The Poker Definition of Limp

The idea of what does limp means in poker comes up more than you may think. For many people, playing poker is very important, but you want to find ways to win more often rather than losing. Losing is more likely when you are playing an inexperienced player. This article will explain the meaning of what does limp means in poker.


In poker, when the process of entering pot is done by calling rather than raising, it illustrates the poker limping definition. To enter the pot by referring rather than raising. This process is roughly called ‘limping in.’


If a player is only betting a few bucks, he is looking to take advantage of his opponent’s weak position. A person would look to play this type of bluff because he is comfortable playing tight, low, stakes games with his friends. He has also gained confidence in his betting level and has calculated that his opponent is likely to fold before any major hands come in. The main reason a player does this type of bluff is to recover the pre-flop cost. The player calculates that his opponent is likely to fold to a pre-flop bet. Because the smaller the bet, the more likely it is that the flop calls will be bad bets for the opponent.

What Does Small Blind Limp Mean in Poker?

When a player knows that his opponent is not likely to fold if he raises, he will lay down a bet at a small blind to take advantage of the strength of the hand. After all, the loose player is confident enough to bet at the small blind. There are other cases where a player will lay down a small blind bluff to take advantage of the weak position of the opponent.


Many things affect how a hand will play in the long run. If you feel you are about to be behind, it may be best to avoid checking as much.

First Thing

If you are being held up on the turn in a big pot with a beat, you will get on the slow side. After the flop, play a strong pot but try to keep it tight. You want to get ahead. Many players only go for a flop after the turn. If you are getting beat this way, play another tight pot.

Second Thing

Another thing to remember is limp, meaning tight when you are behind in the game in poker. Do not be afraid to call a bet when you are behind on the turn. It may be a long way to the flop, but you will get ahead eventually.

Third Thing

You must be careful about dealing with runners when you are behind in the game in poker. Please do not deal with them as much as you would normally do. It may be worth playing the turn on the river so that you can get behind the runners.

Fourth Thing

Many players have a problem when they are behind on the river. Do not let it affect you. Do not play the flop on the river. If you make a good solid hand, it will be a lot better to re-raise your opponents than playing weak pots.

Learning about what limp means in poker when you are behind in the game will help you improve your play. This will even allow you to control how you handle your money and build your bankroll.