Amazing Mexican Anime Characters

mexican anime characters

Most of the anime characters are Japanese, which is entirely agreeable; however, today, we will discuss Mexican Anime Characters because not every anime fan is from Japan.

These Latino anime characters come from different backgrounds and countries like Mexico, Chile, Argentina, and many more. Also, some of them are Hispanic anime characters.

The anime shows get more and more famous globally; producers diversify the Latino anime characters in the anime world to get more attraction.

So in this article, we will tell the diversification with the list of Latino and Mexican anime characters.

Garcia Lovelace From Black Lagoon

Garcia is the only son of Diego Jose San Lovelace, at age about 12 at his first look. Gracia was the heir to the Lovelace family line and current head, the twelfth in succession after Gracia’s father, was killed.

Lovelace was kidnapped for a short time by the cartel, and the Lagoon Company transported him as “goods.” Roberta and Garcia left Roanapur quickly, with the help from Hotel Moscow.

Garcia has apparently returned to Roanapur searching for Roberta with Fabiola’s new maid, waiting in the local hotel. He looked like he matured considerably in terms of emotional strength.

Rosarita Cisneros From Black Lagoon

Roberta worked as a maid for four years at the household of Lovelace in Colombia. Though her domestic skills, like cooking and cleaning, were poor, Roberta has developed a close friendship with a young heir of the Lovelace family, Garcia. 

Roberta’s other name is Rosarita Cisneros; she was a former FARC guerrilla assassin in Cuba and an international wanted criminal. Rosarita earned the moniker “Bloodhound of Florencia” for her ruthless drive to accomplish her objectives.

Pedro Domingo From Excel Saga

Domingo left his home in Colombia, South America, to work hard and earn money to support his wife and son. Rather, he ended up dying in the terrible fire for which Excel was little responsible.

After spending time as a Great Will of the Macrocosm’s boy toy, Domingo escaped and returned home only to find that Pedrowife and his son had already forgotten him. Excel saga is one of the best anime you can watch.

Io Scylla From Saint Seiya

Scylla is one of the few Hispanic anime characters with Chilean heritage. Scylla is tasked with protecting the Mammoth Pillar, which is located in the South Pacific Ocean.

He uses a great variety of techniques, including firing off tornados at the enemies and controlling animals.

Sunshine From Kinnikuman

Sunshine has nearly killed Geronimo; the Apache War Cry way defeated him after his weakness was loud noises. Same as the other Devil Knights, Sunshine was incorporated with the Akuma Shogun before the fight with Kinnikuman.

Later, Ashuraman and Sunshine escape, and they plot to steal the friendship power from the Seigi Choujins. They set their plan through the Dream Tag Tournament, where they fight as a stray devil Choujin Combo.

Sunshine arrived as one of the Devil Knights, a group of Akuma Choujin who had apparently stolen the Golden Mask. He fought Geronimo Warman’s unconscious body during the five-story ring battle.

After they defeated Kinnikuman Great during the semi-finals, they become a god; however, Sunshine was killed by Neptuneman.

Michiko Malandro From Michiko & Hatchin

An independent and wild woman who has just escaped from one of the heaviest security prisons in existence. Malandro saves Hana from her cruel foster parents by smashing through the window with her motorbike.

She says that she remembers Hatchin’s father, and he was a good man, which made her fall in love with him right away. Moreover, she has a strange tattoo on her stomach.

Monkey D.Luffy From One Piece

Monkey is the main character and the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates and his friends. At first sight, Monkey is one of the Latino anime characters does not seem to be very intelligent, usually seeing things childish and simply being surprised by the simplest things.

However, because he straightforwardly sees the world, he is the only person who can see past events and recognize what should be done.

Luffy appears to have an unstoppable hunger, a characteristic that is normal to the Japanese ideal of the (at times simple-minded) young adventurer with a heart of gold; maybe the hunger is more so in Luffy’s case to have a stretchy stomach.

The author of the manga Eiichiro Oda was asked in the interview that if these characters were born in the real human world then where Monkey D.Luffy exist, Eiichiro Oda said Monkey would be Brazilian.

Chad Yasutora From Bleach

Yasutora is a teenage Mexican anime character. Chad is very tall and seems to be much older than he actually is. He has a tattoo on his left shoulder that shows Amore e Morte (“love and death” in Italian).

In this series, he is often seen wearing either his t-shirt or a school uniform. He is seen wearing a long-sleeve dark shirt with the rose design on the left sleeve.

Juan Diaz From Captain Tsubasa

Juan Diaz is a fictional character from the anime called Captain Tsubasa, he is the Captain and best soccer player from the Argentina team. At first, Diaz is conceited and arrogant; however, Diaz is somewhat humble after his duel with Tsubasa Ozora and matches Japan.

Juan Diaz is very skill and has been considering to be the next generation player of Argentina Soccer, even being compared to Diego Maradona. –

Leo De LaIglesia From Yuri!!! On Ice

A Latin-American anime character, he is one of the representatives for the US. Leo is “full of creativity.”

