All About Dry Socket- Symptoms, Causes And Dry Socket Treatment With Home Remedies

dry socket treatment

Have you ever suffered severe pain in your tooth? If yes, then you are not the only one! We all might have gone through severe tooth pain. A dry socket is a common tooth infection caused after dental surgery or extraction. You must seek dry socket treatment early to avoid bacterial infections or dislodgements.

Dry socket pain sometimes becomes unbearable that may require the dentist’s help. But if you have a mild dry socket, you can try these home remedies with simple ingredients. 

Let’s first look at these dry socket symptoms to treat them early! 

Dry Socket Symptoms 

When the extraction area of your mouth remains exposed for a long time, it leads to a dry socket. Major symptoms of dry socket include-

  • Visibility of the bone from where the tooth was removed.
  • foul breath
  • Severe pain from the socket to your ear
  • Premature dislodgement of a blood clot

If you feel discomfort in your teeth or experience any of the above symptoms, you must visit the nearby dentist for a dry socket check-up.

Dry Socket Causes

We know that it is painful to bear the extraction procedure. After the dental surgery, you have a higher chance of getting a dry socket. It can be caused due to several other factors also, which includes- 

  • Bacterial contamination

After the tooth extraction, you may get to suffer from bacterial contamination. The situation may worsen when a blood clot doesn’t form effectively. 

  • Dislodgement of The Blood Clot

Sometimes after the teeth extraction, a blood clot builds at the tooth base. If that blood clot doesn’t get healed, the clot becomes dislodged. It leads to a dry socket, causing unbearable pain. 

  • Mismanagement of Post-Surgery Guidelines

If you do not follow post-surgery guidelines well, you’ll probably face the risk of dry socket. 

  • History Of Dry Socket

If you have a history of dry socket, it ultimately increases the risk of developing a dry socket in the future. 

  • Gum or tooth Infection

If you face a tooth or gum infection, you may become susceptible to dry socket.

  • Smoking

If you are a regular smoker, stop it after the extraction process. If you smoke after the tooth extraction, it may create a barrier to your healing power. 

A severe dry socket may cause excessive stress or depression. It would help if you treated it early to avoid further tooth surgeries. You can quickly treat your dry socket with homemade remedies. Let’s look at these simple and natural ways with simple ingredients. 

5 Home Remedies for Dry Socket

You can easily treat any of the infections using natural and homemade ingredients. Dry sockets can also be treated well with simple remedies that you can even try at home. It includes-

Warm Salt Water

The salt has iodine, which is a perfect antimicrobial agent. If you drink warm salt water daily, it will help you reduce the oral contamination of bacteria. 

Therefore, you must do it 2 to 3 times a day for the dry socket treatment. 

You will require simple ingredients-
  • Two full tablespoons of salt, one glass of warm water
Follow these simple steps-

1. At first, you need to boil a glass of water. 

2. Now add at least two teaspoons of salt to it.

3. Drink and wash your mouth thoroughly with salt water.


Cold and Warm Compressor

It is obvious to experience pain or swelling in the jaw after dental surgery. 

But if you use warm or cold packs, it will help you reduce your gum pain. Compressors can help relieve you from skin inflammation and itchiness. 

You will require simple ingredients 

  • One bowl of water
  • An ice pack or a hot compressor
Follow these simple steps-

1. First, you need to place an ice pack or a hot compressor on the affected area. 

2. Let it rest for about 10 to 15 minutes.

3. You may also use a sterile washcloth dipped in hot water. 

4. Place an ice pack on the affected area for 15 minutes.

5. Repeat the procedure if your pain doesn’t get relieved.  

Clove Oil

Clove oil is a rich source of analgesic and antimicrobial properties.

However, it will help you lower the pain from the dry socket. It also promotes oral hygiene and stimulates the fight against bacterial infections. 

You will require simple ingredients 

· Two or three drops of clove oil

· One sterile cotton ball

Follow these simple steps-

1. First, take out a clean cotton ball and apply a few drops of clove oil to it. 

2. Now, place the cotton ball near the tooth extraction site and leave it for about 20 minutes. 

3. Alternatively, you can also consume dried leaves for the treatment. Chew on a few clove leaves slowly to release oil on the affected area. 

4. Chew it for at least 30 minutes.

5. And rinse off your mouth with water. 

Black Tea Bags

Black tea has high antimicrobial properties, beneficial for oral hygiene. According to the experts, black tea has tannins, a functional element for treating dry sockets.

You will require simple ingredients 

· 100 ML or hot water

· A black tea bag

Follow these simple steps-

1. First, boil 100 mL of water and put a black tea bag in it. 

2. Leave it for about15 minutes.

3. Now rinse off your mouth with black tea. 


Honey is an excellent element to treat inflammation, discomfort, and other bacterial disease. 

Applying honey to your affected area will help you prevent bacterial infection and relieve you from dry sockets.  

You will require simple ingredients 

· One tablespoon of honey 

· One sterile cotton ball 

Follow these simple steps-

1. First, take out a few drops of honey and apply them on a clean cotton ball. 

2. Now place it on the affected area. 

Final Words

Oral hygiene is equally important as mental and physical health. Dry socket pain is severe if not treated at an early stage. If you undergo extensive tooth extraction, make sure the site develops a blood clot, which serves as a protective layer to your tooth.

You must follow the remedies mentioned above for the dry socket treatment. If your tooth condition is severe, you must seek a surgeon’s help. 

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Khwahish Goyal