Different Exotic Cat Breeds That You Can Keep At Home Legally

exotic cat breeds

There are so many exotic cat breeds that people are unaware of. Most of us know only about Ragdolls and Tabbies. But there are various varieties of exotic cats breeds that you can keep at home legally. 

As the name suggests, these cats look way more amazing, and they are known for their special features. These exotic cat breeds are found in different parts of the world and are so rare that it is hard to find them in your nearby pet store.

These cats are different from the common cat breeds that you can find in most homes. However, many exotic cat breeds require a license to keep them as a pet. This article will discuss exotic cat breeds you can keep as a pet and found in your local pet adoption center. 

Here below are the exotic cat breeds that cat lovers should know and expand their knowledge of different cat breeds found worldwide. 

Different Types Of Exotic Cat Breeds

If you are looking for unique and exotic cat breeds, you can check our list of different exotic cat breeds that also tell you about their special features. 

exotic domestic cat breeds


This is a beautiful exotic cat breed that will take the breath of everyone who sees it. If you are looking for a cat breed that can win the pet beauty contest, then the Somali cat breed is for you. 

This breathtaking cat breed has regal air around them, and it appears like a cross between feline and fox. 

It has reddish fur, yellow eyes, and small ears that make them look like the perfect features of a cat breed.

Havana Brown

This is the most usual exotic cat breed that you can see in various houses. Surprisingly this is the only exotic cat breed with brown hair and looks super attractive. 

This is an energetic cat breed and likes to play with the owner. Thus, if you are looking for an exotic cat breed that also plays with you and gives you nice exercise, this breed is perfect for you. 

One of the interesting features of these cat breeds is that they have a brown nose, mostly even in no pink, even on the paws.


This is a super attractive and coolest exotic cat breed with unique patterns on its body. Bengal cat breeds look like small tigers and have a typical personality that turns the head of people when you take them outside. 

This breed gets this unique pattern on its body from the Jungle cat found in Asian countries. 

This exotic cat breed may have unique features like a wild cat, but they are safe to keep at home. However, this cat breed is extremely exuberant and legal to keep at your place. 

You can find them at the special breed selling pet shops in your area or can tell the pet shopkeeper of your demand. 

Egyptian Mau

This breed is the oldest exotic breed found globally, with the ancestor linking with the Ancient Egyptian cats. 

Egyptian Mau is related to the felines kept in the company of the pharaohs during the ancient Egyptian period.

This breed is attractive energetic, and are known for their intellectual quality. These cats are highly expressive and can understand things their owners are talking about.

Their ancient roots and exotic looks make you derive crazy, and you like to spend your spare time playing with cats.

Japanese Bobtail

This exotic cat breed is native to Japan, as the name says, and it is much similar to that of the Egyptian Mau. 

Japanese Mau was found in Japan centuries ago and are known for their special features. Their tail is called bobtail because they have a stubby bob and naturally short tail on their bottom. This short tail of this exotic breed looks like pom balls attached to their bottom. These cats love to get lots of attention and become extremely friendly, even with strangers. 

Japanese Bobtails are one of the most popular cats in exotic cat breeds. This cat breed is active and likes to play a lot with its owner, so it is the best choice if you like to have an attractive and energetic cat. 


This cat breed is one of the most famous exotic cat breeds in the lineage of wild cat families. This breed derived its name from the crossbreed between the domestic and Serval. 

The range of this breed depends on how pure the breed is the dealer is selling you. There are two types of Savannah breed, F1 and F2. F1 is 50% domestic and 50% wild, whereas F2 is 75% domestic and 25% wild. 


This is a tall exotic cat breed with most wild cat features. This cat breed is legal to keep at home, and there are no such restrictions if you are thinking of its appearance purposes. 

Serval cat breeds look like leopard babies, but they are completely safe and do not cause harm to people. 

They have animated body features, are hyper-intelligent, and love to play with their owner. You can also take them to walk on a leash; however, they sometimes become skittish with strangers. 


These are the only cat breeds that look similar to the tiny tiger and have stripes on their body. The Toyger breed is becoming popular among cat lovers and those who like to keep wild-looking animals in their houses. 

Also, you can keep this exotic cat breed at your home without any restrictions and legal conditions. 


Most of the exotic cat breeds cross between domestic and wild cats. But this exotic cat breed is a legit cross between the real wild cat and a domestic cat. This is the reason that this cat looks similar to the lion. 

Chausie is a large domestic cat and weighs around 35-40 lbs. This cat breed is hard to tame. If you are a net pet owner who does not have any experience of keeping any pet, then this cat breed is not for you.

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Final Words

Exotic cat breeds look so special than regular cat breeds that you would like to have one even if you are not a cat lover but like to have a unique-looking pet. 

These cats are rare and special, thus making you feel special, and you can talk about these cats in detail with your friends

If you like to participate in a pet beauty pageant, these cat breeds will increase your chances of winning the contest.