Exotic Dogs To Own That You Will Love

Do you want a pet; but not the  usual ones? Well, then getting exotics dogs as a pet can be the thing that you will like. 

There are numerous exotic dog breeds which are available in the market that you can adopt as your four legged friend. The regular breeds like german shepherd, golden retriever and more have become a regular sight and  this where the exotic dogs can help you. Getting a  exotic breeds like the exotic bully dog or tibetan mastiff can be a whole different thing which will turn the eyes of people around you. 

In the article we will tell you about some of the most classic and friendly exotic dogs which you can get for yourself. We have included everything in the article from some cute little eexotic dig breeds to the beasts like tibtan mastiff. 

Exotic Dogs

These are some of the best exotic dog breeds which you can own:

Tibetan Mastiff

Do you want to have a dog aka beast in your home? Or do you want a dog whose one look can send shivers down the spine of trespassers? Well, then getting the tibetan mastiff is what you need. 

The tibetan mastiff is one of the largest dog breeds around the world which you can own. They have a furry coat which helps them in surviving the harsh winters of central asia. These beasts weigh between 100 – 160 pounds and can grow up to a large size. What’s amazing is that maybe their look is like a dangerous beast, they are one of the most friendly exotic dog breeds that you can own. 

Dandie Dinmont Terrier 

Do you want a cutie pie four legged fined for yourself? Or do you want a breed that is friendly with kids? If the answer to any of the two questions is yes then getting the dandie dinmont terrier is what you will like to  own. 

These exotic dogs are very rare to find nowadays and there are only a few hundred of them which are registered annually. In the beginning these dogs were one of the most popular breeds among the gypsies and farmers. They kept these dogs for hunting badgers and rats. But nowadays this breed is one of the most sought after exotic dog breeds which you can own. And if you have any confusion about buying then just look at those cute little eyes. 


Are you fond of beasts? Or do you want a dog breed that is friendly and scary at the same time? Getting a leonberger can be the thing that you will love. 

The leonberger is a huge animal which you can get for yourself. This breed is a hybrid of st.Bernard, Newfoundland, and the Pyrenean Mountain breed of dogs. These are one of the largest breeds among the exotic dogs and also other breeds. The males in this exotic dog breed can reach up to a weight of 170 pounds. What’s good about this breed is that it is a friendly dog which you can have for your kids. 

Portuguese Water Dog 

Do you want to  have irresistibly cute exotic dogs for your home?  Well then you will not be able to resist the portuguese water dogs – they are cute, friendly and furry. 

What’s even amazing is that these exotic dogs are very comfortable when you want them to enjoy some water sport or a bath. In the past this breed was used by the fishermen for retrieving aany lost tackles, herding fishes into the nets and helping them in other ways. So getting this breed of water dog can be something which is a great option if you live near any water body like sea, river or pond. 


Do you want exotic  dogs that are cute, and look like a mini lion? Well, then getting the Lowchen breed of the exotic dogs can be what you will surely love. 

Like the name lowchen which translates to “little lion”,  suggests these dogs look somewhat like the lions. They  can be an amazing option which you can flaunt among your friends. The lowchen is also one of the rarest exotic  dog breeds around the world. They are also a very old dog breed  which in the past made a great companion for the rich elite of Germany and France. They have been a sought after breed since the 15th century. 

Brussels Griffon

Extremely cute, expressive and adorable – do you want to hear these words when someone visits your home? If yes, then getting the brussels griffon is what you need for your home. 

This breed of exotic dogs is a  perfect option when you want a cute little four legged friend for yourself. What’s amazing is that this breed is known for its humanoid expression and is very expressive. However for getting this breed you will be needing to put in some efforts as they are one of the rarest exotic dog breeds. After the second world war this breed was almost extinct but in modern days they are available in the market but you need to know where to look. 

New Guinea Singing Dog 

Do you want to have a singing dog? Well, it may seem impossible to you and you are not wrong to  an extent. 

These exotic dogs of papua new guinea have been in full isolation for more than 30,000 years. They have been living on the mountains of Papua New Guinea for thousands of years. In today’s world only 100 of these exotic dogs are out of the natural habitat. The name singing doog of this breed comes from their sound making abilities. They make different sounds for various purposes like calling out other dogs, matting and more. 


Have you seen some mummy movies recently? Or any movie where you see some dog shaped sculptures guarding the monuments? Did you like them? If yes then the mexican hairless breed of dog or Xoloitzcuintli is what you will like. 

These exotic dog breeds have been a part of mexican culture from ancient times. They have been companions of humans from centuries. People used these  dogs’ for home as well as hunt companions  due to  their agility and speed. Other than this the fierce look of this dog is also something which you will surely like. 

Czechoslovakian Vlcak 

Do you like the fierce wolves? Or do you want a friendly dog breed like german shepherd? Well, you may say getting both the qualities in a dog is  impossible. But what if we say it is possible?

Yes, the Czechoslovakian Vlcak is what will satisfy your needs. Thes exotic dogs are a result of crossbreeding in 1955 between the wolves and German shepherds. What makes them different is that they are friendly like the shepherd and fierce like the wolves. They like the wolves like to live in packs. 

Bergamasco Shepherd

Do you want to try unique exotic dog breeds? If yes then the bergamasco shepherd dog breed is what will satisfy your needs. 

