Butt Shape-According To Size, Looks and Design

The butt is a very beautiful part of the human body. It enhances the appearance and makes the body look good. Everyone has different types of butt shapes like small, big, heart-shaped, V-shaped, etc. If you want to determine your butt shape and type-according to size, looks and design then you have come to the right place.

According to the expert’s research, the shape of both the butts is not the same. Just like boobs, the left butt is a little smaller than the right butt. However, some people get plastic surgeries and get their butts in the same and good shape.

Let;s find out your butt shape depending on size, looks and design. 

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Different types of butt:

Square or H type of butt:

When the shape of the hip bone to thigh is less or more a straight line, then this shape is known as square or H-shaped butt.

People with this shape have fatty thighs and an attractive look.

If you have this type of butt, you should avoid using underwear that rides up high. Try to wear boy-type shorts or bikinis. Also, you should wear high-waist jeans instead of low-waist.

Inverted or V-shaped:

In this type of butt shape, the upper part of the butt is thin, and the lower part is thick. The people who have this type of butt should use panties that cover the whole butt; it will be more comfortable to use boy shorts or v-shaped panties.

Try to wear stretchable jeans or slim-fit jeans according to your comfort.

Heart or A-shaped:

If the upper part of the butt is thick and the lower part is thin, then you have a Heart or A-shaped butt. In this, the shape of the butt looks like A.

If you have this shape, you should use tangas or high-rise panties and loose jeans. 

It is the most common butt shape.

Round or O shaped:

Butt with round or O-shaped is the perfect butt. In this shape, the upper and lower part of the butt is the same and looks like a ball.

If you have this shape, you can wear any type of underwear and jeans according to your choice.

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Some good exercises to get your butt in perfect shape:

Every shape of the butt is perfect, do not feel bad about your butt shape. However, if you want to change your butt shape and want them to look more perfect, you can do the following exercises:

Glute bridge:

Following are some ways to do this exercise:

  • Lie at your back and bend your legs 
  • Place your arms straight on the floor near the waist
  • Touch your both legs with each other 
  • Lift up your stomach and hips area only
  • Repeat this process for 7-8 times

Jumping squats:

Read the below points to perform this exercise:

  • Stand with you feel than bend your knees just like a squat position
  • Make your thighs parallel to your knees
  • hold your arms together in front of your face 
  • Then take a jump and again come in the squat position again
  • Repeat this process for minimum of ten times

Walking lunge with weights:

Use the following points to do this exercise:

  • Pick dumbbells in both hands
  • Stand at your feet
  • Keep your one foot at the back with a hip out and the second foot in front with the hip out
  • Now walk and repeat this position in every step
  • Do this exercise for at least 20 minutes for better results

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Remember that everybody and every butt shape is perfect. You do not need to change yourself or feel conscious about your butt shape. If still you are trying to figure out your butt shape and want them in perfect shape. You can read the above post. I hope this post helped you to determine your butt shape.

Poorvika sharma