German Shepherd Stands Watch Over His Owner’s Grave — For Six Years

Capitan, a German Shepherd from the Cordoba Province of Argentina, has set an unprecedented bar for loyalty and dedication by a vigil at his owner’s grave every day. The very loyal dog never veers far away from his duty as man’s best friend.

He’s done it for six years.

The eccentric man, Hector Baccega, spends his days walking around the cemetery and sleeping on top of a grave. “He always rushes back to that one spot every time he walks away from it,” says Mr. Baccega about the headstone, which is visited by an average of 40 people per day, according to CBS Seattle News.

Capitan is a dog who doesn’t understand the point of saying goodbye. To be sure, he displays an impressive ability by standing guard over his owner. Still, it’s more than that – Capitan also exhibits an otherworldly one in simply finding the grave without anyone to guide him there.

This story of a family dog that lost its owner is not as sad or lonely, thanks to the kindness of an airport security guard. Reportedly Miguel Guzmán’s loyal companion passed away in hospital and then was taken to funeral home and cemetery without anyone noticing except for one observant officer at Logan Airport who saw it sitting alone on the curb. The heartwarming part about this kind gesture by Officer Lianne McAfee? She just happened to be going through tough times herself when she made her decision. Hence, her act was both empathetic and therapeutic due to what had been happening at work before. I can only imagine how difficult those moments were for Ms. Auriemma-McGuire after all came.

Guzman’s wife, Veronica, cried at the grave of her deceased husband. Capitan came up to them and sniffed their legs as if he was trying to get a sense of who they were but what had him in tears was that his owner wasn’t coming back with them.

“It’s a mystery how he managed to find the place,” she said, twiddling her fingers in worry.

The dog had been waiting for the family to return home that day but quickly found his way back. Baccega, the cemetery’s director, said he was a special protector and knew where to find them.

Capitan, the dog, is a loyal companion to his master’s son, Damian.

Capitan sits by Guzman’s grave every day and refuses to return home with Damian when he visits. Captain has been there ever since Guzman died in 2010 of prostate cancer at age 66 years old, and it appears as though he will be staying until death do they part too.”

“I’ve tried bringing him back several times, but my dad always comes straight back,” said 13-year-old Damian, who, after living without his father for six years now, relies on that faithful animal friend even more than before. “He doesn’t want me or any other person taking care of him; He wants only my dad.”