Healthiest Dog Breeds with Least Health Problems

healthiest dog breeds

Like humans, dogs can also be susceptible to some health conditions on the basis of their genetics. They are also susceptible to diseases like cancer, heart diseases, and skin conditions. However, there are some doge species that live healthy lives as compared to other ones. These species are not known for many severe health problems. We have rounded up a list of the healthiest dog breeds with the least health problems. 

Healthiest Dog Breeds

What is the healthiest dog breed? No two dogs are the same; Each dog has a unique personality, size, and health. Though it is not definite, certain dog breeds are known to live a healthy life than others. Still, genetics play an essential role. These dogs may be healthiest as a result of their endless energy and sometimes their small frame. If you are looking for dogs with the least health issues, then continue reading the article.

 Pro Tip – Genetics play a vital role in the health of your dog. Moreover, nature is also a major contributor. Regular exercise, limited stress, and healthy life can keep your dog healthy. 


Group: Hound

Weight: Dogs 22-25 lbs and Bitches 20-23 lbs 

Height: 13-16 in

Coat: hard coat, short-haired

Color: tricolor, a combination of white, brown/tan or tan/brown 

Life Span: 12-15 years

Beagle belongs to the group of small hound with superior tracking instincts and a great sense of smell. It is one of the healthiest dog breeds and is also intelligent. Beagle is one of the dogs with the least health problems and is a popular pet due to its good temper, size, and lack of inherited health issues. Beagles usually live a healthy life. The common health conditions related to beagles include hip and eye issues which usually occur in older dogs. Beagle is considered the best dog breed for kids


Group: Toy

Weight: 4-6 lb

Height: 6-10 in

Coat: Long coat, short-haired

Color: any color 

Life Span: 12-20 years

What is the healthiest dog breed? Chihuahua is the best answer to the questions. It is one of the healthiest small dogs breeds with charms including big personality, small size, and beautiful varieties in colors and coat types. They are known to compete in dog sports like obedience and agility. Moreover, they are amongst the best watchdogs. It is among the exotic dog breeds to own. 

Chihuahua is known for its intelligence and strong spirit that comes in a small package. It is common for these dogs to live upto 20 years. They stay healthy for most of their lives. However, some of the health issues they might face include eye and heart issues along with patellar luxation. 

Australian Cattle Dog

Group: Herding 

Weight: 33-49 lb

Height: 17-20 in

Coat: short double coat

Color: blue mottled, red mottled, blue, red speckled, blue speckled

Life Span: 12-16 years

Australian Cattle dog is one of the most popular healthiest dog breeds originally developed in Australia. It is highly energetic and intelligent, featuring an independent streak. This dog responds amazingly to structured training, especially if it is challenging and interesting. 

If you love hiking and running, then this athletic dog breed is best for you. These are the dogs with the least health issues. However, they have a highly energetic nature that can result in ligament and joint issues due to wear and tear. 


Group: Toy

Weight: Standard – 44-71 lb; medium – 33-42 lb; miniature – 26-31 lb; toy – 14-17 lb

Height: Standard -18-24 in; medium – 14-18 in; miniature – 11-14 in; toy – 9.4-11.0 in

Coat: Around 50 different coats styles

Color: black, blue, brown, grey, silver, and more

Life Span: 10-18 years

Poodle is another popular healthiest dog breeds, claimed to have originally developed in Germany. It holds a reputation of being prissy, but not this is not true in all cases. Poodles are not only intelligent but also athletic. In fact, they were originally bred as strong hunting dogs. Poodles live a healthy and long life as compared to the others. Nevertheless, they can be prone to eye and joint issues. 


Group: Hound

Weight: Dogs – 60-88 lb; Bitches – 55-75 lb

Height: Dogs – 28-30 in; Bitches – 27-28 in

Coat: short and smooth coat

Color: different colors

Life Span: 10-13 years

Greyhound belongs to the category of fastest dog breed and is one of the healthiest dog breeds as well. It has a life expectancy of 10 to 13 years. The best thing about this healthy dog breed is that it generally stays healthy throughout life. However, like dogs with deep chests that are also susceptible to gastric torsion and bloat, especially if these dogs eat too quickly. Quick eating can be life-threatening to these dogs; therefore it is essential to keep an eye on their eating. 


