How to get a newborn to sleep?

how to make a newborn sleep

Newborns do not understand the difference between day and night, and getting them to sleep for longer periods is a process in itself. If you make them sleep for long hours during the day, they will be awake for late hours at night. Babies wake up when they feel hungry as they only have a little tummy. You have to keep trying new things and then find what works the best for your baby. When the baby gets a good night’s rest, they will be more tolerant and patient the next day. Here are a few tips that you should follow to get your newborn to sleep for longer stretches.

  • Swaddle- babies have a startle reflex from birth to the age of four to five months; they feel as if they are falling. These sensations cause jerking movements, and the baby wakes up. When you swaddle babies, it prevents them from startling themselves and helps them sleep better and longer. Keep trying even if the baby does not like a swaddle. Babies like to have snugness around them. 
  • Limit their nap time during the day- it is not easy to wake up a sleeping bay, but sleeping for longer durations at day can make them not fall asleep at night. If the baby will sleep more than 2 hours, wake the baby up and feed to keep him awake. If the baby needs long sleep, nap time can be increased by 2.5 hours. Baby will sleep better at night if you break the sleep during the day. You can feed them more during the day, which also helps.
  • Follow a fixed bedtime routine- bedtime is good for both you and the baby. Babies get used to the order and feel comforted by it. When you follow a fixed routine, the baby tends to settle in quicker, and you won’t be stuck with how to get a newborn to sleep. The quicker they sleep without fretting, the quicker you can relax.
  • Lay down, baby, when drowsy and awake- the best way to encourage your baby is to sleep independently for a long time. Like adults, babies also wake up at night naturally. They do not know how to go back to sleep and end up crying, which leads to waking droning for longer than necessary. When the baby starts getting older and learns to fall asleep independently, this helps them drift back to sleep if they wake up in the middle of the night. This helps them to sleep better and for longer periods. Start by settling your baby in an exhausted state following a nighttime routine, and then lay the baby down as they start feeling drowsy. You can also place a firm and gentle hand over the chest while he slowly drifts off to sleep.

How much do newborns sleep?

The baby sleeps for around 8 hours during the night and 7-8 hours in the day in different shifts.

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