Best Web Series on Netflix You Must Watch

best web series on Netflix

In the contemporary world, entertainment has reached a new level. Gone is the time when there were limited movies and shows to watch. There are varied platforms where you can watch movies and shows. If you are confused with what to watch or which show is the best, here is a list of the best web series on Netflix. 

With the introduction of streaming media and video-on-demand apps, you can watch your favorites movies and shows anytime and anywhere you want. There are various online streaming apps and platforms where you can watch romantic movies, action movies, and historical movies on Netflix. The availability of a wide range and variety of content has led to confusion regarding what to watch and whatnot. 

People often face the scenario when they are bored, they open our Netflix account, scroll different shows, get confused, and end up watching nothing. If this happens with you, trust me, you are not alone. 

In order to help you with the same, we have created a list of best web series on Netflix that you must watch. 

Best Web Series on Netflix

Breaking Bad

IMDb Ratings – 9.5/10

No. of Seasons – 5

No. of Episodes – 62

Genre – Crime Drama Thriller, Black Comedy Tragedy, neo-Western

You might have watched this series till now; if not, then trust me, you are missing a lot. It is one of the best series on Netflix. It is a neo-Western crime drama series. This American series is created and produced by Vince Gilligan. 

The plot of the story is centralized on a chemistry teacher who lives in New Mexico with his wife and teenage son. He gets diagnosed with lung cancer that is inoperable. He turns to a life of crime by joining with his former student. He starts to manufacture and sell crystal meth in order to secure the future of his family. 


IMDb – 9.1/10

No. of Seasons – 4

No. of Episodes – 13

Genre – Crime, Mystery, Drama, Comedy-drama

It is a famous British crime television series created by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss. It is one of the best web series on Netflix. The series is focused on author Sherlock Holmes. The story has a lot of drama, thrill, and suspense, which will leave you wanting more. 


IMDb Ratings – 8.8/10

No. of Season – 3

No. of Episodes – 30

Genre – Biographical, Crime Drama

Narcos is an American television series created by Chris Brancato, Doug Miro, and Carlo Bernard. It is another amazing Netflix series that has attained remarkable popularity. If you like crime drama, then it is a must-watch for you. The plot of this series is based on the criminal exploits of Pablo Escobar. He was a famous Colombian drug lord.

The series also focuses on the criminal exploits of other lords who plagued the country through several years. The third season of the series shows the rise of another famous drug kingpin Cali Cartel. 


IMDb Ratings – 8.8

No. of Season – 3

No. of Episodes – 26

Genre – Science Fiction, Mystery, Thriller, Tragedy

Dark is a German web television series created by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese. It is a family story with an amazing supernatural twist. The plot of this series is centralized in the aftermath of a child’s disappearance. The aftermath exposes the hidden links among four estranged families. 

The families untangle a time conspiracy which spans multiple generations. The series focuses on exploring the existential inferences of time and its impact on the life of humans. If you want to watch something lighthearted, then this show is definitely not for you.

Money Heist

IMDb Ratings – 8.4

No. of Seasons – 2 (4 parts)

No. of Episodes – 31

Genre – Crime Drama, Mystery. Thriller, Heist, Suspense

Money Heist is a Spanish television series created by Alex Pina. The plot of this series focuses on a Professor who forms a group of eight people to carry out an ambitious plan of a big robbery from the Royal Mint of Spain. The story continues with the group members hiding and preparing for a second heist. 

House of the Cards

IMDb Ratings – 8.7

No. of Seasons – 6

No. of Episodes – 73

Genre – Political Thriller, Political Drama

House of Cards is an American series created by Beau Willimon. It is a political drama full of evil twists, suspense, and surprising turns. The plot of the story is based on Frank Underwood, who makes dishonest schemes and maneuvering attempts to achieve power in the Whitehouse. 

The story also focuses on Claire, who plays the role of a woman presenting female leadership. The storyline and nerve-wracking plots make House of Cards one of the best web series on Netflix. 

Stranger Things

IMDb – 8.8/10

No. of Seasons – 3

No. of Episodes – 25

Genre – Science Fiction. Period Drama, Horror 

Stranger Things is an American series created by The Duffer Brothers. It is science fiction with amazing drama and horror plots. The plot of this series focuses on a boy who goes missing. In order to bring him back, his friends, police, and mother face dangerous, mysterious, and weird forces. 

It is an amazing horror tale, and it would be better not to watch it alone at night. If you love horror series and movies, then this is the right one of you. In case you hate horror movies, trust me, it is a big no for you. 

Sacred Games

IMDb – 8.8/10

No. of Seasons – 2

No. of Episodes – 16

Genre – Crime, Conspiracy, Mystery, Thriller

It is an Indian television series based on the novel Sacred Games of Vikram Chandra. The plot of the story focuses on the life of a gangster and a police officer. It has amazing twists, drama, action, and turning plots, which will make you fall in love with this series. If you love mind games, politics, and surprise twists, then it is a must-watch for you. 

The Walking Dead

IMDb – 8.2/10

No. of Seasons – 10

No. of Episodes – 146

Genre – Zombie Apocalypse, Serial Drama, Horror

It is an American series based on comic series created by Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, and Tony Moore. The plot of this series is based on Sheriff Deputy Rick Grimes. He wakes up from a coma and learns that the world is in ruins due to zombies. He leads a group of survivors, including his wife, son, and friend, to stay safe and alive. It is an amazing survival-action drama. 

The Haunting of the Hill House

IMDb – 8.7/10

No. of Seasons – 1

No. of Episodes – 10

Genre – Supernatural, Horror, Drama

It is an American web series created by Mike Flanagan. The series flashes between past and present. The plot of the series focuses on a family that confronts haunting memories of their home. The storyline is centralized on siblings who grew up together in a house that becomes one of the most popular haunted houses after a few years. This series is full of thrill and drama, which will make you fall in love with it. 

The series has amazing, unpredictable twists and plots which are super exciting. If you love the genre of crime and mystery, this one is perfect for you. 

Final Words

Now that you know which are the best web series on Netflix, why waste your time. Enjoy the web series, and do share your reviews with us by dropping a comment.  


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