10 Best Pre-Workout Supplements: Everything You Need To Know

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People nowadays are getting more and more conscious about their health and hence, having a workout regime. But one problem people face is what workout regime they should go for according to their body. This is where the gym and pre-workout supplements enter the equation, and many people find it hard to be active and stay active. A lack of energy is a common problem faced by people.

For that extra energy boost, many people take pre-workouts, but the most common question by people is, what is pre-workout? Which pre-workout should they use? What are the pros and cons of pre-workout? Should they take pre-workout?

These are some of the questions we have answered in this article and listing the 10 best pre-workout supplements.

What is Pre-Workout

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When going for a workout, if you don’t fuel yourself properly prior to the workout, you will be feeling weaker, less energized, and going to fatigue faster then usual. That’s a reality you will face when going for a workout. Pre-workout supplements are something that is designed to fight this problem and keeps you going for longer. 

Pre-workout supplements provide your body with extra carbohydrates, and the glucose present in it helps raise blood sugar levels and provide that additional energy boost during the workout. 

Pre-workouts are designed in a way to provide the body with extra energy and hence have caffeine, sugar, and other energy-boosting stimulants. 

Should You Take Pre Workouts? Are they efficient? 

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The question of should a person avoid or take pre-workout supplements is most common, and confusion among the people who want to use workout supplements. Pre-workout supplements are commonly used, but you should know before using pre-workout that they are designed to provide the body with an energy boost, and everyone has different needs.

Thus, pre-workout supplements should be taken according to the need of the body and the workout regime that a person is following. Using pre-workout properly is also essential, and your personal trainer or nutritionist could help you derive the plan suitable for your body.

Pre-workout supplements are an effective product, but to better understand the pre-workout supplement and what good and bad effects it could have on a person. We have enlisted some pros and cons of pre-workout supplements in the article. 

Pros And Cons of Pre-Workout supplements

Pre-workout supplements are an essential part of an efficient workout routine, but they have their pros and cons like any other supplement. We have enlisted some of the good and bad sides of pre-workout below

Pros of Pre-Workout

Improved Performance

pre-workout supplements increase performance

Pre-workouts are proven to enhance and boost the energy of individuals who feel exhausted in the gym, along with giving a notch up to energize a person. In other words, have a promise of an ergogenic aid for individuals according to the research published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

Increased focus and Performance

According to research published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, it was concluded that caffeine works on mood, arousals, and concentration of people. This shows that if you want to be focused during the workout, then pre-workout is something you should use as they are packed with caffeine.

Improved strength

improved strength

Research by the University of Cordoba concluded that pre-workout could add up to 53% more to bench press reps during a workout as pre-workout contain citrulline.

These are some of the common and proven good effects of using pre-workout supplements, but these results vary from person to person depending on their body and need.

Cons of Pre Workout Supplements


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One of the adverse side effects of pre-workout is overstimulation that can lead to interrupted sleep and jitters.


If the pre-workouts are taken in excess, the body will develop a tolerance for it and become immune to its effect. To avoid it, trainers and nutritionists advise avoiding using pre-workout except for sessions where it is a ‘go hard or go home’ scenario.

Disrupted Digestion

distrupted disgestion

This is one of the problems caused by pre-workout supplements. The ingredients like magnesium, caffeine, creatine, and sodium bicarbonate in the pre-workout can disrupt digestion in a person. So, it is advised to avoid using pre-workout if a person has pre-existing digestion problems.

Some other issues of using pre-workout supplements are varying, and scientists have differences in their opinions. Pre-workout supplements are also linked to mental health problems, diabetes, and kidney damage in some cases.

These are some of the pros and cons of using pre-workout supplements. These pre-workout supplements are proven to be effective and can be used under your nutritionist or personal trainer’s guidance.

What Should you Buy?

