How To Prevent and Treat Upper Eyelid Wrinkles

how to prevent eyelid wrinkles

As we age, there are wrinkles start to appear on our faces. Whether it is on the forehead, mouth lines, or eyelids. But there are also some other reasons than aging that leads to wrinkles on our face, especially on the eyelids. 

As we care for our face, we have done care for eyelids. We usually forget this part of our face and only focus on the forehead, cheeks, chin, and jawline. Whereas if you have wrinkles on your eyelids, you will look more aged than you are. You may have seen numerous beauty bloggers and a dermatologist who suggests taking the proper eye care for other features of your face. They suggest special cream for undereye skin and removing eye bags that come when you wake up in the morning. However, it is very rare when they are talking about wrinkles and eyelid wrinkles. 

Eyelid skin is very delicate, thin, and prone to damage. If not taken proper care of, they may easily get wrinkles that are not even removed later. For these reasons, you have to take proper care from the very beginning and apply anything on your face by taking care of eyelid skin. In this post, we will talk about the causes of eyelid wrinkles and how you can prevent them by following those potent steps. 

Causes Of Eyelid Wrinkles

Stress and headache.

Applying cosmetic products, dehydration, and improper treatment can be seen as the obvious causes of eyelid wrinkles, but there are numerous other reasons that you should know. 

  • Blinking: The time you blink your eyes in a minute also leads to eyelid wrinkles. Those who blink too much may have a chance of getting eyelid wrinkles earlier than others. Over blinking of eyes can cause crows feet that you have to take treatment for. 
  • Expose To Sun Rays: As you may already know, direct sun rays cause so many damages to our skin. Our eyelid skin is very thin and delicate when you move out in the sun; they may easily get affected by the harmful sun rays that lead to wrinkles. Sun rays speed up the aging process and make them look saggy. 
  • Dehydration: One of the major causes of most skin issues is dehydration. Wrinkles appear on the eyelid due to less hydration in eyelid skin, and they easily become puffed and tired. Some facial creams and makeup products also lead to dehydration in the skin. 
  • Pulling or Tugging: As you know, the skin of the eyelid is very thin and more delicate than any other part of your face and body. If you rub your eyes frequently and harshly, that might cause eye wrinkles. Pulling and tugging your eyelids while applying and removing cosmetics or makeup products also leads to cause severe damage to the eyelid skin and makes wrinkles appear on the eyelids. 

However, your skin loses elasticity that cannot be brought back by age. But you can adopt a healthy lifestyle and minimize your screen time so that it will remain elastic for a longer time. Here below are foolproof ways to get rid of eyelid wrinkles and improve the texture of your eyelid skin. 

Ways To Prevent and Treat Eyelid Wrinkles

Tips for eyelid care
  • Gently Remove Eye Makeup: You should take care while removing the eyelid makeup. Use a gentle makeup remover, and without tugging gently remove eye makeup. You have to make sure that you do not put much pressure on the eyelid skin. Pressure leads to distressed skin of the eyelid and leads to permanent damage and wrinkles. Thus make sure to use makeup remover gently like oils. 
  • Apply Hydrating Serum On Eyelids: To make sure your eyelid skin stays hydrated, you should use a hydrating serum specially made for eyelids. Use a serum made from natural ingredients and does not contain any chemical products. Make sure to keep eyelid skin hydrated to stay healthy, shinier, and wrinkle-free for longer times. 
  • Use Collagen Boosting Cream: As we age, skin elasticity gets loose day by day. But with the right lifestyle and diet, you can maintain it. Also, to keep the skin’s elasticity, you can use collagen-boosting creams. Same for eyelids, there are various collagen boosting creams available that you must use. 
  • SPF Eyeshadow: Except for eyelids, we apply sunscreen to every part of our face. We usually apply eyeshadows without checking whether it is with SPF or not. To protect your eyelids from the sun’s harmful rays, you should use eyeshadows that contain SPF. A good SPF eyeshadow will protect and prevent the harmful damages caused by the UV rays. 
  • Do Not Use Retinol Containing Products: Retinol is responsible for irritating your eyelid skin. This irritation may lead to eye problems. You also have to be cautious while waxing your eyebrows because wax may cause damage. Retinol also makes the epidermis thin, which leads to more delicate skin. Applying retinol cream on eyelids also leads to an eczematous reaction. 
  • Use Products To Relieve Puffiness: One of the major things that make you look aged and dull is the puffiness in the eyes. You have to use those eye products responsible for reducing the puffiness on your eyelids. You can also use home remedies like the application of ice cubes. 

Pro Tip: For healthy and younger-looking skin, drink plenty of water. I know you may have heard this many times, but it’s true. Water is the best and less expensive way to make your skin look younger, healthier, and shinier. Also, try to eat less sugary products, say no to junk foods, and eat more whole and raw foods. Your lifestyle should include daily exercise. Use fewer smartphones and cut-off off your screen time. All this will ensure your eyelid health and keep your entire face and body young for a longer time.