Best Cat Chew Toys For Oral Health And Hygiene

cat chew toys

Do you want to have something for your cat to maintain their oral health? Or do you want something to keep them busy and stop them from biting you now and then? If yes, then getting the cat chew toys can help you in it. 

There are a number of brands that offer cat chew toys. What’s amazing about the cat chew toys is that they not only help your cat to entertain but also help them to have good oral health. The good thing about cat toys is that there are many interactive toys available for felines in the market you can get. 

In the article, we will tell you about some of the best cat chew toys that you can get for your feline friend. We will also explain a number of other aspects related to the best cat toys. 

What To Look For In Cat Chew Toys?

Before we move on to the best cat chew toys, let’s understand what you should look for in cat toys before purchasing. Slime things to look for are:


The durability of cat toys is one of the important things you should consider. Toys which you get should be able to handle a lot of ripping, teething, gwaning, shredding, and a lot of other mayhem. You should also know that some regular cloth and felt cat toys would not be able to handle the vivacious cats that are inclined to rip the toys into shreds. 

This is why you should look for toys that are specially designed and made to withstand the vicious cat attacks on them. You should look for cat toys that are made using a durable kind of material and handle the cats’ temperament. However, you should also know that the toys must be made of vet-approved material that is safe for cats. 


When getting a toy, remember that you don’t want to waste your money. So always go for intriguing toys as dropping money or a toy to find out that or cat is not even interested is not something that you want. 

In case you are getting a new kitty and don’t know what your new friend likes and dislikes, then go for some popular options. Choose the options which are popular among other feline owners and that are also affordable. 0nce you get the toys and know your cat’s likes and dislikes, you can drop some more money on the toys. Other than this, you should also look out for your cat’s behavior. 

You should know what your cat likes. What do they like the cat chew toys that make sounds? Or do they like the ones which move on their own? Whereas some cats like the bright colors. So choose the ones which your cat is more interested in. 

Health Benefits Of Cat Toys

Yes, the cat chew toys and also provide a number of health benefits. They are not just for some mental stimulation of your feline friends. 

This is why you can also get the cat chew toys for their dental and other health benefits. Some of the best cat toys are specifically designed to help them in dental health. Such toys can help in the removal of tartar and also build up the cat’s play. 

Safety Of Cat Chew Toys

When you look for some chew toys for your feline friend, safety must be the main concern for you. 

You may be attracted to get the strongest-looking plastic or rubber toy for your cat but know that they come with their own hazards. This is why you should especially look for the material by using which the toy is made. In the toys, you get the material should be non-toxic, should not have sharp edges, and must be safe to chew. 

These are some of the cat chew toy facts which you should remember when choosing a toy for your cat. The best thing you can do when choosing your cat’s toys is to go with the options that have the best customer reviews. 

Best Cat Chew Toys 

These are some of the best cats chew toys that you can get for your cat for maintaining their oral health:

Kong Beaver Refillable Catnip Toy

The kong chew toys are famous when it comes to pet toys. This brand makes durable and safe toys for both cats and dogs

The kong chew toy is a refillable toy that offers a durable material in it like the brands all other products. This cat chew toy is made of fabric but is a plush toy that is durable and can handle the roughest play by your feline friend. What’s amazing about this toy is that it allows you a refill of the toy. Once you feel that the toy is losing its potency, you can simply go for refueling it with new material. 

Thus, when you want something for your vicious and rattling cat to bite and scratch on, then the long chew toys are what you should choose. One more good thing about this toy is that it is a good option when you want the kitten to chew toys due to its design. 

Happy Kitty Tickle Kick Stick 

Do you want to have something for your adult cats? If yes, then getting this chew toy is what you will like to have. 

The reason for this is that this toy offers a number of qualities like the various pieces it offers. What’s special about this toy? Well, nothing we say as it is just the simple fabric-made toy which is filled with some catnip. But what makes it different is that even its simple design does the job perfectly. This toy is socially a good option if your cat prefers simple toys instead of flashy and colorful ones. 

Kong Chew Toys Wubba Mouse

This is one of the most popular cat chew toys that you can get for yourself. And the good thing about this toy is that it comes with the kong company’s craftsmanship and quality assurance. One thing which is different between this and the kong toy above is that it is not refillable like the above one. 

The good thing about this toy is that it comes with the healthy helping filling of the catnip in it. The toy has a design that will attract your feline friend as it has a body with extra long legs. Thus it provides you with a lot of options to chew on. To add some extra fun for the cat, this toy’s legs are filled with rattle and crinkle substance. This helps cats to have something which keeps them interested. 

Petstages Catnip Rolls

Do you want a cat toy for your little furry with which they can play at night without waking you up? If yes, then getting these rolls as you cat chew toys is something that you will like. They are quiet, short, and soft, which your cat will surely like to have. 

The chew toy is also a good option if you want kitten chew toys as they are soft. These cat chew toys are made using nylon rupees and are filled with north America’s catnip plant. This toy also has a good customer review, and they say that the toy lasts a number of months before wearing and tearing. 

Meowijuana Catnip Sticks 

Do you want an affordable option for cat toys? If yes, then getting these sticks is what you will like as the set of 40 sticks comes for just $10. This makes them a great budget pick when you know that whatever you get your cat is going to tear it apart. 

The good thing about these sticks is that they are all-natural and don’t have any additional preservatives or additives in them. What’s even among them is that they help in cleaning your cat’s teeth and freshen up the cat’s breath while also adding some vitamins to their diet. These sticks are specifically good for helping the cat with their gastrointestinal stress problems. 

The sticks are also a reusable option, so you can use them multiple times before throwing them away. For reusing these sticks, all you need to do is cut off the top layer of the stocks that your cat has already chewed. This will help you bring back the sticks’ catnip properties like they were fresh out of the packets. 

These are some of the best cat toys which you can get for your little feline friend. The good thing about the cat chew toys that we have listed above is that they are all-natural and don’t contain any harmful chemicals or material. 

Final Words

Do you want something to keep your cat busy and entertained? If yes, then getting the cat chew toys is what will do the task for you. 

There are a number of cat chew toys available in the market which you can get for your little friend. All you need to do is consider some aspects like the liking of your cat, safety, material, and more before purchasing. 

Jatin Choudhary