How to Introduce Dogs to Each Other: Best ways to Introduce Dogs

How to introduce dogs to each other

Dogs carry a kind of loyalty, which is hard to find these days. They can be your best companion when you are alone. However, sometimes when you are not at home, dogs also need someone to be with them, so why don’t you bring another dog? They can become good friends once they build a bond. You only need to introduce them properly at a place. Hence you must know how to introduce dogs to each other for better interaction. 

If you already have a dog and a new one is also entering your home, you have to plan what ensures a better meet without any hitch. Moreover, a new dog can also mean that you are bringing a new member into the family. Mostly it is not difficult to adjust two dogs to each other, and however, sometimes you need to have a trainer who can help you out with that. Dogs are social animals, so they like to make new friends. 

For the smooth interaction of dogs, you need to follow a simple procedure. The procedure is made in a way so dogs can easily interact. Now you must be thinking about how to introduce dogs to each other? This article will give you all the information about dogs’ interaction and factors related to this. Continue reading the article so you don’t miss any of the important steps. 

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Best Ways to Introduce Dogs

Studies have shown that dogs are more friendly than other animals (Source). Moreover, they can adjust to other varieties of dogs also. They can easily interact with each other; however, some dogs do not like mixing with others. This is because they prefer only one or two dog friends in their life span, so in this case it might be difficult for you to have an easy interaction. 

These kinds of dogs are required to learn basic social skills like other dogs, and you need to put more effort and care into training them. The most important thing is to be patient while training the dogs as good things take time to happen. Moreover, make sure your dogs have been neutered; otherwise, the meeting can be more difficult. 

Here is the list of best ways for how to introduce dogs to each other.

Unbiased Meeting Place

If you are confused about how your dogs will react when you leave them together for the first time, well, be tentative. You need to follow a simple plan for their first meet. First of all, keep these important things in your mind. 

  • Do not take both the dogs, where your first dog likes to go often. 
  • Do not even choose your dog’s favorite park. 

Park and the favorite places are not a good spot for the dogs to meet up, so choose a neutral place. Instead of a favorite park, you can take them to the dog park, and it can be a better option. 

If you are adopting a dog from the shelters, you can ask them to introduce the dogs as the staff people are trained well for the dogs’ interactions to ask them for help. Moreover, if your dog likes to meet dogs at the pet supply shop, you can ask the shop trainers to introduce it. Because they know properly how to introduce dogs to each other. 

However, if any of these techniques don’t work, then the best is you can hire a professional dog behavioral consultant. That professional will help you in introducing the dogs more efficiently. 

Introducing Dogs 

Once the meeting place gets decided, and dogs get to meet, here comes the introducing time. First of all, you have to be calm and relaxed while taking the dogs for a meetup. It will be better if an adult person goes for handling. Ensure you lose all the tension because if your dogs see you low, it can make them feel more anxious and fearful. So basically, you are the backbone of your dogs at the introduction time. 

While dogs are interacting, walk around them safely so they don’t get disturbed. Moreover, allow them to smell each other for a smooth interaction; however, if any of the dogs’ barks, lunges, and snaps towards each other, better separate them immediately. Therefore, this is a condition when they both are not liking each other, and it is better to stop that meeting immediately. 

To solve this problem, you can hire a professional dog trainer who can analyze the problem. As soon as the trainer starts his meeting process, you can see your dogs becoming good friends. 

Allowing Dogs to Meet

Meeting is a major part in how to introduce a new dog. After an interaction, now let the dogs meet each other properly. When dogs are done approaching each other, look at their body language. The body language tells a lot about a dog interaction so pay good attention to their whole body. 

The dogs will change their posture or make a little nose while meeting. However, if you don’t know the difference between the normal postures and meeting postures, keep a person who knows about it. Analyzing this activity is an important process in how to introduce dogs to each other. 

If dogs do not show any sign of connectivity and hostility, then take them to a confined place. Because sometimes, in an open space, dogs feel anxious to have a meeting; at that time, a confined place is a better option. Moreover, do not interfere too much in between them and give them some space for interaction. Generally, humans tend to manage these interactions better, but it would be best to leave them alone. Because the more minimal interference is there, the better interaction will happen. 

Dogs Body Language

The body language is the sign of understanding the interaction. As you know, dogs can not speak, so they sign through their body language. Hence, you can learn the art easily to understand the dog’s body language. So when you are introducing your dogs, make sure you have a good vision of their activities. If you are confused about analyzing their body language, then these points will help you better understand. 

  • If both the dogs strengthen their bodies and look into each other’s eyes with hair raised and teeth exposed, they will probably be good friends soon. This is the best sign of an amazing interaction. However, if they lunge at each other and start fighting soon, then separate them immediately. In this case, you have to consult a professional dog trainer and do not try to organize another meeting. Otherwise, the situation can become worse. 
  • Nose-to-nose greetings this is another sign to show the interaction. However, this interaction is quite stressful for many dogs threatened by eye contact and close interactions. If these dogs go for the nose-to-nose greetings, they might bite the other dogs out of defensiveness and fear. This is the time when they start making bad decisions. 
  • When the dogs stare at each other at the time of eye contact, the best behavior is giving a glance and then looking aside. However, if any dog stares hard into other dog’s eyes, this is a sign of a challenge. It is a non-friendly activity, so as soon as you find it, make sure you give verbal feedback to the dogs to make them calm. The verbal techniques are the best at the time of stressful situations between dogs. 
  • Keep a vision on dogs that they do not rush upon each other because this can cause a brutal fight between them. If both the dogs rush up with or without hair, rise of shoulders, start making loud growling sounds and playing raucous, then stay alert. This activity or play can lead to a big fight between them. Moreover, the fight can become so hard that it will be difficult to make them calm. So make sure you keep a good vision at the time.  
  • Here comes an interesting sign which dogs usually show by their body language at the time of interaction. Have you ever seen kids bullying each other? The same thing goes with the dogs; they also bully the other dogs with different body languages. If any of the dogs continuously ignores the other or tries to take a break repeatedly, it can be nothing less than bullying. However, these kinds of actions can lead to aggression and fight between the two of them sometimes. So try to maintain this activity healthily and communicative. Make an environment that should be appropriate in the interaction. The important thing is that they should pay equal attention to each other positively because the more they interact with others, the earlier they can make a good friendship bond. 

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Final Words

Dogs are one of the best caretakers, and it will be best if you have two. They can interact with each other easily, so if you already have a dog, you can also bring another puppy or a dog to your home. Introducing a dog or puppy to an older dog is also a simple process; you need to follow the basic steps. If the situations are not in your favor, then you can hire an expert also. Now you know how to introduce dogs to each other, and you don’t need to worry about your pets. So you can bring another dog without any hitch and leave a valuable comment if you find this article informative.