2022-The Best Pressure Washer Pump

best pressure washer pump

Are you sick of using scouring detergents and chemicals to clean surfaces with no good result? Then, we are here to your rescue! All you need is the best pressure washer pump.

A pressure washer pump is the solution to your problem, it gives better results, is easy to use, and is efficient. A pressure washer pump is basically a water pump that is powered by an electric motor. A pressure washer pump uses high pressure of water from the system to clean the surface. 

The various pressure washer pumps have different features from efficiency to durability and quality for you to choose from depending upon your preferences. 

The below article enlists some of the best washer pumps to help you choose the best presure washer pump that you can purchase and also, we have mentioned some points that you should focus on when buying a pressure washer pump. So, Read along.


When should you replace your Pressure Washer Pump?


Pressure washers pump have a long life, and within that, they work efficiently. However, there are few conditions due to which you might have to replace your presure washer pump. Those are:


  • Water supply pump is damaged at the time of installation


  • Due to low pressure, the pump isn’t working properly.


  • When the seal of the pump is broken.


  • Also, if you want the upgraded version, you can change your best pressure washer pump.

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Factors you should consider while purchasing the presure washer pump:


Correct pump type: 


Deciding the correct pump type is very important as it affects the life of the washer pump. Following are the types of pumps:


  • Axial
  • Wobble
  • Triplex


In the above pumps axial and triplex are the most durable pumps while wobble comes at  last.


Pressure level:


It is one of the main factors that you should consider while purchasing a pressure washer pump. Pumps that have high pressure are more durable and most effective, especially while cleaning or working on a hard surface. 


Flow rate:


Gallons per Minute (GPM) is used for measuring the flow rate and it is one of the main aspects of pressure washer pumps. When the flow rate is high, less time is required to wash the surface. Hence, the higher the GPM, the faster the work.


Matching Pounds per square inch and the gallons per minute:


PSI and GPM help in determining the flow rate and pressure of the best presure washer pump. Both these things must match with each other.


Fluid’s viscosity:


Most of the time the pressure washer pump uses water for cleaning. However, in some cases, some different elements are needed in washing. In those scenarios, it is important to keep fluid viscosity in mind. Viscous liquids require high pressure and flow rate to work effectively.


Warranty and support:


Warranty and support are the main things to consider while purchasing the best pressure washer pump. As this serves as an assurance by the manufacturer that the product will work efficiently under mentioned conditions. And in any case the product still fails you can either get it fixed or repaired.


Benefits of buying a pressure washer pump:


Following are some of the major benefits of buying the best presure washer pump:


  • saves time to clean
  • helps to save money
  • increases the life of surfaces
  • Increase the value of the home
  • It is fun to use a pressure washer pump as compared to other cleaning methods.


Characteristics that differentiate the pressure washer pump:


Gas and Electric use:


As the pumps are designed with gas or electricity, it is important to determine their nature of use, hours, and convenience. 


Cold and hot water pumps:


The pressure washer pumps come in two categories: “Cold” and “Hot”. Hot water pumps are less expensive and more effective as compared to cold pressure washer pumps.


PSI and GPM:


Gallons per minute and pounds per square determine the pump’s pressure and flow rate. More flow rates are more convenient, as they save time and higher pressure is useful for cleaning.


How to use a pressure washer pump?


As the pressure is very high in pressure washer pumps, it is important to observe cautions while using them:


  • Never aim at anyone.
  • Wear safety glasses.
  • Keep 6 feet distance from electrical outlets and power supply lines.
  • Use a safety lock while locating the trigger and changing the tips of the nozzle.


Best presure washer pump feedback:

For your help, we have enlisted few of the best washer pressure pump, along with their features, pros and cons:


Briggs Stratton 207365GS:


This great pressure washer pump has:


  • 2350 PSI
  • 2.0 GPM
  • Have Shaft Key
  • Six Bolts
  • Designed with brass
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum 
  • Enhanced longevity
  • Thermal release valve
  • Built-in unloader level




  • High-quality parts
  • Robust 2350 PSI
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with a thermal release valve and built-in unloader




  • Costly
  • As compared to other PSI and GPM is low


Annovi Reverberi RMW22G24-EZ Triplex Vertical:


 It is one of the most effective and efficient pumps to clean and washing surfaces as it has:


  • 2400 PSI
  • 2.2 GPM
  • In-built Pressure control valve
  • In-built loader
  • The shaft of ¾ Inch
  • Compatible with several engines
  • Has two different mounting configurations
  • Mounting flange
  • Double gasket sealing
  • Designed with a chemical injector




  • Easy to install
  • Has sufficient water flow
  • Designed robust and attractive
  • Has different configurations for mounting




  • Life is not long 


Warning: this pump contains lead, DEHP, and DINP, which can cause cancer and congenital disabilities.

