How Did Adele Lose Weight So Fast?

Adele weight loss

We still remember it was October 2019 when the change in her appearance shook all the fans of Adele. Not to lie, we were in awe too with the before and after weight loss photos of Adele. 

 It was when she posted a pic on Instagram with the caption “I Used To Cry now I sweat,” which clearly insulated that she has been working out more than ever. That same year Adele split up with her ex-husband Simon Konecki in April. They have a seven-year-old son from their marriage.

Adele has dropped some amazing soundtracks like Rolling in the Deep, Hello, and Someone like you is some of the greatest hits. According to Adele, the weight loss diet has made her voice even better. 

People have been quite suspicious of how Adele followed her weight loss journey, her diet plan, or the surgery behind this major transformation. 

We are here with all the answers to your questions. Adele has explained everything quite well in an interview.

How Adele Lost Weight So Fast?

Adele followed a Sit food diet regime which is similar to the Keto diet. Initially, Adele was working out with Camila, but later she replaced her with Harley Pasternak, who also helped Lady Gaga and Rihanna become slim.

Adele got to know about Harley from Lady Gaga in such good words that he got in touch with her soon. Harley made her do 35 minutes of Pilates every day, which was an important part of their fitness routine.

Below we have listed everything about singer Adele’s weight loss program, including diet, exercise in detail. 

Adele’s diet plan

The Sirtfood diet was the main component in the weight loss journey of Adele, the singer. This diet focuses on eating food that is high in Sirtuin Activators, a quality that is known to suppress appetite and regulate the way our bodies make sugar and fat.

Adele’s weight loss diet was recommended by her personal trainer, who made her entire fitness plan. She had seen Adele feasting on buckwheat, kale, cocoa powder, buckwheat, turmeric, and plenty of green tea.

The Sirtfood diet consists of green juice and a lot of it in the beginning. Adele was restricted to consuming only 1000 calories in a day, which is how she started to look amazing. 

Fortunately for Adele and each of us trying to follow the Sirtfood diet, it also included eating cheese and drinking red wine. Phew! Adele’s weight loss diet plan sounds too good.

How Does Diet Work? 

The Sirtfood diet works in two phases. The first one is consuming fewer calories upto 1,000 every day for the first three regular days. You will have to consume three different Sirtfood green juices and eat one Sirtfood meal during the day. The calorie intake is increased to 1,500 from four to seven days. During this time, you consume two juices and two meals every day. 

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Reformer Pilates

Adele used to take pilates sessions to strengthen her body which made her lose weight. She is not the only one who does reformer pilates; a lot of other celebrities swear by it, too, like Meghan Markle. Adele used to go with her close friends X Factor judge, Ayda Field, and Robbie William’s wife to stay motivated at her private sessions.

Reformer pilates consists of doing Pilates on a special machine and helps in improving flexibility, balance, posture and is also great for weight loss.

Gym sessions

Like you read earlier, Adele hired a personal trainer, she has been working really hard, and her attitude is nothing less than enthusiastic. She sometimes even shares some behind-the-scenes of her workout on Instagram. 

The North London singer Adele explained how heavy lifting was damaging her complexion in the entire weight loss journey. Her blood vessels burst on her face while she was lifting weights, which made her conscious. 

Focusing on health and happiness

Before and after weight loss transformation is nothing less but inspiring. We love how she follows the life mantra of happiness always first and looks second. 

She is known for speaking her mind and has always promoted body positivity.

Here is what we think about Adele weight Loss Surgery?

We do not know of any weight loss surgery that Adele must have done. Weight-loss surgery is an effective treatment for obese and morbidly obese people. With bariatrics involves making changes to the stomach, making your stomach smaller so that you consume less and lose more weight significantly. 

Weight loss surgery patients lose 70 percent body weight and shed extra 60-80 pounds within a year. This is the reason people speculate that Adele might have gone under the knife for this quick weight loss.

It was a Long Journey

It took Adele more than one year to be where she is with her body. She had lost more than 100 pounds, and she looks amazingly different and confident. 

Adele is a role model for everyone who is struggling to lose weight. Get inspired and take some quick tips from Adele’s weight loss routine and get ready to sweat it all out. 


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