Parasyte-the-maxim Season 2 Release Date

Parasyte-the maxim season 2 season 2

Have you watched Parasyte-the maxim? If yes, then you might be wondering whether there will be a Parasyte-the maxim season 2. Well, we have something for you. 

Parasyte – the maxim is an anime based on the horror and sci-fi genre and is known for the brutal portrayal of war between humans and extra-terrestrial. The core idea of this anime resembles Hollywood movies like” the Thing” and “Venom.” 

This anime show has a gruesome charm that will keep you captivated throughout the runtime. 

Parasyte -the maxim- Season 2 Release Date

Here is sad news for all anime fans. Parasyte-the maxim will not be released. The plot of season 1 ends exactly where it ends in the manga. This means there is no material to catch up on the story.

There is a very low chance of Parasyte-the maxim season 2 renewal unless the author decides to continue the story in the manga. 

Will Parasyte Anime Ever Return?

One of the biggest reasons why Parasyte-the maxim season 2 was canceled is due to lack of source material. The manga series has only ten volumes with 61 chapters. The Madhouse Studio has already used all the chapters to create a plot in season one. So now there is no new story left to adapt. Unfortunately, Hitoshi Iwaaki is also not keen to take the story any further.

The only hope we have for Parasyte-the maxim season 2 release on a future date, is Madhouse Studio or other animation studios to pick the series and continue on the original story. For this, they will have to build up the story from scratch in continuation with season one. If the makers of the series change their minds, we can have Parasyte-the maxim season 2.

Parasyte-the maxim Characters

Here are the main Parasyte-the maxim cast members who will most likely be the same in Parasyte-the maxim season 2.


Migi is a parasite who finds its way into Shinichi’s arm and uses him as a host. Other parasites intend to rule the world by controlling human brains and then killing them in the end. But Migi shares no such desire to kill humans and is happy to reside in Shinichi’s arms. It sustains the food that Shinichi consumes and lives comfortably. 

Migi has no sense of compassion or emotion towards humans or anyone of its kind. It cares only about survival and will kill anyone who threatens to tell his secret to Shinichi.

Shinichi Izumi

Shinichi Izumi is the lead character of the series which is a high school teenager until one day everything changes. When all the human brains are getting infected by alien parasites, Shinchi somehow gets lucky, and the parasite gets trapped in his arm instead.

What was a curse for everyone comes as a blessing for Shinichi as his arm turns into an indestructible weapon. Before Shinichi can use his arm to destroy the alien parasites, he will have to come to good terms with Migi, his own parasite. 


Why didn’t Parasyte have a Season 2?

Sadly, there will be no protagonist because the creator of anime and manga never wrote any further story. Also, season 2 will not be remade because the story ends in season 1 with all the conflicts being resolved.

Is Migi a girl in Parasyte?

Migi’s gender was never addressed due to Japanese grammar in the untranslated. Migi is described as gender-neutral in the manga.

Does Parasyte have a sad ending?

Yes, Parasyte the maxim has a conclusive ending leaving no plot holes behind. 

Who is the strongest Parasyte?

Miki is the strongest of all parasites you will come across in the series. He is equipped with skillful combat who relies on physical strength massively. 

Is Parasyte the maxim good?

Parasyte the maxim is a good anime show. This thriller series is fun to watch. The animation of the show is also good. The show is not extraordinary but has a decent quality.


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