The Bergamasco she[pherd breed is famous for its extensive length fur which can touch the ground. What makes them unique is their fur which doesn’t shed and so you will not need any specific care for the fur of this dog-like using a dog shampoo regularly. These exotic dogs are gentle giants in reality and can be a little shy when they are around the strangers. Otherwise they are very playful and obedient. 

Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen 

Do you want an adorable and unique dog breed? If yes then getting the grand basset griffon vendeen exotic dogs is perfect for you. 

The adorable dog breed is famous for their length. They are one of the unique extic dog breeds which you can own for yourself. This breed grows 50% more in length in place of the height and this is what makes them different from other breeds. 

Lancashire Heeler

Do you want some exotic dog breeds for your cattle farm? Or do you need a breed which you can keep as a good home pet? Well, whatever it is you want from the two getting the lancashire heeler is what will satisfy your both needs. 

The Lancashire heeler dog is a exotic dog breed which was created specifically for catering to the needs of cattle herding. Good thing is that they do this job perfectly and can be great cattle herders. Another good thing about these exotic dogs is that they are also an obedient and gentle home pet if you want one as your regular pet. 


Are you attracted towards the intelligence? Or are you someone for whom looks matter more? But  getting these both qualities together in a single pet can be sometimes hard to find. Don’t you agree? But what if we tell you that you can get them in a single pet? 

Yes, you can get looks and intelligence as a combo with these exotic dogs. This dog breed is famous for their extremely intelligent nature and looks. They have a sheep-like coat which makes them stand out from the others. To add to its beauty are those cute little eyes of this breed. One more  good thing about this breed is that they are not too large in size and kids friendly so you can get them as your pet without any second thoughts. 

Russkiy Toy 

Do you want a dog breed which is  extremely friendly and cute AF? If yes then getting the russkiy toy is what can be the perfect option for you. 

This breed of exotic dogs till the 1990’s could only be found inside the Russian region. But in the present time they are a popular breed of  exotic dogs which people like to own. The good thing is that they don’t require much space as they are of the same size like a chihuahua dog. Other than this they are extremely friendly with the kids so a great house pet with the kids. 

Caucasian Shepherd Dog 

Do you want a giant dog breed that can guard your livestock and be an adorable fluffy ball at the same time? If yes then getting the caucasian shepherd dog is what will be the perfect option for you. 

The caaucasiaan exotic dogs are a perfect breed which you can keep as your house pet as well as for  guarding your farm. These dogs are full of fur and can be very friendly and adorable while being fierce to the trespassers. Their weight is between 110 lbs to 200 lbs and are easy to care for. 

Swedish Vallhund

Are you fascinated by the vikings? If yes then the sweidhs vallhund is the dog breed is the perfect option for you. 

This breed of dogs have been around for a millennium and is famous as the vikings dog among the people. These exotic dogs literally crave attention and are very friendly to humans. This makes them a perfect pet for the families who have children. They are also very playful so you can be sure of their bonding with your kids. 

Slovensky Cuvac

Do you want a guard dog which looks like a cute  fur ball but fierce in nature? If yes then getting the slovensky cuvac exotic dog breeds is what you will like for sure. 

The slovensky cuvac dogs originally were bred for protecting the livestocks and farms. But after years of doing this protection job perfectly they also adopted the saame protective attitude for the humans as well. One thing to remember is  that you must not get in confusion with their cute and furry look as they are very strong and mostly muscle dogs. So, be aware as they  can be fierce towards strangers. 

Neapolitan Mastiff

Do you like the tibetan mastiff at the starting of this article? Or do you want a giant beast which is intelligent at the same time? If the answer to any of the two questions is yes  then getting the neapolitan mastiff can be the perfect option for you. 

Unlike the other dogs on this list of exotic dogs the neapolitan mastiff is 150 pounds of full cuteness. These are living dogs which just love to cuddle and play. Nowadays they are being used by the police and army due to their very intelligent nature and big size. One more good thing is that they are also suitable for a little warm climate as they dont have much fur like their tibetiam counterpart. 

Bedlington Terrier

Do you want to own a cute little dog? Or a fierce fighter to guard your home or accompany you on hunting? Well, if the answer to any of these questions is yes then getting the bedlington terrier is what you will surely like. 

The bedlington terrier exotic dogs look somewhat like the sheep and are funny in appearance. But surprisingly they are famous for their extremely strong jaws which is why in the past people used these dogs for hunting rats. These exotic dogs were also used to fight with other dogs in competitions in the past. What’s even amazing is  that even after their reputation they are very playful and like to indulge in exercising. 

Bouvier Des Flandres

Do you want a legendary dog breed which is cute, adorable and fierce at the same time? If yes then the Bouvier des flandres is the perfect breed for you to get. 

These exotic dogs have a reputation of their own and are legendary dogs for their role during the world wars. They are famous for their bravery and served during both the world wars. These dogs during the world war also helped in carrying the wounded soldiers from the field when needed. There is also a legend about these dogs that one of them even managed to bite the hand of Hitler himself during the war. 

These are some of the exotic dogs which you can get for your home. In the list you will find an option for your every need; no matter what you want. We have put together dogs which are adorable, cute and playful and you will also find guard dogs as well as fierce fighter breeds in the article. 

Final Words

Do you want to have a unique dog breed that is cute, adorable, playful and fierce at the same time? If yes then getting some exotic dogs can be the perfect option for you. 

There are numerous exotic dog breeds which you can get for your home. The good thing is that there is something for everyone whether you want a cute option which can be playful for kids or a dog that can protect. 

Jatin Choudhary