Step-By-Step Rebtel Login Guide

Rebtel login

Are you here to learn the Rebtel login process? Well, you are going to learn so much about Rebtel in this post.

Rebtel has been striving since 2006 to deliver excellent service and allows its customers to make international calls easier by breaking down all the border barriers.

With the help of this service, you can call anyone from any part of the world. Rebtel gives you the freedom to choose any kind of phone in the world. You can save money by using local lines and also ensure great calling quality.  

You do not have to rely on the internet because you will be using the internet connection, meaning no more line dropping. You can enjoy long conversations with your friends, loved ones, or family members, knowing that Rebtel is making your connection as reliable and as easy as it can ever get.

Rebtel gives its customers great discounts and deals to save some extra bucks on international calls. Customers can take advantage of an online members dashboard where you can access your calling history, a past purchase, and active subscriptions. 

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Rebtel Account Login Process:

If you are an old customer of Rebtel, you can follow these simple login steps to access your account.

  • You need to first visit the official Rebtel website.
  • Search for the login tab and click on it.
  • Now you will be redirected to the login page of Rebtel.
  • Choose the phone dialing code and number.
  • Enter your password, and you will be logged in.

By signing into your Rebtel login account, you will be able to access active subscriptions, calling history, and past purchases. 

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How To Access The Rebtel Login?

Rebtel is an independent instructional website. These are the step-by-step Rebtel login instructions for users.

  • Like any other website, you need to first visit the homepage of Rebtel via a web browser. You can also click here for immediate access
  • Now, you have to enter your phone number in the text box provided. You should be aware of your country code as well as a local number. 
  • Now you have to enter your PIN.
  • In case you are working on your personal computer, you can click on the Remember Me button. Skip this step if you are a public computer.
  • Now click on the Login button to access your account.

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How to add a new number to my account?

You can add a maximum of five numbers to your Rebtel account by following a simple process. Before you log into your Rebtel app using a new number, you need to first add the number on your online Rebtel account using the below-mentioned steps.

  • First, log into your Rebtel account using an old number.
  • Go to the profile picture and click on My profile.
  • Scroll down to the My Numbers section
  • Click on add number 
  • Enter your number and click on verify your new number.
  • Now you can log into your Rebtel app using your new phone number.
  • You can use your new number on Rebtel after it is verified.

Final Words:

This is all the information about Rebtel’s login details and process. I hope you find this article useful. If you find this post informative, leave your reviews and suggestions in the comments below. Thanks!


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