Home Automation Ideas – Now Make Your Home a Smart Home

home automation ideas

In the contemporary world, home automation is no longer a dream anymore. Today, transforming your home into a comprehensive smart home with all the conveniences and comforts is easier than ever before. With a wide range of best home transformation ideas available, you can make your home a smart home.

With a strong foundation like an advanced operating system, the possibilities of home automation are endless. However, the biggest obstacle to getting started in making a smart home is knowledge. Here is an article with the best home automation ideas to help you in your home improvement journey. 

What Home Automation?

Home automation describes a home in which almost everything, including lights, electrical outlets, appliances, heating, and cooling systems, is connected to a remotely controllable network. To succinctly describe, home automation provides you access to control all your home devices from a mobile device. 

Home automation includes building automation for a home that is known as a smart home. It includes using smart home gadgets and systems to transform your home into a smart home. 

A system of home automation monitors and controls all the home attributes like entertainment, systems, and appliances. It also includes home security systems like access to alarm systems and security cameras.  

Best Home Automation Ideas

With advanced technologies, it has become easy to transform your home into a smart home that is fully automated. For a top-notch home, automation makes sure to build on a strong foundation like an advanced operating system that renders power to your whole home. Such a system provides you with a wide range of smart home ideas and home automation possibilities. Below mentioned are some of the best home automation ideas. 

Lighting Automation

Lighting automation is one of the best home automation ideas. The essential automation associated with this section needs smart lighting. Lights can be connected using bulbs, outlets, or switches, depending on the type of automation fixtures. 

Sunrise Alarm

Make your morning bright by turning on lights gradually. It helps you to avoid being pushy awake by a loud alarm clock. 

There are some smart bulbs that have an accompanying app. The app allows you to schedule and dim lights. This app is the best way to control the lights of your home. 

Light Your Home

Geofencing is one of the best smart home solutions to light your exterior path, entryway, or path lights exactly before you enter the driveway. It is a virtual fence that is put around your home. It responds actively when you come and go out of your home. You can control geofencing using your phone, making it one of the best smart home devices for home automation ideas.

You can use a geo-fencing compatible app on your smartphone to trigger the lights when you are at an appropriate distance from your home. 

Garage Lights

You can turn on all the lights of your garage as soon as the garage door openers. All you need to do is connect the door opener with a smart hub and the right lights. It will allow you to use the garage door opener to control the light automation. 

Night Lights

Do you find it irritating to turn on the lights when you get up at night? If yes, then you can make your lights in the kitchen, bedroom, hallway, and bathroom turn on to dim light when you wake up at night. All you need to do is use a motion sensor along with smart lighting. You can use smart switches that include the former to make the setup easy. Otherwise, you can connect the lights and sensor to a smart hub. 

Bedtime Lights

If you like a slumber atmosphere before bedtime, then dimming the household lights is the best choice. Most smart home bulbs include an app that allows you to schedule lighting with moderate dimming. Moreover, a smart home can also control lights’ dimming with time triggers if the light fixtures support dimming. 

Turn off the Lights

Turning on and off the lights with a voice command is one of the best home automation ideas. All you need to do is connect all the lights of your home to a smart home hub. Use a main app or voice control assistant like Amazon Alexa to assign the command. It will allow you to control the lights in your home with your voice command.

Security Automations

One of the best home automation ideas is to automate the security system of your home using smart home systems. 

Lock the Doors Automatically

What if the doors in your home lock automatically when you go out? Sounds interesting. It is possible to set your doors to lock automatically behind you using the right smart home gadgets. 

For locking the door, you need to use a geofencing-reliant routine. You can program it for automation to start when you get a mile from your home and then lock all the doors that are connected to the smart hub.  

Keep An Eye on Your House for Leaks

Leaks can be really harmful if no one pays attention to them. There are smart home devices that notify you when there is a leak from the appliance or sink. It is one of the best home automation ideas for vacation homes or properties that are left vacant for a long period of time. 

For this, you need to purchase water sensors. Then connect sensors to smart home hubs and places that are potentially problematic. After this, program the hub to send a notification to your devices whenever moisture and water are detected. 

Automate the Alarms

Automatically arming the home security system when no one is in the house or everyone is in bed is another best home automation idea. 

No One at Home – Make a routine that is triggered through geofencing. It will move the alarm to the “on” position when everyone is a mile from home. Make sure to create another routine to turn off the alarm when everyone comes back. 