He is also very thoughtful of his friends, and he is full of the spirit of entertaining. Leo takes care of his choreography and brings audiences with the programs full of creativity. Leo updates SNS often and always enjoys the play with full energy.

Pedro Domingo From Excel Saga

Pedro is one of the black characters in Mexican anime. He left his home in Columbia to get work and earn to support his wife and son. Instead, he dies in a horrible fire breakout caused by Excel.

After he spent some time as Great Will, Pedro escapes and goes back home to find that his family had already forgotten him and is living with neighbor Gomez.

Sado Yasutora – ‘Bleach’

Sado Yasutora, AKA Chad–born in Okinawa and raised by his grandfather’s side as a Mexican citizen, so we can say that he comes from partial Mexican descent and seems to have learned the value of peace during his time with this older man.

From all that we know about him so far, it appears he is interested only in fighting for what he believes is right or defending others who cannot defend themselves from physical harm. He will not be drawn into the conflict on any other terms than these two ideals if at all possible!

Sado Yastorra has been born and raised outside of Japan but still holds strong ties to their culture through predecessors like himself – those who left home for greener pastures elsewhere yet remained faithful to Japanese customs rooted deep within them even after years away

Quetzalcoatl From Luck & Logic

Quetzalcoatl is a feathered serpent with the wings of an Aztec god who is basically a Mesoamerican dragon. In Luck & Logic, Quetzalcoatl attacks on earth, and sweet little Yukari Nanahoshi distracts him while Yoshichika plans an attack.

Being sweet little Yukari Nanhoshi she defeats the giants and this is how Quetzalcoatl becomes her partner.

Rosarita Cisneros From Black Lagoon

Roberta is a Latin maid who worked at the Lovelace House in Columbia for four years. Although she is not good at domestic skills like cooking and cleaning, she developed a close relation with Garcia, the young scion of family.

Roberta was formerly known as Rosarita Cisneros, a FARC guerrilla trained working as assassin in Cuba.

Monkey D. Luffy – ‘One Piece’

One Piece might occur in a fantasy world, but the fictional setting is loosely based on historical colonial times.

When Eiichiro Oda, the author of the manga series One Piece, was asked where his characters would be from if they existed in real life, he said that Luffy would have to be Brazilian (South America) because it’s one of few places with palm trees and waterfalls like those found throughout all regions within Brazil. This makes him rare – and awesome!

Michiko Malandro – ‘Michiko And Hatchin’

Michiko and Hatchin is a TV show in Brazil, so naturally, many of the characters are Brazilian. One such character is Michiko Malandro from the long-running anime series “Michiko and Hatchin.”

In her search for Hiroshi Morenos – Hana’s father, who she claims to be alive – she breaks out of prison on top of driving a motorcycle through the wall at an abusive foster home where he daughter was being held captive by their mother’s abuser (Hana).

Roberta – ‘Black Lagoon’

Roberta, AKA Rosarita Cisneros, is a Colombian maid who works for the wealthy Lovelace family. There’s more to her than just being a maid, though – she was an assassin for FARC and has been caught up in various Cuban wars ever since she left home as a child.

She can be deadly when necessary, but Garcia makes it difficult because of how attracted he seems to Roberta despite knowing all about her past life, at least until their relationship becomes sexual on top of everything else…

Nadie – ‘El Cazador de la Bruja’

Nadie, originally named “Nobody” in Spanish but changed it to alias as she grew up, is the protagonist of a lesser-known anime called El Cazador de la Bruja.

She’s a Mexican bounty hunter that apprehends Ellis -a mysterious young girl that has been accused of murder and remembers nothing about the incident-.

When Nadie initially captures her target on behalf of their victim Antonio Garza at his request for financial compensation from capturing criminals, he also requests help finding answers to what had happened with Ellis before anyone else finds out or someone gets hurt again.

Taking pity on this strange child who appeared just like any other human would have looked if they weren’t wearing some all-black clothing attire (with only one eye),

Pepe Iglesias From Megalo Box

A Latino anime boxer Pepe Iglesias fights against Yuri in Megalo Box. He talks in Spanish and is popular for using the same to taunt the opponents.

Pepe uses Mexican sugar skulls for representing his thematically. He is a talented boxer who is self-assures and known how to hype up the crowd.

Ricardo Martinez – ‘Hajime No Ippo’

Ricardo Martinez is a featherweight boxer whose fighting style has been called “immeasurable and otherworldly” by other characters in the series. He’s a quiet Mexican origin, one of the most formidable opponents that Makunouchi Ippo must face.

He fights with both gracefulness and power, his skills honed to perfection through years at boxing school as well as hours upon hours spent sparring against some of Mexico’s fiercest fighters.

His record speaks for itself: he holds an undefeated streak that spans across three different weight classes, all while maintaining perfect defense stats–no wonder they call him immeasurable!

Final Words

These Mexican and Latina anime characters come from various backgrounds that include Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, and Chile. Hope you like the list of Mexican anime characters. Comment below which character do you like most. Also, check out the smartest anime characters that outsmart the nemesis.