Pin-Up Girl, Pin-Up Models, And Pin Up Tattoos

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Well, what if I say that “So and so the girl is a pin-up girl or pin-up model.” There are three situations. First, you will say, what does that mean? Second, Yeah, so what? Third, and well known, oh my god! Doesn’t she feel any shame? Yes, she doesn’t because she doesn’t have to. It is a famous taboo since the mid – 20th century regarding pin-up girls and pin-up girl tattoos. 

This article will let you know about the real meaning of pin-up girls and pin-up models. So just read, connect, and explore. 

What Is A Pin Up Girl

A pin-up model (also known as a pin-up girl for a female or a male pin-up for an obvious man) is a model whose mass-produced photographs are prominent in popular culture. However, pin-up models are known by various names, including glamour models, fashion models, and actresses. Pin-ups are designed for casual exhibition, i.e., to be “pinned-up” on a wall, as the origins of the name suggest. 

These shots are commonly referred to as cheesecake photographs. However, the cheesecake was a slang word that generally became acceptable for scant, semitone or naked pictures of women. However, pin-up in the early twentieth century is deemed fabulistic.

History of Pin-Up Girls

The phrase pin-up girls include drawings, Tattoos, paintings, and other illustrations and pictures. The phrase was attested to for the first time in 1941 in English, although it was reported in the 1890s. Moreover, pin-ups may be cut or on postcards or lithographs from magazines or journals. Such images are frequently displayed on walls, desktops, or calendars. Posters with these motifs were manufactured in bulk and were popular from the middle of the 20th century.

Although the history of Pinup Girl images extends back to the 1800s burlesque theatre, it was usually linked with the pop culture of the 1940s and 50s in history.

Occasionally stylized images of artists are utilized to support some concerts and had been widely adopted as decorations.

The first example of girl art we thought of was a well-known girl – Charles Gibson’s drawings for Life magazine in 1895. However, the first example was Gibson Girl’s work.

The Gibson Girl became the first pin-up girl by the unattainable hourglass body, a big breast, full lips, black hair, and most all, an attitude.

In 1917, the cultural phenomena that created the pin-up girl were further developed: military propaganda. During the First World War, pin-like images of ladies were put on pictures to attract more soldiers into fighting in the U.S. The posters included stylized pictures of women with encouraging words and often military attire.

But the pin-up truly got off during world War 2. The idealized pictures of an attractive, scantly but not indecisively clad all-around ‘American darling.’ Moreover, it again became the center of the American wartime moral stimulation approach.

Pin-ups were applied to posters, calendars, and the military barracks’ walls — a memorial to servicemen in other countries. However, it was a perfect picture of the girl to whom they were returning after the War.

Pin-Up Girl Art And Its Elements

Pin-up girl art is found to be one of the most natural art forms. Some of its basic elements are

The girl – After all, without the female, you can’t have a pin-up. Moreover, a shapeless lady with an hourglass body, a thin tail, broad hips, a broad bust, curly hair, and bright cheeks is a classic picture of a pin-up lady. 

Full lips and wide eyes are crucial, as is attire – antique pin-up girls are very sexualized with their little attire, yet they don’t become pornography. Short skirts, attractive dresses, pads, heels, and maid’s clothes are at the top of the list. The girl’s position is vital, beautiful, and alluring, showcasing her forms but not too explicit or serious.

Color – the vintage pin-up girls’ most iconic picture typically had brilliant colors. This tendency has been kept for the most part in tattoo-making, given that girls’ designs are luminous and vibrant. But, of course, this is not a rule — the tattoos are all-black in appearance.

Additions – Vintage refers to a specific art often included proposals and other components. However, it was considered the most popular patriotic theme in the war propaganda era of pin-up. As for tattooing designs, pin-ups commonly blend girls with various images, such as floral patterns.

Pin-Up Girl Tattoos

Pin up girl tattoos are famous their natural taste in looking. However, some even have to remove them due to the family and per pressure. As they have nudity, it is even possible that you have to go for a tattoo removal. But, they look fantastic. Some of the famous pin up girl tattoos are:

Pirate Pin Up Girl Tattoo

Pirates are recognized for their casting made on their faces, emphasized with heavy black fabric and accessories. However, for those who adore the pirates, you may attempt the pirate tattoo design for girls.

