Most Common Nose Types Found In The World

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Nose types and shapes are like any other body part, and no two are alike. Nose shapes are defined by various factors like the shape of nasal cartilage and bones. There are shared commonalities and features that help you identify which nose types resemble yours.

In this post, we have listed the 12 most common types of noses.

Most Common Nose Types:

There are many different types of noses in the world. Here we have listed the most common nose types that you may have come across.    

Fleshy Nose

Fleshy nose types are by far the most common types of noses accounting for 24 percent. A fleshy nose has a bulbous appearance like Albert Einstein’s. A fleshy nose has a large and protruding shape; however, these can also be petite but with a fatty appearance instead of a bony one.

Turned-Up Nose

A turned-up nose is also known as the celestial nose. These types of noses are comparatively the same, with a slight dent in the middle of the bridge and have a protruding tip or lobule. Emma Watson got the surgery done to make her turned-up nose look more desirable. Another celebrity known to have turned up nose types is Carey Mulligan. About 13 people have celestial noses.

Roman Nose

Similar to uncommon greek noses, a roman nose resembles faces on ancient roman sculpture. A roman nose has a sloping curve that protrudes from the face and has an exaggerated bridge with a slight curve or bend. 

Ryan Gosling and Tom Cruise have a roman nose that looks strong and defined. Only 9 percent of the total population have a Roman nose.

Bumpy Nose

The bumpy nose is also a common nose shape, accounting for 9 percent of the total population. These nose types have a bumpy outline with prominent or subtle curve dip.

A celebrity with a bumpy nose is Owen Wilson. Barbra Streisand also had a bumpy nose when young, but she got rhinoplasty done later.

Snub Nose

The snub nose is also known as The Mirren because it resembles Helen Mirren’s nose shape. A snub nose is distinctively thin with a pointed appearance. Also, these are relatively smaller, with a slight round silhouette and slope at the upper tip. These are different from other types of noses with their non-pointy and soft round shape. Only 5 percent of people have a snub nose.

Hawk Nose

Hawk nose types have a dramatic curve shape with a prominent bridge. Hawk’s nose gets its name due to its resemblance with the beak of a hawk. Hawk’s nose is also known as the beak or aquiline nose. Only 4.9 percent of people are known to have hawk-shaped noses. Celebrities like Barbara Streisand, Daniel Radcliffe, and Adrian Brody have hawk noses.

Greek Nose

A Greek nose is also known as a straight nose shape. People with crooked noses envy greek noses. These have remarkably straight bridges free of any curves or bumps. These nose shapes resemble old Greek sculptures. 

One good example of greek noses is Jennifer Anniston. Her father was a Greek-born actor. Princess Kate Middleton also has a greek nose. Only 3 percent of the world’s population have a Greek nose shape.

Nubian Nose

The Nubian nose has a wide base and a long bride. These are also known as the wide nose types. These are found mostly of African descent. Nubian noses do not require adjusting because, as you can see, some of the best-looking celebrities flaunt a Nubian nose. Gabrielle Union, Michael Early, and Beyonce have Nubian noses. 

East Asian Nose

East Asian nose shape varies from country to country; these are slim and flat with short tips. This nose shape is the most common of all nose shapes in East Asian regions. Lucy Liu has an East Asian nose shape. 

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Nixon Nose

Nixon’s nose types resemble the iconic features of the 37th United States president. Nixon types of noses are the least common of all different nose shapes. Richard Nixon has a Nixon nose with a straight bridge and curvy end, and wider tip. Less than 1 percent of people have a Nixon nose shape. 

Bulbous Nose

These nose types are found in less than 0.5 percent of people. The bulbous nose is a rare shape defined by a curvy and rounded tip that protrudes outward, creating a rounder silhouette at the bottom. Bill Clinton is known to have a bulbous nose shape and also Leo McKeen.

Combo Nose

A Combo nose is not a nose shape in itself; instead, it is a combination of different types of noses. The mix of different types of noses ends up creating a unique silhouette. Celebrities like Barbara Streisand have a combo nose with hawk shape and bump.


What type of nose do I have?

Different people have different nose shapes. To identify your nose type, you can take quizzes online or check the features in a mirror comparing with different types of noses.

How to put in different types of nose rings?

There are various nose piercing types, and different styles require different methods of wearing them. Always remember to wash your hands carefully before putting on a nose piercing.

Corkscrew nose ring:

  • Gently insert the nose pin tip in the hole. Place one finger on the inside of the hole to adjust the corkscrew.

Nose Stud:

  • Insert the rod slowly in the piercing hole. You can twist gently if facing trouble in putting it inside. 
  • Secure the back of the nose stud rod tightly to keep it in place. 

Hoop nose:

  • Pull apart two ends and insert one end of the hoop in a piercing hole. 
  • Press back the ends of the hoop to lock the ring tightly.

What type of cartilage is found in the nose?

Hyaline cartilages are found in the nose. 

What is the most attractive nose shape??

A Greek or Roman nose shape is considered to be the most attractive nose shape.

What is the Nubian nose?

A Nubian nose has a wide base with large nostrils. These nose-shaped people tend to be optimistic and have great leadership skills. 


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