Friendly Pet Bird Species For Bird Lovers

pet bird species

If you are ready for a new pet, but not exactly a cat or a dog, birds are a perfect choice. The wonderful thing about birds is that different pet bird species have their characteristics, traits, and personalities. So, if you are interested in having a pet bird, a wide range of options are available out there for you. 

If you have limited bird experience, then you need to have a pet bird that is gentle, friendly, and well-suited to be a good companion. It is easier to take care of pet birds, and the best part is that it is easy to bond with them. Here is an article with all you need to know about pet bird species. 

Types of Pet Bird Species

There are different types of pet bird species out there. The birds below are categorized based on size to help you choose the right one for you. 

Extra-Small Pet Birds

If you are new to the world of pet birds, it would be good to have an extra small pet bird. They are easy to take care of and can be handled easily. 

Some of the species included in the extra small pet birds category include canaries and finches. Remember that these birds are small, so you will have to take extra care of them to keep them happy and healthy.

Small Pet Birds

Good things come in small packages, and trust me, small pet birds can be perfect companions. They are usually easy to take care of compared to large pet birds due to their large size. 

Some small pet birds prefer to live with other birds, whereas others are okay with human socialization. Common small pet birds include lovebirds, parrotlets, small parakeets, and cockatiels. 

Medium Pet Birds

You get many choices when it comes to adopting a new pet bird. If you are not interested in having a small bird and can not afford a large bird, then medium pet birds are a perfect choice for you. 

These birds make a lesser mess comparatively. Small conures, large parakeets, caiques, and Pionus parrots are the best medium pet birds. 

Large Pet Birds

Birds of all sizes and types are captivating, but some are more impressive than others. Large pet birds can perform tricks and learn to talk. They can be playful and highly affectionate. Some of the best large pet birds include amazons, large conures, macaws, and large cockatoos. 

Top Friendly Pet Bird Species

Birds are a big commitment, so it is essential to be prepared. A feathered, cute little friend is a great choice, but you need to do proper research before bringing a bird home. Every bird has different needs, personalities, and looks, so it is essential to choose the right one. 

It is easy to bond with and take care of a pet with a naturally friendly disposition, instead of the ones that are aggressive or timid. Here are some friendly pet bird species that you can have. 


It is one of the most captivating pet bird species. If you want an affectionate and friendly bird, then a cockatiel is a perfect choice for you. The bird is native to Australia, and they make a perfect choice when raised in a happy and positive environment. 

Moreover, it would be a good idea to hand-feed these pets. Though they can not learn to talk, cockatiels are highly intelligent. They love being and playing with their owners. They require at least one hour of attention every day. These birds also love to hang out of their cage, so it would be better to get a porch for them to socialize even if you are not playing around them. 

Hyacinth Macaw

The name also knows Hyacinth Macaw of “gentle giants.” They are the largest of all the species of parrots and are perfect house birds. They are highly friendly and sociable birds, and they love to spend time cuddling and playing with their owners. 

They are large, so it could not be easy to provide appropriate housing to them. However, if you meet their demands adequately, you can manage a great relationship with this cute feathered friend. If you are looking for a quiet bird species, then the hyacinth macaw is not the right choice for you. 


Budgerigar or budgie is also known as a parakeet, and they are highly popular around the world. They are one of the best pet birds due to a good reason. If you properly care for and tame these birds, they can be extraordinarily affectionate and friendly. 

Apart from being low maintenance and small, budgies can learn various bird tricks if you train them properly. They can be profoundly active and can even learn to talk. It would help if you gave them proper out-of-cage playtime so that they could socialize. The best part is that they do not require the enclosure of larger parrots.


If you want to have a large pet bird that is affectionate and friendly, it would be better to have a cockatoo. These amazing birds bond perfectly with their owners and prefer to be around them as much as possible. 

It would help if you had enough time to socialize with these birds. If cockatoos do not get enough time and attention, they can become depressed. They might resort to destructive behaviors like feather plucking. 

Cockatoos are also known as velcro birds because they love to socialize and spend time with their caretakers. They need a lot of attention and can be noisy sometimes. So, if you are looking for quiet bird species, cockatoo might not be the right choice for you. 


You might think that dove is a weird choice for pet bird species, but trust me, they can be best companions if they are hand-fed and raised in a good environment. They are a common pet, more than you can expect. They are known to be highly gentle and sweet. 

These birds do not bite, and even if you have little bird experience, you can easily train and bond with these little feathered creatures. They love to spend time with their companion but do not demand much attention.

Make sure to feed them a healthy diet and get them out-of-cage for a few hours so that they can have access to proper sunlight. Doves love to live in flocks or pairs, so make sure to provide them with the right company. 

Green-Cheeked Conure

Belonging to South America, green-cheeked conures love to spend time socializing and cuddling with their caretakers. They are playful, intelligent, and a little bit mischievous. 

Compared to other conure species, they are more easy-going and quiet. They can not learn to talk; however, their charming and loving personality is enough to make them a perfect companion. 

Their diet includes leafy greens and pallets. In addition to this, make sure to take care of these little ones properly and not leave them alone. They can easily thrive in any environment if provided with proper love and care. 


Though parrotlets look like Lovebirds, they are very different. They can live up to 20 years and love to play with toys. Parrotlets are spunky and easy to take care of and are known for their larger personalities. 

You need to spend sufficient time socializing and playing with them as they can be wild if you do not handle them properly. Moreover, you have to interact with them to form a strong bond with these little birds. 

Hahn’s Macaw

Hahn’s macaw is native to South America, and they are the smallest in this breed. However, they are packed with an amazing personalities in their small body. They are smart and playful birds if they are handled and socialized properly. 

These macaws love to spend time interacting and cuddling with their owners. Moreover, they might get depressed if not provided enough attention. They are quite noisy and can learn to talk quite well. 

Tips to Choose the Best Pet Bird for You

Purchasing any pet can be a big decision as you need to take care of them like a family member. When choosing a pet bird for you or your kid, make sure to choose wisely; it will be good for you and your bird as well. 

Below are some tips you need to consider when choosing a little companion for yourself. 

Time Commitment

This is the most important thing you need to consider when choosing a pet bird. Birds are playful, intelligent, and social animals. They need proper care and attention. Some bird species can even get depressed if they do not get proper attention. So it would help if you considered how much time you can give your pet before getting one.

Social Interaction

Some birds can become bored and frustrated due to lack of daily interaction and, if not, let out timely. So if you think you can give proper time to your pet bird, it would be better not to have one. You also need to dedicate time to their habitat cleaning. Moreover, it would help to clean their food and water dishes. 

Noise Level

Some birds are quiet, but others can be noisy. So if you live in an apartment, it would be inappropriate for you to keep a noisy bird. You can opt for birds like budgerigar, canary, or cockatiel as they are quiet compared to others. 

Hand-Fed of Parent-Raised Birds

Some birds prefer human interaction and needless hand taming and training. On the other hand, some birds rely on mothers for feeding, and they need extra training to be comfortable with human interaction.  

Make sure to confirm the personality of the bird with the store partner. Or you can also do proper research before adopting a pet. 

One or Two Birds

Some birds are okay with human interaction, and they do not need the company of other birds. On the other hand, some birds are shy around humans but love the company of other species. Do proper research about a bird’s personality before getting one. 

Final Words

It would help if you chose the right pet bird species so that you and your little one are happy with each other. Always remember that you need to be careful with pet aftercare for your companion to thrive in a happy and healthy environment. Do share your experience with us by dropping a comment.