Bedtime Routine – Make a smart home routine at a particular time that checks all the motion sensors. Set it in a way that if there is no trigger on the interior sensor for 15 minutes, then the alarm moves to the “on” position. 

Turn on Lights for Fires

In the last five years, US department has responded to around 353,100 cases of home structure fire (Source). Yes, you read it right. So how to secure your home from fire? This smart home device can notify you in case of hoem fire.

Connect all your fire alarms and CO detectors to the smart home hub, and then create a schedule that turns on all the lights whenever the deactivators activate during sleeping time. It will turn on all the lights at night in case the fire is detected. 

Entertainment Automation

Entertainment automation using smart home products is one of the best home automation ideas. Below mentioned are some ways for entertainment automation.

Welcome Home

If you want your TV to turn on when you are in the driveway, then smart home devices can help you do so. It is another geofencing-powered routine. For this, you will need a smart TV and a compatible hub. Create a routine to turn on the lights and TV once you reach a certain distance from your home. It is better to set a starting point at a distance of one mile away. However, you will have to adjust the travel time and traffic. 

Music Everywhere

Use smart speakers to stream music in all the rooms of your house. The best thing about these speakers is that they can be controlled without running wires. 

Put speakers in all the rooms in which you want music. In case you are okay with spending more money, then in-wall options are also available. Connect all the speakers to the app or use the smart home hub to control them. 

TV Bedtime

The best way to save electricity is to turn off all the TVs in the home at bedtime. All you need to do is connect all the TVs to the smart hub using built-in connectivity or smart outlets. After this, assign command of your preference to the device.  

Movie Time

With this home automation idea, you can darken a room when your press plays to start a movie and dim the lights when the movie is paused. And you can do all this with a remote. 

This process is advanced and requires a smart remote with the option to use routine for controlling other devices. The complexity of this project depends on the remote your use. Cheaper devices need more work for an appropriate setup.

Lifestyle and Convenience Automation 

We all have a busy schedule, which makes it difficult to remember everything and carry the household tasks efficiently. Below mentioned are some smart home devices which will make your life easier.

Trash Reminder

We often forget to throw the trash, so what if we get a reminder for this? Sounds interesting, right? Turn on the flashlights present in your garage when the first time you open the door on trash day. It will remind you to take the trash to the curb. 

For this, you will need smart lights or switches, including the smart hub. Set different conditions in the routine so that the lights in the garage turn on on the decided day and time. 

Garage Safety

If you want to assure garage safety, then this is the best home automation idea. This system will allow the garage doors to automatically open for maximum ventilation in case the carbon monoxide detector turns off in the garage. 

For this, you will need a connected garage door and a carbon monoxide detector. When the detector is activated, it will trigger the smart home hub to open the door.  

Reduce Bathroom Humidity

Use a smart ventilation van to reduce the bathroom humidity automatically. This smart home device allows the fan to turn on automatically when the bathroom gets humid. The best thing about this device is that it turns off as soon as the moisture level normalizes. With this smart home device, you do not have to worry about forgetting about the fan all day. 

Circulate Hot Air to All the Rooms

Do you want the fireplace in your home to distribute the hot air to all the rooms? For this, you need a home ventilation system. It will distribute hot air to all the rooms in your home/ 

All you need is a smart hub, connected home ventilation system, and indoor and outdoor temperature sensor. Place the temperature sensor in the room in which the fireplace is present. Then set it to the routine to turn on the ventilation system when the temperature in the fireplace room exceeds 80 degrees and the room in other rooms is 50 degrees or less. It is the best home automation system to warm your entire home.

Vacuum While Sleeping

A robot vacuum is one of the best and most helpful smart home devices. All you need to do is turn on the vacuum at night. It will automatically clean the house when you are sleeping. 

Fridge is Open

This smart home device is best for people who often forget to close the fridge. It is an amazing home automation idea that will notify you every time the fridge is left open for some time. 

This feature is already present in many smart refrigerators. You can also recreate it using an open-close sensor that is connected to a standard appliance. After this, you need to create a routine that sends a notification whenever the fridge is open. 

Final Words

There is a wide range of home automation ideas in the modern-day world that will allow you to transform your home into a smart home. With the best smart home devices, home automation is an easy goal. You can automate the lighting, entertainment, and even security options in your home. Now, what are you waiting for? Create your own smart home and ease your lifestyle. Do share your experience with us by dropping a comment.