Good Skin Care Routine For Kids And Teenagers

Skin Care Routine For Kids

Skin is the largest and most sensitive part of the human body and acts as the barrier between the body and the environment. A good skincare routine helps the body to stay healthy. Nowadays, due to the high rate of pollution, many people are facing skin problems and thus, following a good skincare routine is a must. However, along with adults, a good skincare routine is required for kids as well, as their skin is more sensitive and softer.

However, the skincare routine for kids should be done according to the age because, as we all know, when a baby is born, their skin is very sensitive and when they turn two years old, their skin starts building tight tissues. So, the skin routine for kids should be done according to age.

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Skincare routine timeline:

As we have mentioned, it is important to follow the skincare routine for kids according to their age. So, the following are some good ways to take care of your child’s skin according to age.

2-5 years

Yes, it is true that every child is different; however, at this age, the kids start walking on their own, speaking words, brushing their teeth and taking baths.

So, it is a good age to start a good skincare routine for your child because, as we all know, their childhood habits always remain. 

Skincare routine:

  • Washing the face 3-4 times in a day
  • Combing hairs
  • Apply lotion to the body
  • Massage the body
  • Cover body with clothes

6-9 years

At this age children become independent and start doing their work by themself and understand that they have to make decisions on their own.

It is a good age to start the facial skin care routine for your child, and the routine should be:

  • Use of toner according to the pH of the skin
  • Applying lightweight lotion
  • Basic baby lotion
  • Washing face five times in a day

10-13 years

At this age, the child turns into a teen, and at this age, the body hormones start changing, so it is very important to take care of skin at this time. When a child turns 13, he/she also becomes responsible towards their stuff and life and starts finding pros and cons of everything.

The skincare for 10-13 years old child should be :

14-20 years

It is the last stage of childhood, and after 20 years, the child turns into a man/woman. At this age, many children face issues of acne, allergies, and many more, but all these things can be prevented or treated by following a good skincare routine.

The skincare routine in this age should include:

  • Drinking 8 litres of water
  • Washing face three times in a day with good face wash
  • Applying toner
  • Using moisturizer
  • Scrubbing the face once in a week
  • Massaging daily

Basic concerns for a good skincare routine:

  • Use of gentle and mild products
  • Cleaning the body
  • Applying toner
  • Using soft moisturizer
  • Use of Acne creams if needed
  • Exfoliation twice a week
  • Use of mask
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Avoiding makeup products

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Question- Is this routine safe for oily skin?

Answer- yes

Question- can one exfoliate daily?

Answer- no

Question- can we use DIY skincare products?

Answer- yes, only if it suits your child’s skin type. It’s always recommended to consult the child specialist first before using any product on your child’s skin.

Question- can toner be used for two years old children?

Answer- no

Final words- 

Emphasizing and encouraging a good skincare routine for your children will benefit them for years to come. Healthy, beautiful skin can make a big difference, and it’s never too late to teach your kids how to properly care for and maintain their skin.

Nowadays, it is very important to follow a good skincare routine because the environment is not pure, and pollution is increasing, leading to multiple skin problems.

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