Best Mountain Climbing Movies To Watch

mountain climbing movies

Are you a person who gets an adrenaline rush after seeing a no-hand knee-bar rest? Does exposure of 400 meters make your hands sweat out of excitement? If the answer to any of the questions is an astounding ‘yes!’ then you will surely love the mountain climbing movies. 

The movies which we have put together in the list are some of the best, which will surely give you an adrenaline rush out of excitement. Even if you are not a rock monkey, the movies we have put together in the list will leave you fascinated. They are laced with some fantastic plot lines which dive deep inside the character stories. These movies are known for having some of the most captivating and inspiring mountaineering stories. 

Now, let’s begin our journey of diving into the world of mountain climbing movies. 

Free Solo

Release: 31st August 2018

Run Time: 100 minutes

Where You Can Watch: Disney Hotstar and Amazon Prime

The free solo movie is one of the best rock climbing movies you can watch out of all the available options out there. This amazing movie, with its intriguing plot and storyline, will leave you fascinated. 

This movie is actually a rock climbing documentary of the world’s top free soloist Alex Honnold. He is known for climbing solo on sans ropes and many other projects. To be sure, this is an Oscar-winning climbing documentary which you are surely going to love. This movie will give you insight into the world of Alex and his experience as a solo climber. 


Release: 23rd January 2015

Run Time: 90 minutes

Where You Can Watch: Amazon Prime

This is one of the best mountain climbing movies you can watch. It is a masterpiece from the solo directors Elizabeth Chai Vaarhelyi and Jimmy Chin. 

The movie shows Conrad Anker, Renan Ozturk, and Jimmy Tin’s story as they try to climb the Himalayas. It presents the three climbers’ captivating story of how they attempt to climb through the 1,200 m Shark Fin Route. This movie will give you a deep insight into three climbers’ experiences while they attempt the route on Meru Peak of the Indian Himalayas. 

According to the expectations with Renan Ozturk and Jimmy Chin behind the camera, the movie presents amazing cinematography. This amazing movie, especially with its stunning locations and trio’s acting, will leave you bewitched. All this cinematic overload of perfectionism is cut among the thoughtful reflections of the climbers’ difficulties. 

Overall, this rock climbing movie will leave you fascinated with its direction, acting, and locations. So it’s a must-watch if you want something best in climbing movies. 


Release: 18th September 2015

Run Time: 130 Minutes

Where You Can Watch: Netflix

This rock climbing movie with a budget of $55,000,000 is everything you can expect from Hollywood. It is an adaptation of the disastrous 1996 season of the highest Mountain in the world. This movie has Jake Gyllenhall cast as the lead role shows some of the most questionable techniques for climbing. 

You might think that it is just another Hollywood hack at a tragic and disastrous climbing story that takes liberties in various facts. But the cinematography of the movies is something which is undeniably the best. Fascinating Himalayan scenes along with the visual effects combine together to make an immersive movie. This amazing movie will show you the fateful and gripping events’ reenactment in a very captivating way. 

If you haven’t read Jon Krakauer’s first-hand account, then this movie is a must-watch to experience it first hand. Undoubtedly the cinematography and acting with visual effects make this one of the best mountain climbing movies. 

Lunag Ri

Release: 28th July 2018

RunTime: 35 Minutes

Where you Can Watch:

The movie follows the story of Lunag Ri, who is a native of Nepal. It shows that Lunag visits his paternal home after a very long time. Here he attempts to climb a previously unclaimed path at the height of 6,707 meters. 

It also shows his fellow alpinist Conrad Anker along with him. You will see how they achieve their goal in the movie even after technical issues, bad weather, and a serious health issue. Overall the Lunag Ri rock climbing movie is an entertaining piece of cinematography. 

Valley Uprising

Release: 1st September 2014

RunTime: 103 Minutes

Where You Can Watch: Amazon Prime

If you are a climber or loves climbing, then the valley uprising movie is a must-watch. This is a climbing documentary that looks back at the days when a hard-living motley crew of hippy climbers ennobled the Yosemite valley National Park’s campgrounds in California. This incident is from the 1970s. 

The rock climbing documentary shows how the crew pushes their physical capacity limits. It shows how they do this while trying to climb surrounding mountain heights that are seemingly impossible. They do this all while watching their counterculture getting monetized in a mainstream type of sport, which they resented. 

