Everything You Need To Know About Medusa Lip Piercing

medusa lip piercing

The fact is that medusa lip piercing is amazing. If you were thinking of having a piercing that intensifies the charm, then this lip piercing is just for you. However, there are many types of lip piercing. Medusa lip piercing is the trending piercing and becomes increasingly famous. Also, the medusa piercing is also called philtrum piercing.

The medusa piercing can simply be combined with other face piercings like shark bites piercing, making it an excellent choice. Also, it is equally popular among both genders. So, what is medusa lip piercing? Read more to know about this lip piercing.

What Is A Medusa Piercing

The medusa piercing is the perforation below the nose and above the upper lip. The area between the nose and upper lip is called the philtrum, and this is why the medusa piercing is also known as philtrum piercing.

Do not confuse it with the Monroe or Madonna piercing. The Madona piercing is the perforation below the nose and above the upper lip on the right side, whereas the Monroe piercing is on the left side. The reason for the increasing popularity is it’s an eye-catching and unique look. It can simply combine with other facial piercings. You can also consider combining it with the Ashley piercing or shark bite piercing.

Types Of Upper Lip Piercings

Here are some upper lip piercing that we have mentioned below.

Double Medusa Piercing

The double medusa piercing has double holes below the nose. It’s a variation of a medusa piercing and gives more room to try double jewelry you wish to have.

Jestrum Piercing

It is a perforation above the upper lip with both visible ends. The entry and exit points are visible—it the best piercing for those who want the bold rocky look.

Madonna Piercing

The Madonna piercing has a piercing on the right side above the upper lip. People generally confuse Monroe & Madonna piercing.

Monroe Piercing

The Monroe piercing has a piercing on the left side of the upper lip. It is just like the madonna piercing but on the other side of the lip.

Angel Bites Piercing

This piercing has a piercing on both sides above the lip symmetrically. It is generally the combination of the Monroe and madonna piercing.

Pros And Cons

Here are some of the pros and cons linked with the medusa piercing.


  • The medusa piercing gives a catchy look.
  • This piercing is equally famous among both genders, and both women and men can have it.
  • The procedure is fast. Also, it requires very little time.
  • The philtrum piercing can simply be combined with other piercings. It also enhances the beauty and provides you with a new different look.
  • Also, there are other variations of the medusa piercing, which you have Double Medusa and Jestrum.
  • The procedure involves one piercing only.

Philtrum Piercing Procedure

For medusa piercing, you first find an experienced and professional piercer in the nearby area. Ensure that the equipment is sterilized and must have a good reputation.

Before piercing, the piercer will clean the outer area with the anti-bacterial item. He will mark a spot with the surgical pen to give the idea of where exactly he makes the perforation.

Now the piercer will hold the upper lip with the surgical clamp. He will create the hole with the needle. The jewelry will be used to finalize the procedure medusa piercing.

After this procedure, you will be given aftercare guidelines and instructions that you must follow to avoid infection.

Pain Level Of Medusa Piercing

The fact is that every individual has a different level of pain tolerance. For someone, the lip piercing might be more painful than the ear-piercing.

On the pain scale meter from level one to level ten, the medusa lip piercing is level 4.

The lip tissue is quite sensitive, and some people might find the procedure to be more painful. However, basically, you will feel the pinch throughout the procedure. The lip might swell after a procedure for few days. Do not worry about the swell because it is quite normal. The reason is that the body responds to external things.

Aftercare And Healing Time

The healing time of the medusa lip piercing depends on two factors.

  • One is the person’s health condition.
  • Second, how well you are following the aftercare instruction.

Philtrum piercing generally takes six to ten weeks to heal completely, depending on how well you have followed the aftercare instruction.


  • Always try to keep the medusa piercing dry.
  • Maintain better oral hygiene.
  • Use salt-water to clean the outer side of a piercing.
  • Use the soft toothbrush while brushing.
  • Wash the mouth with an anti-bacterial mouthwash after every meal.
  • Pick the piece of jewelry made with hypoallergenic material.
  • Keep following the guidelines and aftercare instructions.


  • Do not touch the philtrum piercing without washing the hand with the anti-bacterial soap.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol because the alcohol works as the blood thinner.
  • Do not eat spicy or hot food items.
  • Avoid using a shared cup or spoon.
  • Do not try to play or remove the jewelry.
  • Avoid using public pools.
  • Do not use any cream on the outer side. It mighty causes infection.

Cleaning The Medusa Piercing

Always clean the piercing to avoid infections. For the inner side, you must wash the mouth with good antibacterial mouthwash after every meal. For the outer side, you can clean by using the salt liquid. Also, you can get the premade solution from the market. Or you can make it yourself by mixing the non-iodized salt with warm water and use the cotton ball to clean the outer side with the solution.

Medusa Piercing Risks

There are many risks linked with medusa piercing. So we have mentioned some of the risk factors.

Tooth & Gum Erosion: Be careful while choosing the jewelry. You must choose the jewelry having the right size. Also, ensure that the jewelry is made with hypoallergenic material. The jewelry might keep slamming against teeth and gum, causing tooth erosion and gum recession.

Infection: The inner side can easily get infected because it is affected by everything you eat. Moreover, you must strictly follow the aftercare instruction to lower any chance of infection.

Soreness & Swelling: After the procedure, the lip might swell, and you might feel pain for some days. It might cause a problem in performing the everyday tasks. Minor soreness and swelling are quite normal if it lasts for some days. In case if you are having excessive pain with redness and swelling, then consult the doctor.

Final Words

Like all other piercings, medusa lip piercing needs to do proper aftercare practices. Also, be aware of healing times and see if any potential health risks connected with the piercing. Overall, medusa piercing is a versatile piercing that can suit a wide range of personal styles, and it is the best piercing that you can go for. So, if you find this medusa piercing article useful, drop a comment below this section.