How To Use The Best Electro Wizard Deck?

electro wizard deck

What type of deck do you use in clash royale games? Is it electro wizard deck, P.E.K.K.A deck or golem deck? There are several popular decks that will surely help you to win clash royale games. So, let’s talk about the electro wizard deck. 

The electro wizard is a legendary card, and it has some unique skills. When this card is deployed, the electro wizard strikes the zap-like electric area damage to the nearby enemy ground and air units. This attack resets the charging troops like the prince, and it also changes the target of a unit he zaps to the closest one. So, in this article, we will tell how to use the good electro wizard card deck.

How To Use Electro Wizard Deck

You will find the best electro wizard in several decks that include a tank-like:

  • Within the PEKKA bridge deck, where electro wizard’s role is to make sure the defense is easy to elixir and supports PEKKA in the counter-attack in front of the dragon or inferno tower.
  •  Electro wizard works best with the combo of the furnace and the royal giant. This electro wizard deck is based on the best defense management while using the troops for counter-attack behind teh royal giant.

The electro wizard is one of the cards that do zone damage. The wizard’s zone damage is important in order to benefit from the zap effect. 

Wizard’s attack can only reach two enemies at a time. His reset function is also very helpful against the hog rider and inferno tower. 

How To Counter The Electro Wizard Deck?

In order to defeat the electro wizard, it is important to know how to separate him from the troops. If the opponents are rising the big push with several troops with electro wizard, then it is best to use the big spell such as lightning, poison, or a fireball spell.

The electro wizard can also be simply be overwhelmed by clustering troops like the skeleton army or goblin gang. Normally, you should always deploy your troops on the electro wizard to defeat him.

Supporting Cards In The Electro Wizard Deck

The best electro wizard deck is mostly connected with bridge spam because wizard has been simplified with this variant of deck. You can balance with the poison, the pekka, the bandit, the battle ram, and the zap. All these cards help from the synergy between them, and that allows you to defend pretty while attacking your opponent in order to leave electro wizard with little elixir until he can no longer defend himself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Electro Wizard a good card?

Electro wizard is best to use behind the tanks like Giant or Knight. But, the electro wizard still takes considerable damage, so do not ignore him.

Is electro wizard the best legendary?

It is one of the best cards in the game. Electro wizard did not inspire supercell to make more versatile legendaries. Also, all legendary cards are less or more unique.

What card is good against electro wizard?

You can defeat electro wizards by deploying the swarm unit nearby (skeleton army, barbarians, goblin gangs), or you can use high damage units like Knight, Pekka, or dragon.

What can you replace electro wizard with?

If you don’t have the electro wizard, then you can use musketeer or ice wizard.

What’s the worst legendary in clash Royale?

The Magic Archer is the worst legendary card in the game. It has low hp and attack, and with the magic arrow, he can attack two enemies.