Overall this is one of the must-watch mountain climbing movies for every climber. The good thing is that the plot and cinematography both are amazing. 

Vertical Limit

Release: 8th December 2000

Run Time: 124 Minutes

Where You Can Watch: Amazon Prime

The vertical limit is an amazing movie that dramatizes a tragic event in the Himalayan Mountains. One thing which makes this movie different from Everest is that it is not based on true events. It is set on the second highest peak of the world – K2 instead of the Himalayas. 

The vertical limit is one of the climbing movies which set an example for over-the-top climbing techniques in Hollywood. These techniques are so bad that they actually look good. But when we look at the overall plot and the cinematography along with the visual effects, it’s a must-watch. This movie with a captivating storyline is one of the best mountain climbing movies, which will keep you interested through the watch time. 

Touching Void

Release: 5th September 2003

RunTime: 106 Minutes

Where You Can Watch: Amazon Prime

This BAFTA award winner climbing documentary depicts a famous climbing story. The story was first recounted in Touching The Void, an epic book by Joe Simpson. Not only award-winning, but the story is also the most famous and inspiring out of all the available out there. 

This movie shows the two climbers’ expedition who try to climb the Peruvian Andes Siula Grande from the west side. It shows the first-hand accounts of the two climbers with some fascinating visual reenactment. The two climbers’ perilous journey will keep you glued to the screen throughout the run time of these amazing movies.

The movie covers the challenges faced by two climbers where one of them falls face down inside a deep dark crevasse. He suffers cripplings injuries and is trapped inside the crevasse. At this point, the partner of the climber, assuming the worst makes a painful decision of heading back to camp alone. But the story is not just short, and this movie is surely one of the best rock climbing movies with its plot and effects. 

Sufferfest 2

Release: 13th November 2014

Run Time: 26 mins

Where You Can Watch: Amazon Prime

Alex Honnold and Cedar Wright have some terrible memories. Following the aptly titled sufferfest, the duo goes for a plan where they try to climb 45 of the most iconic US towers in four corners of the country. They try to link these towers by bike. But as the name of the movie suggests, the trip doesn’t go as planned in spite of the incredible climbing skills of the duo. 

Overall, this movie will give you deep insight into the duo’s attempts while they roam around some finest towers in the USA. You will have some of the most brutal cycles, bad weather, and horrific rock conditions in the movie. In short, this is one of the amazing movies which you can watch. 

Wide Boyz II

Release: 10th March 2015

Run Time: 50 minutes

Where You Can Watch: Vimeo on Demand

Tom Randall and Pete Whittaker from the original movie of Wide Boyz are back after their first films’ success. They, after successfully climbing the ‘World’s Hardest off-width’ of the original movie, try another challenge in this movie. 

The duo in the second part tries another crack rock climbing challenge in this climbing movie. In the movie, the duo complete with fingers that are crack adapted pain cave, which was formerly known as ‘The Cellar.’ The two aim to train to climb the mighty Squamish BC Cobra Crack. This crack is considered the hardest finger crack around the world. The pressure of the two in the movie was really high as they had only a short period to complete this piece in Columbia. 

Overall the Wide Boyz II is one of the must-watch mountain climbing movies which you will enjoy. 


Release: 18th November 2013

Run Time: 42 Minutes

Where You Can Watch: Amazon Prime

The distilled movie will take you on a short Scottish winter trip as it’s never late to plan a winter them a trip. Does it? This movie is a rock climbing documentary dedicated to the author and mountaineer Andy Cave. It is an ode to the fascinating beauty of the Scottish mountains. 

The movie shows the affords of climbing the Scottish mountains during the winters. You will see Andy climbing Scotland’s some of the most challenging and classic winter routes in the movie. You will see him in full-spectrum while facing the conditions which the Scottish highlands conjure. This flick will give you a deep insight into the struggles and techniques of the famous Andy Cave while he tries to win over the Scottish heights. 

Overall the distilled is one of the best mountain climbing movies, which you will love to watch if you are a climbing enthusiast. 

The Dawn Wall

Release: 14th September 2018

Run Time: 100 minutes

Where You Can Watch: Netflix

The fawn wall movie follows the emotional melodrama of the rock climbing legend Tommy Caldwell. In the movie, you will see the rollercoaster riddle story of Tommy. The movie starts where he escapes kidnappers in Kyrgyzstan. Later the flick moves as he takes the toughest route for free climbing of El captain’s route, which is a lifetime dream of him.

