Best War Movies on Hulu that you will Love

Best war movies on Hulu

Are you craving some interesting action movies? If yes, then you can watch classic war movies on online streaming platforms. There are many platforms on which you can get war movies. However, you can watch the best war movies on Hulu as it has a unique collection of movies. You can also watch the upcoming amazing movies and series on Hulu.

Moreover, war movies have great stories, along with drama and action. Since motion pictures started making movies, the directors try their best to show the history of wars. In ancient times the countries have faced many types of war, and at present, movies are being directed on the wars. The war movies show us how the armies have fought to safeguard their countries. Moreover, more than hundreds of war movies have been directed, which show different subject matter and styles. Every war movie has its unique quality. 

The war movies are not always thrilling, but they have an engaging storyline that needs time to catch up. The war movies and other christian educational movies never fail to give valuable lessons to their audience. Now you must be thinking about the best war movies on Hulu. Well, here, this article will help you to know about the most popular and interesting war movies. Continue reading the article, so you don’t miss any movies from the list. 

Best War Movies on Hulu 

Hulu is an online streaming platform that has a wide variety of movies and series. You can watch any genre movie on this platform. The collection of Hulu in movies is unique, and you can find almost every movie on it. So if you are looking for the best war movies, Hulu is a good platform to watch these movies. Here is the list of best war movies on Hulu. 

The Messenger

Director: Oren Moverman

IMBd Rating: 7.1/10

Oren is a popular director worldwide, and his work is being appreciated with many awards. He has also directed some of the most amazing movies of all time. 

The Messenger is considered to be one of the best movies on Hulu by Oven. Woody Harrison is the lead actor and the central character of the movie. He played the role of an injured soldier who serves his duty during the Iraq war. 

He fought for his country bravely and somehow managed to survive after the war ended. And then a twist comes that the soldier gets assigned to visit the families of passed away soldiers. The harsh conditions of the dead soldier’s family affect Woody. Moreover, he also takes the interview of people for a story. 

However, Harrelson gets involved with the dead soldier’s widowed wife and becomes a good messenger for her. Later on, he took sight of the war and inspected the war details deeply. This is probably one of the best modern war movies. 


Director: Robert Zemeckis

IMBd Rating: 7.1/10

Allied is one of the best war movies on Hulu of all time in the history of Hollywood. This film is not only based on the war. It also has thrill, romance, and drama. This is a complete package of entertainment with the most amazing genres. Moreover, it was awarded as the most adorable film of the year. 

Allied was released in 2016. This movie is based on the time of the ending few years of World War II. The story is about a versatile intelligence officer who is set up in North America. Brad Pitt has amazingly played this role. Suddenly, he crossed the boundary lines with a French Resistance Officer, and they both fell in love with each other. 

After some time, they both returned to London, but their delicate romance has to pass the continuous tests of war pressures. Later on, the whole movie revolves around the war and its circumstances. This film is considered to be the best war-themed movie of all time. 

The Patriot

Director: Roland Emmerich

IMBd Rating: 7.2/10

This is one of the most stunning and best war movies on Hulu of the 20th century. You must be aware of modern war movies, but this historical movie has a different fan base. The people who are interested in history will love this movie. 

The Patriot is a film that shows the story of a widowed farmer whose role is played by Mel Gibson. He plays the role of a pacifist farmer who refuses to serve the American army when the Britishers attacked the seashores in 1776. 

However, when his son got captured and forcefully taken to fulfill the force requirements, he asked to lead the rescue forces. Suddenly, a turning point comes in the movie; the son becomes the American army’s role model and helps them win the war. The American troops eventually get the victory with the help of his extraordinary strategies.  

Sands of Iwo Jima

Director – Allan Dwan

IMBd Rating: 7.1/10

Most people do not like old fashioned movies. So, first of all, you have to develop a taste for these movies. However, if you do not have good taste in old war movies then you should start with some other war movies. After that you will not find any difficulty to shift towards the best war movies on Hulu.  

Sands of Iowa Jaw is a war based movie that is inspired by World War II. The movie shows you the situations of war ends. A marine sergeant who is the central character of the film played by John Wayne. He trained his marine troops to fight against the enemies. Moreover, they have to face many troubles during the war, but finally, they defeat the enemies and win the war. 

This is a worth watching movie which is based on the historical wars. You only need to develop an interest in watching this amazing war movie. 

Final Words 

Movies are always a source of fun and entertainment when you are feeling bored. War movies are an amazing option to watch great drama, suspense, action, and thrill. There are hundreds of war movies globally, and the directors have worked hard on these movies. However, these movies seem boring initially, but you will start engaging with them as you go along with war movies. As now you know the best war movies on Hulu, click on the app and start streaming. Leave a valuable comment if you find this article interesting and informative.