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Everyone is getting bored due to this pandemic situation even our kids are getting frustrated. This is their age to go and explore the surroundings and play games with friends and learn new things. But within these circumstances, we can’t send our kids outside to play. But you can make arrangements for their entertainment. There are some good shows on Netflix for kids which will keep your child entertained. 

Nowadays, kids’ entertainment has changed as they can learn several things while watching these Netflix kids tv shows. There is a huge number of TV shows available for your kids. You can also select the genre of the show that your kid wants to watch. We have covered almost the best Netflix series for kids in this article. Netflix offers almost all educational, kids sci-fi, live-action, classic anime, and every girl’s favorite Barbies. 

Here Is The List Of The Best Kids Shows On Netflix

A Series of Unfortunate Events 

It is an American web television series aired on Netflix. Mark Hudis and Berry Sonnenfield this excellent black comedy-drama. It is based on the lemony snicket’s novel “A Series of Unfortunate Events” it is a story of three children, sunny, Klaus, and violet. The story revolves around the death of their parents and them getting into foster homes. A character named Count Olaf wants to gain control of their inheritance. In the meantime, the kids discover their parents, giving the story a huge twist. 

The web series consists of three seasons, and each season has 7-10 episodes in it. Critics and audiences appreciated all three seasons. The directors showed the story very well, and the cast’s performance was very appreciated. One must suggest their kid watch this TV series as it’s a full package of entertainment and live-action. It is suitable for kids aged above 12 years. 

The Hollow 

Netflix kids tv-show - The Hollow

The Hollow is a Canadian web TV show on Netflix. This animated show is full of mystery, science fiction, comedy-drama, and adventure. Josh Mepham and Greg Sullivan created it. This is the story of three strangers who found themselves in a dangerous world. Throughout the story, they try to figure out what connection they may have with each other. The strangers do not know how to get out from there. 

If your child loves to watch mysterious and adventurous TV shows, it is perfect for them. Throughout the time, the characters fight with wild animals, crack jokes on each other and go on adventure journeys. This makes the Hollow a perfect combination for kids who love to watch mystery, comedy, and adventure genres. The Hollow has two seasons, with ten episodes in each season. It is suitable for kids aged above 11 years.

The Fuller House

The fuller house is an American Web series directed by Jeff Franklin. It is a sequel to the 1980s sitcom television show ‘full house.’ If you were a fan of the full house, you must watch this as it will bring your old memories back. The story revolves around DJ Tanner, who raises her three kids in her home. She lives with two of her clueless family friends. 

The show somewhere talks about sex that will go over your kids’ heads, but there is alcohol and adult drink. Overall the show is really funny and entertaining. Your kids and you both will love to watch it. It is a perfect package of funny, charming, and heartwarming shows that one should watch. The show has also won several awards like the teen choice award, people’s choice award, and kids’ choice award. It was eight times nominated for the awards. To date, Netflix has aired five seasons with 15 episodes each. 

Nailed It

Nailed it is an American reality Netflix web show for kids. Nicole Byer and Jacques Torres is the host for this show. This series is a bake-off competition where kids come and bake cakes. And the winner of the show gets $10,000, and the trophy of the nailed it shows. The format of the show is reality-based. Where contestants are given complicated cakes photos from the internet, they are asked to replicate the cake within a given time. And the judges decide which cake looks more similar to the photograph. 

They have two rounds of the competition. The first one is the baker’s choice, where two contestants compete. Contestants must choose from the given three designs and recreate that cake. The winner of round 1 is given a golden hat and a special price. 

The second round nails or fails it; in this round, the contestants are given two hours to create a very complicated cake. They also have a special power called a panic button to ask for three minutes of help from one of the judges. 

This show was also nominated and awarded the best reality show in America. 

Total Drama 

Total drama is an animated reality television show in Canada. It is a comedy-based reality television show, a parody of common reality TV shows. It is an animated series for kids who can understand satirical comedy-drama. 

The show’s format is that animated team characters are thrown in a summer camp setting. They are separated into teams, and later on, they compete. And in the end, the person who has the minimum number of votes from the public voting line gets eliminated. 

The best thing about this show is that it is a satirical comedy that connects more. The characters and the furious feel like animated characters in real life. This show is very famous among young students and kids. The theme song of this show,’ I wanna be famous,’ was very much liked by the youth. It is one of the best Netflix TV shows for kids above ten years. 

The Who Was Show

The Who was show is a sketch comedy tv show on Netflix. H Jon Benjamin narrates this show. It is based on a famous book series named’ who was?’ published in 2002. It was a book for kids to educate them about the history of America. 

The show is also based on the same format. In this show, they talk about two historical personalities each episode. They try to draw sketches of their life and compare both of them. The young cast members try to portray the life of famous personalities in a very comical way while singing songs and cracking jokes. This makes the show more interesting and informative at the same time. This show is a very entertaining way to teach your kids about the history of America. Critics have appreciated the show’s educational value, positive message, and positive role models and presentations. This show is very friendly for kids aged above seven years.

The Worst Witch 

The worst witch is a half British half-German children’s television series. This is a fantasy general TV show based on the worst witch books by Jill Murphy. The story of this TV show revolves around a group of young witches who go to school for magic however is a family-friendly tv show; you can ask your kids to watch this. 

Although it has some sneaky and competitive environment, it doesn’t matter for our kids. The tv show teaches friends loyalties and being a part of society. 

It is not exactly scary; their lessons at Magic school often result in something colorful and humorous. The best thing about the show is it has some modern twist and spreads a good message of a girl’s friendship. If you were a fan of the book, you should try this series, and I assure you that you will love it. The worst witch is a perfect entertaining package for kids above six years. 

Project MC2

Project MC square is Dreamworks animations web television series. Jordana Arkin created this web series. The story’s plot has set in Woodglen, California, and revolves around the fields of the stem (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). 

The story aims to break the stereotype and do what your heart says. It tells the story of a teenage girl interested in mathematics and science and how their lives changed with a small plot twist. Three best friends team up to know the secret behind the girl’s weird behavior. Later, they learned that she was an agent working for another company. 

Although the series is based on the girl’s perspective, it also attracts all the boys’ audience. It would help if you suggested your kids watch this movie as they will learn some new applications of science and mathematics that will boost their interest in studies. Project MC square is a perfect package for kids aged above seven years.


educational shows for kids on Netflix

Brainchild is an American Web television series created by ‘Adam Tex Davis.’ It is one of the best educational shows for kids on Netflix. It is a science and technology-inspired educational series. Brainchild teaches our kids the concept of neurology, gravity, the senses, etc. Adam has presented these educational topics in a fun way to learn while watching the web show. 

The story of this educational series revolves around scientific concepts of daily life events. The host is very friendly and explains every concept very comprehensively. In each episode of brainchild, the host Sahana introduces the topic and explains everything using visual learning art. 

Critics appreciated this tv show for spreading educational values and spreading positive messages. 

Final words-

Kids are very demanding for their entertainment, but you do not need to worry about their interests with this list. Just play any of the web series in front of them. They will love it. And now you can finally take a sweet nap while they are watching the web series. In this article, we tried to cover most of the good shows on Netflix for kids. Hope you have liked it. 

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