Homelite Universal Pressure Pump:


This universal pressure washer comes with:


  • 2800 PSI
  • 2.5 GPM
  • Sealed pre-filled oil
  • Two hoses
  • Three bolts
  • Thermal relief valve




  • The high-pressure output of 2800 PSI
  • Convenient for hooking up hoses
  • Easy to use and install
  • Comes with a thermal relief valve in a separate box




  • Hard to change the oil as there is no access hole
  • This pump does not suit all Models


OEM Technologies Horizontal Axial Pump:


This pump is the Best Axial cam pressure  pump, as it has:


  • 3400 PSI
  • 2.5 GPM
  • Axial cam pump
  • Gas pressure washers
  • Dual seal system
  • Stainless steel
  • Thermal relief protection
  • Built-in unloader 




  • Durable
  • Comes with Robust 3100 PSI
  • Has Double seal system
  • It has a universal fit gas engine flange




  • Brass mounts are cheap
  • Low quality
  • Not easy to use and install


AAA Technologies Triplex Plunger Pump


The best curable pressure pump is AAA Technologies triplex plunger pump, it comes with:


  • 3800 PSI
  • 3.5 GPM
  • Crankcase
  • Die-cast aluminum
  • Ceramic-coated pistons
  • Thermal relief protection
  • Bearings that are radial and oversized
  • Unloader 
  • Adjustable




  • Powerful 3800 PSI
  • Thermal relief protection
  • Adjustable unloader system
  • Ceramic-coated pistons to prevent overheating
  • pre-filledAdvanced oil seal




  • Has plastic valve retainers
  • Very expensive


Horizontal Pump


This gasoline pump is a pressure horizontal pump that replaces the OEM for several modes, as it has:


  • 2800-3000 PSI
  • 2.5 GPM
  • ¾ shaft
  • In-built unloader
  • Thermal relief valve




  • Helps in protecting from overheating
  • Has in-built unloader
  • Compatible with other models
  • Durable




  • Extra fitting devices are needed
  • Installing is tough


Vertical Pressure Replacement 


The pump comes with:


  • 2700 PSI
  • 2.4 GPM
  • Lightweight Machinery




  • Compatible with other models
  • Provides sufficient water flow
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight
  • Cost-effective



  • Does not have a thermal release valve
  • Does not have sufficient power for heavy work


AR North America Triplex Plunger Pump


This pump is best for heavy tasks, as it has:


  • 4000 PSI
  • 4 GPM
  • Triplex Plunger Technology
  • Nipple
  • Inlet filter
  • Detergent hose
  • Filter




  • High pressure
  • High Flow Rate
  • The latest technology is used
  • Convenient for heavy and medium cleaning




  • Not Durable
  • Take time to start

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Common reasons for pressure washer pump failure:


There are various reasons why the pressure washer fails like the cheaper pump, it affects the lifespan of the pump. Cheaper pumps have a lifespan of a maximum of 200 hours, while expensive pumps have a lifespan of more than 5000 hours. However, lifespan also depends upon how you use the pressure washer pump. 


Expert tips on the best pressure washer pump:


According to the experts, just like other electrical products, a person should also take care while using the pressure washer pump. Ensuring the consistency of flow of water as specified by the manufacturer.


To increase the lifespan of your pump, you should periodically oil and lubricate the pump’s internal moving parts. 




Q.1. Why do pressure washer pumps fail?


Ans: AS mentioned above the pressure washer pumps fail because of both mechanical and electrical properties.


Q.2. Can we upgrade the washer pump?


Ans: Yes, you can upgrade if you want to. However, it is not important to upgrade if you are already using the best pressure washer pump for cleaning.


Q.3. Do pressure washer pumps need oil?


Ans: Yes, the pressure pumps need oil. As it is important that the surface of the pump be lubricated to reduce the friction of the parts and the oil helps in slowing down the heating of the internal components.

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