong platform reaching in height from 6 to 42 inches, then you can use it for step-up and jumping workouts. 

The perfect step aerobic tool, The Step, is another best opportunity, letting you use it as a low plyometric box, a bench, or, of course, like equipment for step aerobics.

This piece of tool is going to cost between $45 to $90, so you can decide which equipment is best for you. If you manage to concentrate on strength training, then you can get more benefit from a bench, and those who prefer doing workout videos can prefer The Step.


BOSU means “both sides up,” and this strange-looking ball gives a killer exercise that tests your core, strength, and balance. However, for a cardio exercise, place it on the platform with the ball side up, and do it as a step. For stability and strength cycle, flip the ball and use the flat side as a platform for pushups, lunges, and squats. Although before purchasing, you might have to do some research online to get the best deal on BOSU Ball, and basically, you can buy it for around $100.

Stability Ball

Stability balls became famous back in the 1990s, and there is no sign that this stability ball is going to drop out of style soon. These big, blown up balls scale in size from 45 to 75 centimeters in diameter, and they are intended to carry the weight of most adults. Although this equipment is best known for ab exercises, you can gain a total body workout using nothing but this ball.

Adjust your legs on the ball for the push-ups or set the ball between your wall and back to make wall squats strong. Moreover, you also can use this ball as a bench by lying back on it and using your toes for balance. From this position, you can do anything from triceps addition to dumbbell chest presses. This stability ball can cost you around $18 to $70, so see for a best-quality, midrange ball which is suitable for your height.

Medicine Balls

Some people do not suggest spending a lot of money on a complete set of medicine balls, though you can buy one or two of them. These heavy balls are the size of a basketball and a soccer ball, but the actual weight is from 2 to 30 pounds. They are simple to hold and make the best by adding weight to a workout.

This ball is fantastic for strengthening upper-body power: When you throw the heavy ball against the wall or forth-and-back with your friend. The arms imitate the mechanics of jumping, and the fierce movement builds the muscle. Start the exercise with medicine balls around four to eight pounds, and it will cost around $20 and $45.


Well, there is a logic that dumbbells are primary equipment at gyms all over the world: they work. Though they are simple to join into almost any exercise, and when it is used rightly, they help increase total body strength. However, dumbbell pricing may vary hugely by style, weight, and brand, so check around and test out some brands before purchasing.

It is a great idea, to begin with, three to five sets of dumbbells ranging in weight from 5 to 30 pounds. It might cost around $1 to $4 per pound, and a single 10-pound dumbbell can cost between $10 and $40.

Final Word

A home gym does not need to spend lots of money. Your home gym can be ready with just a couple of suspension trainers, dumbbells, a jump rope, and a set of cones; with these items can get an excellent exercise for less than $140. 

With all these types of equipment now, you can get the motivation to start. If you are ready for the workout, then we have mentioned above some of the best home exercise equipment for beginners. Moreover, if you want to know about thigh muscle exercise then check quad muscles exercise. If you find this information useful, drop a comment below this section.