Group: Toy

Weight: 7-14 lb

Height: 9 in

Coat: soft double coat

Color: all colors

Life Span: 14-16 years

When it comes to the healthiest small dog breeds, Havanese has always been on the top. It is a national dog of Cuba and is one of the cutest you can ever find. Havanese are small in size and are sturdy in structure. They have a tail often carried over back and cute ears that fold and drop. They are popular for their coat that is silky, long and comes in different colors. 

Havanese have strong social needs, so you can not leave them alone. If they are isolated for several hours each day, they will not thrive adequately. These dogs usually live a healthy life but can be prone to hereditary deafness. 


Group: Hound

Weight: 21-24 lb

Height: 16-17 in

Coat: short and fine

Color: fawn, white and brown

Life Span: 13-14 years

Basenji is a healthy dog and is known for its athletic qualities. They are quite intelligent and have an almost cat-like nature. In fact, you will be surprised to know that they make yodelling sounds and do not bark. Moreover, they tend to groom like cats. 

Basenjis are curious, energetic, alert but are reserved with strangers. These dogs have an average life expectancy of 13 to 14 years, and they do not develop any severe health issues. However, these dogs are prone to hip problems and hyperthyroidism. 

Siberian Husky

Group: Working

Weight: Dogs – 45-60 pound; Bitches – 35-50 pounds

Height: Dogs – 21-23.5 in; Bitches – 20-22 in

Coat: Thick and double coat

Color: different colors from black to white

Life Span: 12-14 years

Siberian husky is one of the healthiest dog breeds highly popular among dog lovers. It is known for its thick furred coat, distinctive markings, and erect triangular ears. They are active, resilient, and highly energetic. 

Huskies are best known for their sledge-pulling endurance and strength. They are athletic dogs with boundless energy. If you love taking long walks and hiking, then this one is an ideal dog for you. It is among dogs with the least health issues and is usually very healthy. However, some dogs are prone to hip and eye issues. 

Border Collie

Group: Herding

Weight: Dogs – 30-55 pounds

Height: Dogs – 19-22 in; Bitches – 20-22 in

Coat: Rough or smooth

Color: blue merle, sable, black and white, and more

Life Span: 12-15 years

This healthy dog breed is considered highly intelligent, acrobatic, and extremely energetic. They often compete in a wide range of dog sports and sheepdog trials. These dogs thrive their best when they have an energetic job. They are good at learning a wide range of tasks, especially the one that needs a lot of physical and mental energy. These dogs are healthy and hardy, and they have an average life expectancy of 12 to 15 years. However, some dogs can be prone to epilepsy and deafness. 

Australian Shepherd

Group: Herding

Weight: 35-70 lb

Height: Dogs – 20-23 in; Bitches – 18-21 in

Coat: moderately long and double coat

Color: blue merle, red merle, solid red or black; tan or white markings

Life Span: 11-13 years

Australian Shepherds have their roots in the Wild West, and they thrive best alongside farmers. They have an amazingly active lifestyle which is the biggest reason for their happy and long life. Australian Shepherds are considered one of the most popular companion dogs. They are pretty healthy but can develop certain health issues related to vision. Like other active dog breeds, they also excel in various dog sports. 

Mixed Breed

Group: N/A

Weight: Varies

Height: Varies

Coat: Varies

Color: Varies

Mixed-breed dogs are the results of breeding different mixed-breeds or different purebreds together. 

They are not typically registered or pedigreed, but they inherit a wide range of good traits. As mixed-breed dogs have a wide range of gene pools, they are often healthy. It is less common for mixed-breed dogs to be prone to certain genetic disordersIt is among the best dogs for first-time owners

Final Words

When getting a pet dog, it is better to opt for healthy breeds. There is a wide range of healthiest dog breeds, including beagle, mixed breed, and basenji, that are more likely to stay healthy throughout their lifetime. They are less prone to severe health issues. Tell us about your favorite dog breed by dropping a comment.