The Best Exotic and Expensive Fish in The World

expensive fish

One of nature’s most beautiful gifts is the variety of fish species throughout the world. The most common aquarium fish is goldfish which is loved and cherished by many people. But, there are some fish enthusiasts that prefer something unique. There are some expensive fish that are rare, beautiful, or unique and some have peculiar features.

If you are looking for the next addition to the collection or just curious what these fish looks like then in this article we will share some of the best expensive fish in the world.

Clarion Angelfish

This fish is one of the most popular saltwater fishes available in the fish world. Clarion Angelfish are seen in the eastern central Pacific, and it can grow up to 10 inches. This fish has a colored body, with vivid blue stripes that run down their face and their body. 

Clarion fins are also tipped in the same glowing blue color. Unlike other fish listed in this article, clarion angelfish are generally raised captive in Bali, and the starting price is $2,500 and can go up to $7,000.

Wrought Iron Butterflyfish

Butterflyfish is known for its colors and patterns. These fishes are exceptionally lovely, and beautiful. This fish comes with yellow-tipped fins and a metallic look, and has a strong behavior and stick together in a group of 10 at least. 

Iron Butterflyfish are found in the western Pacific ocean. These fish can find it quite challenging to adjust to aquarium life, and also they take time to accept the aquarium food. Moreover, in the wild, these fish are plankton-fish, grazing on invertebrates, and algae. Because of this, it can be difficult to replicate in a tank setting. The starting price of this fish is $2,700.

Australian Flathead Perch

This fish is one of the rarest and lesser-known Basslets. It is believed that there are only two fish of this kind that have been brought to the US. Flathead Perch can grow up to 6 inches in length, and as young fish, they are so much brighter and orange in color. Also, they have blue stripes with black edging. This fish has a wide mouth and flathead, which gives it an amazingly unique look. The starting price of this fish is $5,000.

Neptune Grouper

This fish is highly-priced, but it is the most beautiful aquarium fish which you will never encounter. So, if the fish is available, then it comes with a heavy price tag. This fish sporting its hot orange/pink body with yellow stripes has a truly unique appearance. Neptune grouper is basically more expensive as young because these young fish are much easier to adapt to tank life than the older fish. 

They live in a depth of 260 to 800 feet, so when the fish is collected, they need to go through special transportation and decompression processes. This process allows them to adjust the upper levels of the oceans. However, Neptune grouper are more commonly found in the food market. The starting price of this fish is $6,000.

Golden Basslet

Golden Basslet lacks in size, but it makes up for the price with its beautiful golden color. This fish comes with a price of $8,000. Though, no list could possibly be complete without the golden Basslet. It is one of the toughest fish to capture due to being so tiny, and they live in the deep sea. 

Golden Basslet is one of the smallest of the basslet family; also, they adapt well to aquarium life. Capturing them is tricky because it requires specific decompression techniques that allow divers to bring this fish to the surface safely and easily. This vibrant fish is a combination of yellow color that bleeds into the rich tangerine color that goes in the middle.

Bladefin Basslet

This fish is the cousin of the Basslet family. Bladefin gets the name from the blade-like fin with bold white color. It is the smallest fish that highlights on this list and the highest price per inch of the fish. This fish has a brilliant white body with vibrant coloring, which has a red marking on the body. They live in the ocean at depths of over 500 feet. It is no surprise to hear that this fish can cost you $10,000.

Masked Angelfish

This fish is extremely beautiful, but also extremely expensive. Masked angelfish have a shining marble white body with a black mask. However, they do not have any colorful or crazy markings like other famous species. This fish is so different from other fish because of its simple yet classic beauty. They are located in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands and also the main reason they are seen rarely. This fish can cost you up to $20,000.

Peppermint Angelfish

This fish takes the name from the peppermint candy, which is popular for its white and red swirling coloring. Peppermint angelfish has the same color stripe pattern. The base color of this fish is orange/red, with white stripes. They can grow up to three inches in size. Moreover, there is only one fish available for the public to view in the US. Several collectors have offered for this fish to pay $30,000. However, the Waikiki aquarium would like to keep this fish, so it is available for people to see.

Freshwater Polka Dot Stingray

This fish has sold up for $100,000; this stingray has oval-shaped bodies that are covered in white spots. Stingray has protruding eyes that allow them to see what is above them. They also have special sensing organs around their nose and mouth that allow them to detect electric fields generated by the other creatures. Stingrays are one of the top predators within the water, so keep them alone, not with other fishes. This most expensive fish was sold as a unique genetically mutated type, and it has a unique u-shaped heart instead of a normal rounded shape. 

Final Words

Have any of these beautiful fish encouraged you to start the aquarium hobby? If so, then be sure not to start off with these expensive fish because they require special care that can only be obtained through years of experience in this industry. So start off with some amateur fish, then work your way up to expensive creatures. Moreover, if you want to decorate your aquarium, then check out the easy aquarium plants for the fish tank. If you find this information useful, drop a comment below this section.