Essay On Environment Degradation Causes & Prevention

essay on Environment

Essay on Environment- Every living or nonliving thing on this Earth is a part of the Environment. Plants, organisms, air, sunlight, water, land, clouds, sky, all of these combined make our Environment. The Environment is like a safety blanket that nourishes us.

Sadly our Natural Environment is being destroyed due to human activities which pose a great threat in future. For the progress and development of mankind, we are harming our Natural Environment, not caring how all the adverse impacts are irreplaceable. Instead of greenery and plants, we see buildings and vehicles all around us which pollute the Environment. 

Our life is linked with every element of the Environment. We have been destroying the natural cycle of the Environment for so many years, which has caused a disturbance in the natural balance.

Causes of Environmental Degradation

There are plenty of activities and reasons behind environmental degradation. Take a look at some of them.


Pollution in any form, be it water, air, noise, or land, is harmful to the Environment. Air pollution pollutes the air we breathe and can cause serious health problems.

Water pollutants degrade the water quality used for drinking. Land pollution degrades the Earth’s surface because of human activities. Noise pollution can damage our ears in a way that it becomes irreparable because of continuous loud honking and machines in factories. 


The never-ending increase in population is putting a strain on natural resources, which causes degradation of the Environment. Due to better health facilities, the mortality rate has gone down. More population means more demand for shelter, food, and clothes. You need more area to grow food and make homes. This causes deforestation, which is also a major cause of environmental degradation.


Landfills in the city are a result of large quantities of waste generated in industries, households, hospitals, and factories. These are a great risk to environmental health and also to the people.

Effects of Environmental Degradation

Impact on Human Health

Poor human health is due to environmental degradation these days. Areas that are exposed to polluted air can cause serious respiratory problems like asthma and pneumonia. 

Loss of Biodiversity

Biodiversity is critical to maintaining a balance in the ecosystem by combating pollution, protecting water resources, restoring nutrients, and stabilizing the climate. Some of the major causes behind biodiversity loss are global warming, deforestation, pollution, and overpopulation. 

Ozone Layer Depletion

The ozone layer protects the Earth from harmful UV rays. You must have read how the ozone layer is depleting, and the major cause behind it is the presence of hydrochlorofluorocarbons and chlorofluorocarbons in the atmosphere. Due to its depletion, harmful radiation is emitted back to Earth.

Loss For the Tourism Industry

Environment deterioration is a huge setback for the tourism industry because its daily livelihood relies on tourists. Environmental damage in the form of loss of biodiversity, green cover, massive landfills, and increasing water and air pollution is a big turn-off for most tourists. 

Economic Impact

 A country has to bear a huge cost to recover environmental degradation and its impacts in terms of cleaning landfills, restoring green cover, and protecting endangered species. The economic impact also affects the tourism industry indirectly.


Protect Environment

Protecting the Environment is not easy; it demands a lot of effort and energy. We all need to step forward and work together to maintain a healthy and clean environment. 

We can do the following things to protect our Environment:

  • People should follow the pollution control rules strictly.
  • Stop using Environment harming materials like plastic, instead use paper bags.
  • Recycling old and waste products should be followed.
  • Focus on saving water by minimizing wastage.
  • There should be a zero-tolerance deforestation policy in every country. 
  • Prohibit animal hunting.
  • Control emission of greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide.
  • Use less electricity and focus on energy conservation
  • Invent technologies that are Environment friendly. 

To conclude this essay on Environment, we can say that the Environment is keeping us alive, and without this protective blanket, life on Earth will end. The contribution made by our Environment to live cannot be repaid in any way. Instead of protecting the environment, we are only degrading and damaging it further. 


What is an environment?

The physical surroundings on Earth are called the Environment. The Environment includes every living and non-living thing. Animals, plants, humans, organisms, and all living things rely on non-living elements of the environment to survive. 

How important is the Environment?

The ecosystem in which we live provides us natural services for humans, which are essential for our survival, health, and quality of life. 

What is the importance of the Environment?

There are countless benefits to the Environment that we cannot repay in our entire life. The trees and forests filter the air and also absorb harmful gases from the Environment. Plants purify water and minimize the chances of flood to maintain a natural balance. 

The environment keeps a check on the Environment and its functioning. They regulate vital systems of the ecosystem and maintain culture and quality of life on the planet. Our Environment also regulates natural cycles, which thereby maintains the balance between the environment and living things.

Disturbing any element of the Environment affects the life cycle of humans and other living beings. The environment has been helping us, and other living things flourish for thousands of years.

The environment provides fertile land, air, water, livestock, and so many things which are critical for the survival of mankind.

How do we save our Environment?

  • Follow the three R’s Reduce-Reuse-Recycle
  • Volunteer for cleanups
  • Conserve water
  • Educate people around you
  • Follow sustainable lifestyle
  • Shop wisely.
  • Plant tree
  • Reduce pollution 

What are the three types of environments?

The environment can be divided into three categories:

  • Natural Environment

Water, light, land, air, and all organisms are living in nature.

  • Industrial Environment

Cities, villages, factories, and all humans’ synthesis.

  • Social Environment

Schools, universities, companies, and other authorities


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