Fun & Easy Dog Tricks For Beginners

easy dog tricks

When people first think of dog training, the only thing that comes to mind for basic training is commands like sit, down, come, and stay. These things are important, but you should not estimate the benefits of training your dog to perform tricks. Easy dog tricks are the best way to give some mental stimulation to your dog and help them understand basic commands. 

Here are some cool and fun tricks to teach your dog and show off in front of friends

Give Kiss

One of the easy dog tricks for beginners is training a dog to kiss. While not everyone is a fan of wet dog smoochies, this dog trick will be adored by kids. Start by putting his favorite treat on your cheek and add the command. You will soon get all the affection from your dog on demand. 


Another one of the fun and easy tricks to teach your dog is to speak. This trick will help in solving the common behavioral problem of your dog. Professional trainers recommend using the commands to speak and quiet to stop excessive barking. These training commands allow your dog to bark in only certain situations, and you have full control over unnecessary barking. This trick is a lot of fun to show your dog’s conversational skills at gatherings. 


Backup is one of the easy dog tricks for beginners which come in handy in many situations. Once the dog learns the backup command, you can take advantage of preventing your dog from rushing out of the gate and crowding your refrigerator. 

To teach backup tricks to your dog, you need to have some patience and a handful of treats. 

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Shake Paws

You can train your dog to greet your friends by shaking hands. This is another one of the fun and easy dog tricks that will help your dog impress people. You only need a few training sessions for this one. Most of the dogs enjoy using their paws naturally and love the positive attention they get by performing these tricks.


Wave is one of the most fun and cool tricks to teach your dog. Training the dog to wave goodbye or hello is easy. Start by training them to shake paws. Using the same action, train your dog to lift the paw and wave. This is an attention-getting trick that is super cute to watch.


You can easily lure your dog into spinning by holding a treat near its nose. If you wish to add a difficulty level, teach the dog to spin in one specific direction. Your friends will be amazed to see your dog following and understanding your command. 


There is nothing cuter than seeing your puppy on hind legs with paws up asking for a treat. This fairly easy dog trick is more difficult to train some dogs than others. However, with little patience, your dog will learn to sit up in no time. 

Play Dead

Your friends will be blown away when your dog will play dead, seeing you hold your finger like a gun and saying bang.  

This trick looks very impressive and is not as hard to train as it looks like. If your dog is pre-trained with roll-over tricks, then this one is fairly simple to teach.

Take a Bow

Another one of the easy tricks for beginners. Taking a bow involves your dog putting a check on the ground and keeping the rear end up in the air. This trick sounds a little difficult to teach the dog but bowing is a natural dog behavior. If you have two dogs who play together, you might have seen them bow frequently. Trainers call this behavior a play bow. It’s a dog’s way of asking another dog to come and play. Use your dog’s inner playfulness to train this trick. 

Final Words:

Watching a dog perform cool and fun tricks is so fascinating. Now you can also teach your dog to perform easy dog tricks. The above-listed tricks are an easy start and can be trained at home with little patience.

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