How to write an Essay?

how to write an essay

An essay is common academic writing often asked to do in classes or competitions. Essay writing can be a dreadful task for many students. You might find it overwhelming whether the essay needs to be written for a class project, scholarship, or contest. You need to take care of many things while writing an essay to make sure you write a good essay. Before you start writing, you need to understand the topic well to know your approach better and your focus point. Then it involves outlining the content of the essay, which includes the body and conclusion. To understand everything in detail, we have made a step-by-step guide to help you write a good essay. If you want to learn how to write an essay, then ready the below-mentioned points.

Tips on Writing an Effective Essay

  • Pick a topic.

Sometimes the topic of the essay is pre-assigned, and other times you might be given the freedom to choose your topic. If you have been assigned the topic already, think about the kind of paper you want to produce. Should the topic be a general overview or a detailed analysis? 

You will have to put in extra work if you are not given the topic for your essay. You can use this opportunity to your advantage and choose a subject that you like or interests you the most. Then you need to define the purpose of your essay and focus on that solely. Then you will have to research your topic and note down important points. If your essay goal is to educate about the topic, then choose a subject you know about already. If you want to write a persuasive essay, then pick a topic you are very passionate about. Whatever is the aim of your essay, the topic should interest you.

  • Prepare an outline or diagram of your ideas.

To write a good essay, you first need to organize your thoughts. Put your thoughts onto a paper and make notes to see connections and links between the ideas. This will build a foundation for your essay. You can either outline or make diagrams to note the ideas and organize them properly.

 To create a diagram, write the essay topic in the center of the page. You can draw lines branching out of the topic and then write the main ideas on these lines. You can create more lines and write down your thoughts if you need them.

If you like making outlines instead, write the topic at the top and begin listing your main ideas. You can write a sub-point of these main ideas below them. This way, your thoughts will be organized and help you write a better essay.

  • Write your thesis statement.

Now that you have chosen a topic and nicely sorted your ideas into important categories, you are now ready to create a thesis statement. The thesis statement tells your reader the main idea behind your essay. 

The thesis statements have two parts. The first part states the topic of your essay, and the second part states the main idea of the essay. 

  • Write the body.

The main essay body explains, argues, or describes the topic. Every single main idea you wrote in your outline or diagram will make a seperate section of your essay body. Every paragraph will have a similar body structure; start by writing an introductory sentence for your main idea. Then next, you have to a supporting sentence for that idea and leave three to four lines in between each point to give detailed examples for backing up your position. Fill these spaces with the necessary information to link small ideas together.

  • Write the introduction.

After developing the thesis and the main body of the entire essay, you need to write an introduction for your essay. The introduction should be framed in such a way to attract the reader’s attention and show the idea behind your essay.

Start by writing an attention grabber line. You can use dialogue, shocking information, a quote, a story, and a simple topic summary. Whichever angle you choose, you need to ensure that it links with the thesis of the essay that is to be included at the end of the introduction.

  • Write a conclusion.

The conclusion is written to bring the essay topic to closure and sum up the overall idea, and, at the same time, provide a final perspective on the topic. The conclusion should consist of 3-5 strong sentences. You have to review the essay’s main points and provide reinforcement of the thesis statement.

  • Add the finishing touches.

After writing the conclusion, don’t be mistaken to think that your work is done. Before declaring the work finished, you should take some time to check for small details. 

Ensure the right order for the paragraphs in the essay. The strongest point should be the one that comes first and last in the body and other points falling in the middle of the essay body. The order of the paragraphs should be done sensibly. If the essay describes a process, for instance, how to make a cake, the paragraphs should be arranged in the right order.

Many scholars and teachers follow different formats for the essay, make sure you have followed that too, and the essay is in the right format.

In the end, you have to review everything that you have written. Reread your essay and check if the essay makes sense. The sentence should have a smooth flow, and you can add phrases that can connect ideas and thoughts. Check for any spelling and grammar mistakes, if any. And with that, you have now completed your essay.

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