How to Become A Personal Trainer

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Ever thought of becoming a personal trainer? If yes, this article is for you, as we will tell you how to become a certified personal trainer. Opportunities in the field of fitness training are growing at a quick pace. This has led to many fitness buffs entering this field as people hire personal trainers.

Fitness industries are expected to grow 27%; thus, becoming a personal trainer is a lucrative Job Profile. But how to become a personal trainer? Yes, this is the first problem you are going to face. So to help you with this problem we bring this article in which you will find all the aspects that you must know for this job profile. 

The article will find the various aspects of becoming a personal trainer like Necessary Skills, Certification, and more. Now, let’s begin with our guide to becoming a personal trainer.

Acquire Skills

This is the first step to becoming a personal trainer. You will need to acquire the necessary skills, like any other job profile. However, the fitness field is not a cup of tea for everyone, and if you wish to enter this field, the first thing you will need is your commitment. It would help if you are a fitness buff yourself and be willing to help others achieve the same. 

To be a personal trainer, you need to have good communication and interpersonal skills, which will help you deal with people. 

Register For A Course

For entering the field of fitness training, a certificate is essential. Having a proper certificate from a recognized organization is vital for the Profile of a personal Trainer as this is what people will need before offering you the job.

For this, you can join organizations that offer courses with both written and practical examinations and knowledge. The duration of these courses depends on the type of course you choose, but generally, most of the courses are under six months. 

Another thing to know is that there is a period for the certification, and they expire after some time and need to be renewed. 

Organizations For Certification

Many organizations provide certifications for personal trainers, but only some of them are NCCA certified. The National Commission for Certifying Agencies is a nationally recognized third-party agency that ensures that the agencies that provide certificates work at the highest standard. Source

Specialist Certificate

This is one of the things you can do to get an edge over your competition. The specialist course is perfect for you to expand your expertise. If you are interested in a field like weight lifting or functional training, then you can go for specialist certification. It will help you get more weightage when applying for a job in personal training. 

On Job Training

Experience is one of the essential parts recruiters see when hiring a personal trainer. In the fitness industry, a person with more experience is given more value than a fresher, and individuals are hired according to their experience.

To get the experience, you can work as an assistant with a professional personal trainer, which will help you get the desired experience. 

Start Your Business

Starting your own business is one of the best things you can do, as it will help you be self-dependent and help you grow as a personal trainer. To do this, you can talk to the locale fitness trainer who can give you advice for business. 


A personal trainer career is a promising and lucrative job profile for people passionate about fitness and health. In the article, you will find the tips and ways by which you can become a professional trainer.

We have also put the certifying organization you should look out for before joining a training institute.

What do you think about this job, Profile? Are You Interested? Please do let us know in the comment box. 

Jatin Choudhary