Best Tech Gifts To Gift, Your Sister on This Diwali

The bond between brother and sister is very special. They share every single thought from childhood onwards, knowing the feelings of one another and respecting them as well. If your own sister is important to you too, then on this Diwali or Bhai Dooj – which means ‘Brother’s Night’ in Hindi- here are some great tech gifts for her:

1) A tablet that can be used both at home and school/college, so she has access to various apps no matter where she goes! You could also get an external battery pack, so charging becomes effortless when there isn’t any power source nearby- again making it easier for her while studying or working anywhere outside the house

2) The latest headphones

Peruse this list of gadgets to find the perfect present for your sister on Diwali.

Diwali is a time when sisters are celebrated and given gifts as an expression of love, but it can be hard finding something that’s just right. You’re lucky because we’ve put together some great ideas like mobile phones at low prices so you can choose one with confidence!

Tech Gifts To Gift Your Sister

1. Smart Speaker

India’s love for smart speakers is now reaching where just about every Indian household has one. You can get your sister a new Alexa-powered Echo Dot or give her the Google Assitant Powered Nest Mini to keep in with tradition and add some tech into their lives, too!

  • Echo Dot 4th Gen: Buy Here (Rs. 3299)
  • Nest Mini: Buy Here (Rs. 2499)

2. Smartwatch

What better way to tell your sister you love her than giving her a voice-activated speaker? Alexa and Google Assitant are both available in an Echo Dot or Nest Mini, so there is no wrong choice.

Smart speakers have become popular gifts for loved ones this year! There’s nothing quite like gifting someone with an Amazon Echo Dot or a Google Assistant Powered Nest Mini – which one will show them just how much they mean to you best?

  • Apple Watch Series 5: Buy Here (Rs. 49999)
  • Fossil Gen 4: Buy Here (Rs. 13499)
  • Mi Watch Revolve: Buy Here (Rs. 8999)
  • Huawei Watch GT 2e: Buy Here (Rs. 9999)
  • Honor Watch ES: Buy Here (Rs. 6999)
  • Realme Watch: Buy Here (Rs. 2999)
  • oraimo Smartwatch Tempo 1S: Buy Here (Rs. 2399)

3. Fitness Tracker

This product has a business card for the working girl. It’s simple to use and fits conveniently in your wallet or purse, so you can always impress potential clients with just one touch! Tap your smartphone onto it, and all of your contact information will be saved automatically without any fuss from there onwards–no need to even save as a favorite anymore either!

Have you been looking for the perfect gift? Look no further than this nifty little NFC-enabled business card that saves time (and paper!) by storing contacts directly into smartphones when tapped together. Now are not only these cards good companions at networking events but also useful tools in day-to-day office life too; they’re great if someone asks about what kind of.

5. Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker has a splashproof body, so good for outdoor use. The speakers deliver powerful 10W sound with the help of an amplifier that offers listeners a crisp music experience without any distortion or interference from outside noise sources such as nearby traffic and other background noises. This is the perfect Diwali gift idea if you’re looking to buy something expensive!

6. Computer & Smartphone Accessories:

The perfect gift for your sister who takes lots of selfies is this photo-friendly kit. The selfie flashlight shoots light directly into the camera lens to help with low lighting, and it also has a mirror on top so she can look flawless in all her photos. If you want something more practical like phone protection or chargers, we have those too!

These are few best tech gifts ideas for your sister on this Diwali:

  • Universal phone camera lenses
    Buy Now for Rs. 199
  • Selfie Enhancing Dimmable Flash Light
    Buy Now for Rs. 249
  • 2 in 1 12 Led Desk Table/Study Lamp with Fan
    Buy Now for Rs. 430
  • USB LED Clock Fan with Real Time Display Function
    Buy Now for Rs. 799

7. Multi-Function Folding Portable Table and Lap table

Hey, sis! We know you’re not a morning person and would rather sleep in than get up early to work out. Besides your laptop is the only thing that gets you through those long hours of coding at night, it’s also time for us to give back with this gift idea. These portable folding tables are perfect for coder sisters like yourself who need an extra table on which they can place their laptop, so they never have to put down working while still getting some exercise done by standing instead of sitting (remember how great our talk was about how important moving is?). These high-quality aluminum laptops’ tables will be sure to keep your expensive devices safe from any spills or hazards as well. Plus, we’ll even throw in free shipping.

  • Lap Desk (Wood Top) Multi-Function Knee Pad for Laptop: Buy Now for Rs. 2299
  • TIZUM Anodized Aluminum Table Stand for Laptops: Buy Now for Rs. 1849
  • Tizum Portable Lapdesk Lapboard with Microbead Cushion & Media Slot: Buy Now for Rs. 1049
  • Portable and folding Aluminium Stand: Buy Now for Rs. 789

8. Smart Jewellery

Jewelry is a must-have for all ladies, and these tech jewelry gifts will surely make their day. I added two safety options to this list – both offer an SOS option that can help notify your loved ones when you are in danger!

  • Safer Smart jewelry
    Buy Now for Rs. 1999
  • Ivy Smart Jewelry
    Buy Now for Rs. 3540

9. Earbuds

Earbuds are one of the most popular forms of headphones in today’s market. They look classy and are easy to use, making them a perfect gift for that music lover you know! There is an earphone or headphones available at any price range–be sure they’re compatible with your sister’s favorite device before gifting away your credit card number this holiday season.

Here are few best earbuds you can consider

10. Bluetooth Headphones

These on-ear Bluetooth headphones with a microphone have a sleek design that is perfect for gaming and binge-watching. The ear cups are made of aluminum, so you can feel immersed in your favorite TV show or video game while still being able to hear what’s going on around you since the active noise cancellation feature eliminates background noises. These lightweight and comfortable wireless headsets come with deep bass sound quality making it enjoyable for hours without any discomfort like sore ears from wearing heavy over-the-head designs all day long! You don’t even need to worry about running out of battery life because these amazing devices last up to 11 hours per charge when using them at a 50% volume level.