How To Make Yarn Pom-Poms

How To Make Yarn Pom-Poms

You may have seen pom-pom balls on your winter hats and kids’ cardigans. These yarn pom balls are fluffy, small, and cute that make perfect for adding to crocheted or knitted hats. 

You can make pom poms by using a yard of your favorite and use them as Christmas ornaments, create some DIY crafts, or give them to your cat, as cats love to play with small yarn balls.

There are various ways of making yarn pom balls at home. You need to follow basic steps, and your yarn pom balls will be ready.  

I will tell you the quick and easy way to make DIY pom balls in this post. It will take a few minutes, and you can make so many pom-poms for your hats, cardigans, Christmas decoration, and toys for your cat. 

How To Make Pom Pom Balls

Things You Need:

  • Yarn of your favorite color
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard
  • Bangle or any circular item for tracing the circular shape
  • Pen or marker

Make DIY Yarn Pom Pom Balls

colorful yarn pom pom balls

Step 1: Trace Circular Shape On Cardboard

Take any circular-shaped object and trace it on the cardboard sheet using a pen. You need to make two circles, one small and another large. The circle’s diameter depends upon how big or small the pom ball you want. 

Step 2: Cut The Cardboard

Using a scissor, cut the circle you trace on cardboard. Next, you need to cut a slit to the center and a small circle in the center. To pass the yarn easily from the slit, you need to widen the slit a little bit. 

Step 3: Wrap Yarn Around The Circular Cardboard

Next, wrap the yarn around the circular piece of cardboard you have cut. While wrapping, makes sure to hold the yarn with your hand. Pass the yarn through the slit and wrap it all over. Nicely fill the cardboard with yarn so that no gap remains except the slit area. Wrap yarn nicely until it covers all the places. 

If you want fluffy pom, then fill the center with more yarn. 

Step 4: Cut Yarn From Edgeseads of yarn 

Using scissors, carefully trim the yarn from the edges of the cardboard ring. Cut all the threads of yarn. 

Pro Tip: Use a pointed and sharp scissor to cut the threads of yarn quickly and easily. 

Step 5: Tie Pom Pom Ball

After cutting all the edges, take a yarn thread, tie it to the cardboard ring from the middle, and close. On the other side, tie a knot to make it secure and not open while using it. Make sure to tie a tight knot without breaking the yarn. Now slowly and gently remove the cardboard. 

Step 6: Give Shape To Pom Poms

To give your DIY Pom Pom balls the right round shape, you need to trim the yarns and make them look equal from all sides. It is like you are giving a haircut to the pom ball. Roll the ball in your hands and see whether it is in perfect shape. After trimming and giving it a perfect shape, your yarn pom balls are ready to use. 

Pro Tip: If you are making lots of pom balls for decorating your hat, make sure all the balls are of the same size; otherwise, it will look odd.