The climbing movie drama starts when Tommy starts to climb the wall with his partner Kevin Jgerson. This partnership is a complicated thing as it was the first time the pair was trying to climb together. 

Overall, the dawn wall is a great movie that gives you a deep insight into Tommy’s mind. Thus it is one of the must-watch mountain climbing movies to feel what really goes inside a legendary climber like Tommy’s mind during such climbs. 

Cerro Torre: A Snowball’s Chance in Hell

Release: 30th August 2013

Run Time: 102 Minutes

Where You Can Watch: Amazon Prime

The famous climber David Lama says about the Cerro Torre. ‘When I first saw it, I wanted to free climb it. I was super excited to do it right away.’ 

But the Cerro Torre is one of the most formidable mountain faces around the world to climb. It stands at the height of 3,128 m with a tower piercing the Patagonia peaks with a summit rock crumbling like a pastry. It has a giant mushroom ice area over the top. 

When Lama announced that he was going to climb the tower, the dawn wall legend Bridwell Jim who climbed the wall in 1979, offered him advice, “you haven’t got a snowball’s chance.” But Lama didn’t listen a continued as announced. The film revolves around the struggle of the Lama as he tries again and again to reach the top of Cerro Torre. It shows the dramatic and visually appealing plot of Lama’s struggles. 

Overall the Cerro Torre: A Snowball’s Chance in Hell is among the best climbing movies. The cinematography, along with the plot, is something which you will surely love. Other than this, you will also get an insight into the mind of the legendary Lama in this movie. 


Release: 26th April 2013

RunTime: 98 Minutes

Where You Can Watch: Amazon Prime Video

Three climbers launch a climbing expedition to Roraima, a peak in South America that is shrouded in various legends. 

In the movie, you will see Holger Hueber and Kurt Albert along with the climbing star Stefan Glowacz. The trio tries to climb the steep-walled mountain peak in South America but doesn’t know what they are really in for. In the movie, you will see the struggles and challenges which the trio of climbers face for reaching the top.

According to Stefan Glowacz, ‘There are walls where you have 100% chance of falling to your death. Just because there is always something falling from the top: falling ice, rock and everything else.” so, overall, the movie is a must-watch and will give you an adrenaline rush with its cinematography and fascinating visuals. 

This is one of the rock climbing movie masterpieces which you must watch if you want to truly experience the climbing from up close. 

K2: The Impossible Descent

Release: 2018

Run Time: 66 Minutes

Where You Can Watch: Amazon Prime Video

K2 is one of the highest and toughest peaks to climb around the world. The movie covers the story of the Polish Mountaineer Andrzej Bargiel as he tries to climb the K2. 

What’s a more interesting part of the movie is that the climber faces various challenges during the climb, but he comes back down by skiing. Yes! You read that right Anezej did skiing on the K2, making him the only one to do it. 

The movie follows the epic journey of Andrzej as he travels from Poland to Pakistan and then climbs K2. Thus if you want an adrenaline spiking movie that is interesting and adventurous at the same time, then this is it. The K2: The Impossible Descent can be the best rock climbing movie for adventure lovers and everyone who wants to have something good. 

Rock climbing is a support which can work as an inspiration to some. The movies which have listed above are one of the best that will inspire you to achieve your goals even in adverse situations. 

To inspire you we have compiled the following inspirational quotes for you. They will inspire you along with the above movies:

  • Your limitation—it’s only your imagination
  • Push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you.
  •  Great things never come from comfort zones.
  • Dream it. Wish it. Do it.
  • The harder you work for something, the greater you’ll feel when you achieve it.
  • Don’t stop when you’re tired. Stop when you’re done.
  •  Do something today that your future self will thank you for.
  • It’s going to be hard, but hard does not mean impossible.
  •  Sometimes we’re tested not to show our weaknesses, but to discover our strengths.
  • The key to success is to focus on goals, not obstacles.

Final Words

There are numerous good mountain climbing moves out there which you can watch for entertainment as well as inspiration. 

Most of the movies combine spectacular scenes with genuine drama and amazing visual feats. However, most movies focus on the techniques and stories of some of the most famous mountaineers.

Jatin Choudhary