Latest Spy Gear Toys For Kids


If you are looking for some interesting spy gear toys for your kids, then no doubt you are in the correct place. Here you will get to know about the latest spy gear for kids to keep your kid busy.

 If your kids love sleuthing and sneaking, then you should buy spy gear toys or spy gear gadgets for your kids. The spy games help your kid to concentrate on details and look for hidden facts. 

You can buy spy toys online, and if you have no clue what to buy or don’t know anything about spy gear toys or spy gadgets for kids, this article will help you out.

Best spy gear for kids

Spy toys are the best option for your kids to keep them away from phones and computers. Here are a few spy gadgets for kids that you should buy.

Video Walkie Talkies

These spy gadgets for your kids work exceptionally well for playing as spies with friends. These spy gadgets provide two-way video communication, and the most important thing that you can connect with your agents without data or wifi.

Microscope Kit

You can buy this spy gear for kids, and it includes investigating objects. This spy gear for kids comes with a metal arm and base and contains fifty-two accessories and a plastic case.


The drone is a perfect spy gadget for kids. If you have a small spy in your home, you should buy these spy gear toys for them. This drone can connect with your smartphone through an app. It has an advanced barometer sensor that ensures quality aerial photos.  

Night Goggles

These spy gadgets help your little spy to solve top-secret missions at night. These spy gadgets need three AAA batteries, and they have blue-tinted lenses and led lights that make the night mission easy.

Lazer Trap Alarm

Your kid can use these spy toys to protect their belonging or their little sibling. These spy gear toys include three pieces to create a laser beam trap. It is best for six to twelve years old kids. 

Forensic Science Kit

These spy gear toys are suitable for teenagers. These spy gadgets help them to learn about detective work through a murder case. This Forensic Science Kit contains testing samples such as fingerprints powder, fingerprints dusting brush, and fingerprints lifting tape.  

Rechargeable Walkie Talkie

You can buy your little spy this rechargeable walkie talkie. These spy toys keep the kids up to date on their activities with a range of upto six miles in an open area. However, these spy kids toys contain a set of three spy gear toys and rechargeable batteries. 

Spy Costume Kit

Spy Costume Kit includes a trench coat, sunglasses, a hat, belt, decoder lens, and a super fun top-secret mission file. The spy folder has decoding methods to break code, and the sunglasses have rear-view mirrors. This spy costume will give your kids an adorable look. 

Invisible Ink Pen

These spy toys come with 60 pens that have invisible ink. This invisible ink pen includes various bright colored pens and three button cell batteries. These batteries help them to read hidden code; even you can use these spy kids toys in your party game. 

Spy Secret Coin Safe

You kids can use these spy toys to keep their money safe from their siblings. It has an LCD screen that indicates the amount of money inside. Although, these spy kids toys have a secret unlock button so that no one can raid the money without his/her permission.

Electronic Lie Detector Portable Spy Kit

These spy kids toys make spying interesting, and a spy always needs a lie detector machine so that he/she can find the truth. This lie detector kit doesn’t work, really, but your kids can learn a lot. This kit comes with card storage, moisture sensor, headbands, and cables and consists of three AAA batteries. These fun spy toys teach your kid real-world concepts such as enforcement law techniques, profiling, and skills. 

Spy Briefcase

You can buy your kid this amazing spy briefcase so that they can keep their things safely. The briefcase is made with glossy cardboard material and includes a handle, locks, and strings. If you take out the inner part of the briefcase, then it has plenty of space. 

Today’s children are fabulous with electronic devices and technologies. They live their lives with gadgets; however, if you can’t figure out how to connect these spy games, you can watch videos that most companies offer with the game or search it on their websites. 

Safety Tips

Always remember that the toys which you give your kids are safe and are of good quality. Good spy stuff for kids is mostly chemical-free or avoid harmful chemicals. Some spy stuff for kids contains lithium batteries that could be a concern for your kids. If you notice any spy toys may harm your kids, avoid them immediately. Keep in mind that don’t buy a lot of violent spy gear for kids because they promote violence.  

Benefits of Spy Gear Toys

These spy gear for kids increases their learning potential, and the spy stuff helps them find a new imaginary world. Children now begin to understand what career path they want through role-playing. Kids always change their minds, but they can choose their career in the detective field through these spy games. Spy games come with mysteries that require your kid’s brainpower to figure out. 

Final Words

Nowadays, kids spend most of their time on computers, phones, and tablets, so these spy gear toys for kids can get them out from the world of the internet and into the imaginary world. Some of these spy gear games can be used at your kitty parties for entertainment. This spy stuff for kids is enough to keep them entertained, and you could encourage your kids to play spy games.