Captain Look Pin Up Girl Tattoo

As we know, pin-up tattoos were made by persons traveling to explore ways and miss their family a lot. Then they decided to tattoo their wife. An alternative can be achieved by creating a girl tattoo, with a Captain, instead of just painting a female face.

Mermaid Pin Up Girl Tattoo

Siren is regarded as a beauty queen along with a flawless body form that is precisely tailored. The siren tinting is a pin-up tattoo that depicts women’s attractiveness and women’s nature. The body of the fishtail is bluish-green, and the top section of the bottom is brown.

Sailor Look Pin Up Girl Tattoo

One of the most often used pin-up design tattoos of men is an arm tattoo. Gentlemen may ink their favorite wife as a tattoo with the topic of Pin-ups Sailor, and this pin-up tattoo suited for females and an arm tattoo.

Vintage Cowgirl Pin Up Girl Tattoo

This sort of retro appearance is quite popular with boys and girls. Moreover, the tattoo girl with a large hat and boots is a common methodology with a tiny rope and shirt.

Pastry Maker Look Pin Up Tattoo

This kind of pin-up girl with red polka dot aprons is undoubtedly another form of tattoo design. Moreover, it’s made up like an arm tattoo, giving a distinctive individuality.

Devil Pin-Up Girl Tattoo

The Devil Pin up girl tattoo design shows each woman’s different black emotional aspect that is more popular with more men than girls.

Pin-Up Girl With Car Tattoo

Women are as athletic as males; this tattoo design has a purpose. There is indeed a hot girl picture next to the red automobile that many men want as an arm tattoo to pin up female tattoos.

Women Power Pin Up Tattoo

Women who believe in the exhibition of women as a strong and confident gender can get this pin-up tattoo done. This tattoo is with strong statements printed underneath the tattoo. Moreover, some males disseminate women’s powers amongst people using this pin-up tattoo.

WW2 Pin-Up Girls

The greatest period of pin-ups was the second world war in 1941. However, for the first time in history, the U.S. military officials agreed that pin-up photos, publications, and calendars should be produced and distributed to troops. To elevate moral standards and remind young men of what they were fighting for. The Second World War was documented on a huge scale by thousands of photographers and artists who created millions of pictures.

The posters of these WWII vintage pin-ups are decorated with lockers, barrack walls, and even flat sides. However, to this day, pin-up lovers echo the pin-up vintage aesthetic of WW2. Some of the famous WW2 pins up girls are: 

1.) Rita Hayworth 

Rita Hayworth’s Photos were shot in 1941 by soldiers across the Pacific in Hawaii as one of the most renowned piano-girl during WW2. However, two brothers who purchased Rita served in WWII and participated in the sale of war bonds.

2). Lana Turner

Lana Turner became popular during the Second World War because of her popular parts in movies. Thus, Movies such as Ziegfeld Girl, Johnny Eager, Slightly Dangerous, and four Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer pictures, Clark Gable, were popular.

3.) Vivien Leigh

Vivien Leigh was a well-known actress and vocalist for her performance in the musical production of Guys and Dolls by Miss Adelaide.

4.) Betty Grable 

Betty Grable could have been the best-known pin-up girl in the Second World War. Twentieth Century Fox, Betty’s studio, has distributed five million photocopies of a pin-up to the soldiers. Following the War, Grable became America’s highest-paid wife, earning roughly 300,000 US dollars a year.

5.) Veronica Lake

In World War 2, at the government’s urge for a more practical and safer haircut, Veronica Lake traded in her peek-a-boo mark. However, this was intended to inspire women who work in the industries of War to follow her lead. Veronica Lake also travels around the U.S. as a renowned pin-up woman for War to earn money for war bonds.

Final Words

The phrase pin-up girls include drawings, Tattoos, paintings, and other illustrations and pictures. There is various pin up girl tattoos such as women power pin-up tattoo and sailor look pin-up girl tattoos. Rita Hayworth is among the most famous WW2 pin-up girls. WW2 pin-up girl tattoos were to raise funds for the nation. 

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