Amazing Realistic Fiction Books You Must Read

Realistic Fictional Books

Horror, sci-fi, and fantasy stories transport us into another world and stretch our imaginations to new realms. While we love these kinds of stories that take us far away from our daily lives, sometimes, the most gripping realistic fiction books of all are the ones we can really relate to. Reading good realistic fiction books for kids and adults is the best way to enhance their living standards because, in realistic fiction books, the characters react the same as the real people. 

All realistic fiction stories contain deep meaning, positive thoughts, real places, etc., that excites a person to change their lives and enhance their social nature. However, choosing the right realistic fiction book for adults and kids is a big problem but do not worry, we are here. If you are interested or in the mood to read some mind-blowingly realistic fiction stories, then read the following post; it contains the top favourite realistic fiction books of all time.

Before moving to the books, first, let’s know a bit about what are the benefits of reading realistic fiction stories.

Benefits of reading realistic fiction stories:

Reading realistic fiction stories has many types of benefits like:

  • Reading realistic fiction books for kids and adults helps in developing empathy
  • It develops the theory of mind and critical thinking
  • When we read good realistic fiction stories, we hone and strengthen our several cognitive muscles (Root of the EQ)
  • Good realistic fiction books also develop the qualities, traits, and characteristic
  • Enhances the Knowledge of society

Above are some basic and important benefits of realistic fiction books; but yet there are many more takeaways from a good realistic fiction book like the habit of giving, courage and motivation etc.

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Best realistic fiction books for Kids And adults:

There are many realistic fiction stories and books category wise available in the market like realistic fiction books for kids, realistic fiction books for adults, etc. however, the following are some of the good realistic fiction books that anyone can read.

So, let’s have a look:

When we believed in mermaids:

Written by: Barber O’Neal


In this realistic fiction story, there is a girl named Kit who wants to know everything about her sister.

Kit’s sister Josie was murdered 15 years ago by a bad terrorist attack; this is what kit believed. However, one night she sees a live TV footage of a woman stumbling out of a fire in Auckland, New Zealand. 

Kit plans to find out everything about her sister and thus moves to new Zealand.

Even if she finds Jasie, will they continue their relationship?

To find out more about this, read this amazing realistic fiction story. 

Little fires everywhere

Written by: Celeste Ng


This fiction story is based on a fictional character named Sharker Height, who is in an upscale, well-to-do suburb of Cleveland.

Sharkerheight believes that everything on this surface is perfect, but when Mia Warren and Pearl, her daughter(story characters), arrive in the town, they start to shake things up.

There is a little fire everywhere and a seemingly idyllic society that is deeply fractured under its clean surface. However, the secret explodes, and raw truth eventually comes to the front.

Since you’ve been gone

Written by: Morgan Matson


There is a character in this story named Emily who loves to enjoy life. So, if you are stressed out or depressed, you should read this amazing realistic fiction book.

When the summer starts, Emily goes on a vacation with her friend Sloane. However, after some time, Sloane disappears, and Emily gets scared. The only thing her friend has left behind is a to-do list addressed to Emily, full of things that scare her. Can Emily muster the courage to complete the items on the list and find her way back to her missing friend?

To find out the answer to this question, read the book.

The fault in our stars

Written by: john green


You all must have known about this amazing realistic fiction book for adults and kids because there is a movie also released of this story.

Hazel gets to know about her cancer diagnosis and spells an inevitable end. However, by using multiple modern science tricks and tips, she takes more years to roam around before her light goes out or she dies, but her fate is sealed nonetheless. 

When she meets Augustus, water, her heart falls out of her chest. Did Hazel have something to live for after all?

To know this secret read the whole story of the fault in our stars carefully.

The outsiders

Written by: S.E. Hinton


This realistic fiction book is for adults, not for kids, because it contains some adult scenes and sayings.

This is one of the classic tales of 1967; it tells the story of fourteen-year-old ponyboy Curtis. he is a stubborn hearted child who believes that there are two types of people in this whole world: socs and greasers. 

Socs (social) are those people who have money and power. Greasers are those people who are pushed to the edges and the outsiders who never quite fit in. ponyboy believes that he is a greaser because he lives his life according to him and has no intentions. However, one day his friend, who was a soc “Johnny”, was killed.

So, ponyboy starts to find out that the world is not as black and white as he imagined it to be.

To find out what else ponyboy did, read this good realistic fiction book for adults fast.

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Final word:

If you want to read something new and amazing, then read the above mentioned realistic fiction books; these books contain the element of excitement, thriller and suspense in them to amaze and motivate you to do something new. 

After reading these amazing realistic fiction books or stories for kids and adults, do not forget to mention the name of the book you liked the most in the comment section below.

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