New iPhone 12 Rumors: What this Phone look Like?

new iphone 12

During the September 15 Apple event, the company launched several new gadgets like Apple Watch Series 6, Watch SE, and several iPads. Unfortunately, those hoping for the new iPhone did not get anything. As Apple kept mum about the new iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max, though the company has not confirmed the new iPhones’ names, we will go with those names.

That is because we generally see the new launches of iPhones in September. The coronavirus pandemic has forced the suppliers in China to shut down temporarily or work in a limited capacity. This affected not only the company inventory but also the sales. The company also closed the US retail stores, although some have reopened in limited ways. The company confirmed there might be a delay in the latest iPhone series, possibly as late as October.

Despite such confusion and the company veil of mystery, there are few things we do know about the latest iPhone. The iOS 14 is currently available for download from what we have seen. We can expect iPhones to have software features like app libraries, picture-in-picture, and widgets. As per some unofficial hardware rumors, it contains 3D depth-sensing on the rear camera and new screen sizes. Also, it comes with 5g enabled and would also have positive consequences. 

Top iPhone 12 Rumors

  •  There might be four iPhone 12 models in different screen sizes: iPhone 12 Pro Max (6.7-inch), iPhone 12 Pro & iPhone 12 ( 6.1-inch), iPhone 12 mini (5.4-inch).
  • The company said the new iPhone would be available in October than the typical September launch.
  • The iPhone 12 base model might be more affordable than the iPhone 11, and the starting price is $699.
  • iPhone 12 might not come with a power adapter or earbuds.
  • iPhone 12 might come with 5g enabled.
  • This phone might come in dark blue.
  • iPhone 12’s rear camera might have 3D sensing technology.

iPhone 12 Announcement Date: Maybe October

Back in August, there was a misstep on the company’s part, and a Twitter user posted the screenshot of an Apple live stream event, which was scheduled for September 10. The event time and date are seen on Apple’s Youtube page after that it was taken down. 

Although the event happened on September 15, it was not about smartphones. Moreover, it still gives the date of the new iPhone release is up in the air.

Release Date

Despite its biggest manufacture, Foxconn ensures the investors that it will make its fall timeline. However, it is reported that the new iPhone might face some delays. The report also estimates that Apple might wait until October to launch or announce the new iPhone.

Others also suggested not the single launch date but many. There are rumors that the company might launch the 2020 iPhone in multiple stages. The 6.1-inch iPhone might launch first; then, it launches the 5.4-inch and 6.7-inch variants. 


When the iPhone 11 launched last year, everyone was surprised that the iPhone 11 base model cost $699, $50 less than iPhone XR 2018. This trend might continue; the rumors say that the company will price the new iPhone say $649, the pro model will be at $999, and the pro max at $1,099.

New iPhone 5g Enabled

Many rumors say that the company may include 5g connectivity this year. Apple analyst Ming-chi Kuo anticipates revealing the three 5g smartphones. There are many reasons why Apple did not jump on the trend in 2019. The company normally is not the first on mobile trends, preferring an emerging technology before correcting instead. For example, the company was behind the competitors in creating smartphones with 4g LTE and 3g connectivity when those networks were launched. 

5g networks are built by the carriers, and the company is taking the risk because users throughout the country will have a different experience in the developing network depending on the coverage.

iPhone 12 Design

Every year the company generally makes striking design changes to the iPhone to freshen up

the look. But the rumors say that the new iPhone may look like iPhone 11. However, the only difference is that the iPhone 12’s edges may be slightly bowed.

On the other hand, the company is also thought to renovate the iPhone design with flat edges completely.


Given the latest iPhones, which have the A13 Bionic processor, it is very likely that the next proprietary chipset will be the A14 processor. Like every year, everyone is expecting a faster and more efficient processor. However, one rumor says it will have a CPU gain of 40% and a CPU gain of 50%.

iPhone 12 Colors

In 2019, the company introduced the midnight green color in the iPhone 11 Pro. Whether you like the color or not, the shade variant sold pretty well. This year might be possible that Apple may launch another new color, dark blue, on the iPhone 12 Pro, according to the gadget experts.

Display and Specs:

One of the enduring rumors of the iPhone 12 is that the company might introduce new screen sizes. One of the rumors is that iPhone 12 mini has a 5.4-inch screen, and the iPhone Pro max can go as large as 6.7-inches. There is also thought that the new iPhone display might have a 120Hz refresh rate and also comes with a ProMotion display, which currently comes in iPad Pro. Many phones have a refresh rate of 60Hz, but other smartphones like Galaxy S20 and the OnePlus eight pro have a refresh rate of 120HZ.

Final Words

It is unclear about the upcoming new iPhone 12 because they are all just rumors. There is no confirmation about the iPhone 12 when it will launch, what the specifications are, how it will look like, and the color options that iPhone 12 comes in. So, we will wait and see the mid-October Apple event for iPhone 12 information. If you find this information useful, drop your views and idea what it will look like below this section.