How to Fix Frizzy Hair?

tips to fix frizzy hair

Are you struggling with curly hair? Curly hair can be difficult to tame. Frizziness is caused by dryness in hair due to a lack of moisture. It is ironic how hot and humid weather makes the frizz even worse. 

This happens because dry hair tends to absorb moisture from the air, which causes hair cuticles or the outer layer of the hair to swell up. The hair cuticles are overlapping scales that tend to seperate and rise in the moist air. This is what makes our hair look frizzy.

Any product that makes hair dry makes frizz even worse, including shampoo with alkaline nature, styling gels, or any product containing alcohol. Hairstyling tools also dry out hair, and frizz erupts.

Try these methods to fix your curly hair if you want your hair to look super smooth and soft.

Use the Right Shampoo (to suit your hair)

Shampoos containing sulfates can strip your locks of natural oils that help fight frizz. It would help if you used sulfate-free shampoos to wash your hair. These are gentle on the hair and scalp too. You should not wash your hair every day, only when needed. If you are a curly hair man/woman, skip the traditional shampoo rinse and instead use conditioner to cleanse.

women with curly fringes on face

Leave-In Conditioner to Tame Frizz

For smooth and frizz-free hair, the number one solution is moisture. You should use leave-in conditioners, creams, and oils to coat the hair shaft and prevent them from soaking moisture from the air.

Apply the product to wet hair keeping it a few inches away from the roots till the ends of hair strands.

The point to note here is “wet.” if you apply the product on dry hair, the more it will separate, and this causes them to frizz.

Detangle Curls in the Shower

If you have curly hair naturally, you should avoid brushing your hair when it is dry, apart from before you shampoo the hair. Instead, it would help if you detangled your curly locks while conditioning them. If you comb them in the shower, your curls will hold the shape longer and look smooth.

Use Microfiber Hair Towel

Many people rub their hair with a towel to dry them after a shower. When you rub the hair with a towel, it will only make the locks rough up. This makes your hair more prone to getting frizzy after they dry completely. You should gently squeeze the water out of the hair to dry it. If possible, try using a microfiber towel.

women drying wet hair with cotton towel

Dry Your Hair Thoroughly When Blow Drying

Using heat to style your hair is a great way to seal the cuticles. When you use the blow dryer, make sure to dry the hair completely. There are chances your hair gets frizzy because you do not dry them 100% while you blow-dry it. Even one percent of moisture in hair will make them frizzy again as soon as you step out.

Seal the Moisture in the Cuticle With a Blow-Dryer

One biggest factor that affects frizz is how we style our hair when we blow-dry the hair. Whether from curly to straight or straight, always remember that the direction you need to follow while blow-drying is from roots to ends, moving down the hair shaft—And at the same time following the brush with a blow dryer. If you follow the opposite direction, moving up, the cuticles will raise and make them look frizzy.

Swap Hairspray With an Anti-Frizz Oil

You may be tempted to use hairspray to smoothen out the frizz and flyaways, but hairsprays contain a high amount of alcohol. They can dry out your shafts and can increase the frizz. When styling your hair, use hydrating cream or smoothing oil to lock the moisture in place. Run the product between your palms to warm it up, and then gently apply the product to the stray strands.

girl with curly frizzy hair

Embrace the Flyaways and Frizz

There are certain climatic conditions in which it v=becomes impossible to avoid frizz. Stop trying hard and let it be. Opt for way hair with lots of texture when styling; this way, frizz will not look noticeable. Every hair has a different texture; it is natural, making it more beautiful; frizz is a part of our hair; enjoy it.


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