This is another confusion among people before buying the pre-workout supplements. The answer to this question is you must know what your body needs according to the workout regime you are following. Before using a pre-workout supplement, you should also know the ingredients. Some people may be intolerant to a particular ingredient, and their body can have allergic reactions to that ingredient.

After considering all these facts, we have listed some of the best pre-workout products available in the market, along with their main ingredients. 

10 Best Pre Workout Supplements

My Protein The Pre-Workout

my protein pre workout

This product has a perfect blend of caffeine and creatine. Its signature product is specifically made to provide energy during workouts and give you an edge over your fitness and strength. 

This product also contains vitamin B6 which is proven to reduce fatigue and tiredness in a person.

Optimum Nutrition Pre-Workout Supplements

ON pre workout supplement

The Gold Standard Pre-Workout from Optimum Nutrition contains beta-alanine, vitamin B, creatine monohydrates, and caffeine complex. This product contains 165mg of caffeine sourced from natural sources to increase focus, and alertness helping you grind through those tough workout regimes. 

This product packs the energy of 33kcal per scoop, which is a great boost for a workout.

My Protein The Pump Pre-Workout Supplement

my protein the pump

If you are looking for a pre-workout that doesn’t cause jitters, then this is the product for you. It contains zero added caffeine, which makes it an ideal product to use in the evening workout routines. 

It also contains 3.2g of beta-alanine to relieve your body from muscle fatigue.

Cellucor C4 Original Pre-Workout supplement

cellucor pre workout

Endorsed by Mat Fraser, who is three times a CrossFit games champion and man-mountain, this product is ranked at No.1 in the USA. To make its products best, cellucor uses athlete feedback and an in-house product development team for its products.

Its per scoop contains 150mg caffeine and 5kcal energy.

Bulk Powders Complete Pre-Workout Supplements

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If you are not a fan of those sleepless nights and jitters while worried about caffeine intake. If yes, then this product is perfect for you. It is a caffeine-free product from Bulk Powders that offers similar benefits to conventional pre-workout supplements. 

It contains 3g of creatine monohydrate and 5g of BCAAs. This makes it an ideal choice for people who are allergic to caffeine but want the same energy much like any other pre-workout supplement.

Grenade 50 caliber Pre-Workout Supplements

grenade pre workout supplement

This product is a favorite among lifters due to the explosive energy it packs. This product with a goal to have all naturally available energy-boosting products in it includes beet extract and theobroma.

It comes in three flavors, cola, lemon, and berry. It packs 25kcal energy and 125mg caffeine per serving.

Legion Athletics Pulse Pre-Workout Supplement

legion preworkout supplement

This product contains nitric oxide and beta-alanine, which will help you in maintaining testosterone production, which helps in fat loss. It contains very little to no additives in it for flavors. 

Beachbody Performance: Energize Pre-Workout supplements

beachbody pre workout

This is one of the best pre-workout supplements containing enough caffeine to give you that much-needed energy boost and focus. It also helps in relaxing the post-workout fatigue.

Transparent Labs Bulk 

This may be the best pre-workout supplement you can invest. Bulk contains clinically effective dosages of ingredients, so there is nothing like a secret blend in this product. It is gluten-free and has no artificial flavors or colors in it.

It contains 180mg caffeine per scoop, which is comparatively low then other products with caffeine content as high as 300mg.

Legion Pulse

pulse pre workout

It is the best pre-workout for a muscle pump, as it has the highest content of citrulline at 8grams per scoop. It also has more sodium content than any other available product, with 144mg in it.


powher preworkout supplement

It is the best pre-workout for women available in the market. Most people feel that pre-workouts don’t need gendering, but there are some traits that make gendering essential. 

It is low on caffeine content and contains many natural ingredients like bark and plant extracts like Enxtra and Oxyjun. These help improve oxygen uptake and focus.


In the article, we have answered all the questions you may have regarding the pre-workout supplements. What they are to their pros and cons. We have also listed 10 best pre-workout supplements with Powher as a bonus for women. 

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